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Iain Davis’s “BBC Unvaccinated” takedown: Revisited

Iain Davis’s “BBC Unvaccinated” takedown: Revisited

Off-Guardian recently published Iain Davis’s takedown, The BBC’s “Unvaccinated with Professor Hannah Fry“ parts one, two and three, some all-round brilliant journalism which we thought was worth re-highlighting. We also wanted to give Kari Butler a shout-out for her sterling work audio-narrating this series.

Kari Butler has been doing some other audio-narration for OFFG, helping to make our content as accessible as we can.

We think Kari’s work on Iain’s series is particularly noteworthy, an excellent accompaniment in style and tone, and we warmly invite you all to have a listen, or a re-listen, and share them widely.

Reawakening pandemic whisperings are inevitably in the air at this time of year, they come in waves (if you’ll excuse the pun). Perhaps such whisperings are merely the product of a past, shared trauma response. Perhaps they are seeded deliberately, a quiet warning to behave ourselves as heating bills rise, increasing numbers of shopfronts are boarded up and supermarket shelves become even more bare. Or perhaps, just perhaps, there really will be an attempt to roll out dual Nuclear/Viral apocalypse fear narratives.

We’d like to say we know the answers, but of course, like you, we can only guess at this point.

However, it never hurts to rearm ourselves with a refreshed perspective and this brilliant series and excellent audio accompaniment – over 125 mins of choice listening – is a very good place to start.


The BBC’s “Unvaccinated”: The Pandemic Dataset Part 1

The BBC’s “Unvaccinated”: The Pandemic Dataset Part 2

The BBC’s “Unvaccinated”: The Pandemic Dataset Part 3


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