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If the Bilderbergers are a powerful think tank, where do they come from and what is the power behind them?

If the Bilderbergers are a powerful think tank, where do they come from and what is the power behind them?

The Bilderberg Group, formed in 1954, was founded in the Netherlands as a secretive meeting held once a year, drawing roughly 130 of the political-financial-military-academic-media elites from North America and Western Europe as “an informal network of influential people who could consult each other privately and confidentially.”

Regular participants include the CEOs or chairmen of some of the largest corporations in the world, oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and Total SA, as well as various European monarchs, international bankers such as David Rockefeller, major politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and central bankers of the world.

Referring to a 2006 article which is no longer available on the internet, The Global Elite wrote that the Bilderberg Group acts as a “secretive global think-tank,” with an original intent to “link governments and economies in Europe and North America amid the Cold War.”

Source Watch notes that since 1973, Japanese elites have been brought into the fold through a third overlapping group, the Trilateral Commission.  Why did the Bilderberg Group include Japan?

At the 1973 Bilderberg meeting, attendees discussed the need for cooperation between the European Community (“EC”), USA and Japan. Chief among the reasons for cooperation was the fact that the EC, the US and Japan were all dependent, at least in the medium term, on other countries for their energy supplies.  By energy, the Bilderbergers were referring to the mainstay of the world’s energy supplies – oil.  It was at this Bilderberg Conference, some speculate, that the group formulated the plan for the 1973 Oil Crisis, which occurred five months later.

So, who is the power behind the Bilderberg Group?

Walter Veith is a retired South African professor and researcher in medical bioscience. He abandoned his atheist evolutionist worldview following a series of challenging events for which his scientific training offered neither explanations nor solutions. Since then, he has travelled the world, presenting thoroughly researched lectures on Bible prophecy, health, Creation science, and secret societies.

In a 2012 lecture, he discussed who is wielding the money and power behind the scenes to engineer a global takeover and set up a new world order.  In Episode 5 of his ‘Repairing the Breach’ series, he covered who controls the money and power behind the European Union and the Bilderberg Group, and their connections to the Jesuits.

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on the Amazing Discoveries website HERE.

The following is based on Veith’s lecture above to which we have added information. Our aim is not to document everything Vieth covers in his lecture, but instead, we have narrowed our sights to the beginnings and who controls the Bilderberg Group.  It is well worth watching Vieth’s lecture as well as reading the following.

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Many tend to think the Bilderberg Group was the brainchild of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.  But he was the front man.  The Bilderberg Group was set up by Józef Retinger or Rettinger, a Polish politician.  This is clearly stated in Prince Bernhard’s authorised biography:

[The first Bilderberg meeting in 1954] and the subsequent ones that stemmed from it, which have had a great if indefinite impact on the history of our times, are, perhaps, in this writer’s opinion, Prince Bernhard’s proudest achievement in the field of Western unity and international amity.

It was not Bernhard’s original idea, but had its inception in the brilliant brain of Dr Joseph H. Retinger. Retinger was an extraordinary character who flitted through Europe talking on intimate terms with Prime Ministers, labour leaders, industrial magnates, revolutionaries, and intellectuals – in short, all the non-Communist rulers and would-be rulers of the free nations of Europe.

Though people persist in calling Retinger an eighteenth-century man functioning in the twentieth century, he was not that at all. He came straight out of the Renaissance. Instead of the sceptical, précieuse attitude typical of the eighteenth century, his Jesuitical conviction that the end justified the means, and a Borgian aptitude for intrigue; but the ends he sought were never selfish. They were good.

Though his name is virtually unknown except to the initiates, he made more history in his secret way than many a man who moved to the sound of trumpets and the howl of motorcycle sirens. According to the official publication of the European Centre of Culture, “Retinger was the key figure in most of the great European union. The League of European Economic Cooperation (from which evolved the Common Market), the European Movement, and the European Centre of Culture would not have seen the light without him. The Congress of Europe at The Hague was his doing, and the Council of Europe grew out of that.” [Emphasis our own].

Extract from ‘H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; an authorised biography by Alden Hatch (1962),

Retinger’s friends described him with adjectives like brilliant, charming, discreet, loyal, brave, modest, selfless, mysterious, rough, frank, direct and tenacious. All agreed that he was a fine psychologist, at times manipulative – someone who took pleasure in juggling with the ideas and with the emotions of the people around him.

His enemies, however, said he was the Devil incarnate. They accused him of every kind of crime. They regarded him at best as a political adventurer and at worst as an agent of evil forces. His enemies feared him as much as they hated him. Few dared to name him. Most often, they called him “Dr. R.” or “Mr. R.” or simply “R”.

Read more: Józef Retinger, Bilderberg Meetings

The Teleport website included a webpage on Retinger.  Teleport was a website maintained by Jan Chciuk-Celt, the son of Tadeusz Chciuk-Celt who was one of Retinger’s comrades during World War II.  Although the website is no longer available, a copy of the webpage relating to Retinger is archived on the Wayback machine.

Further reading: Józef Retinger: Adventures of an Enigmatic Polish Patriot, The Krakow Post, 7 September 2018

Teleport confirmed that Retinger was the founder and Secretary of the Bilderberg Conference.  And, according to Teleport, Retinger was accused by whispered rumours of being a Vatican agent, a Jesuit spy, a high-ranking Mason, a Knight of Malta, a Jew, a homosexual, a CIA agent, a Zionist agent, an MI5 agent, an MI6 agent, a Russian agent and The Devil’s Cousin – and he’d say “that’s not the half of it.”

During World War II, Retinger’s most famous nickname was “Salamander”. Stephen Dorril revealed in his 2000 book that Retinger was a Special Operations Executive (”SOE”) asset:

In 1943 the fifty-five-year-old Retinger joined SOE and parachuted into Poland to make contact with the underground Home Army. Within SOE, ‘Salamander’ formed a number of important friendships in the intelligence world, most notably with its Executive Director, Colin Gubbins, who shared ideas of European unity with a mutual “old friend” and SOE colleague, Major Edward Beddington-Behrens.

MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations, Stephen Dorril, 2000

SOE was a British force set up in 1940 to wage a secret war behind enemy lines.  It was abolished in January 1946. The Secret Intelligence Service (“SIS”) – commonly referred to as MI6 (or Military Intelligence Section 6) – absorbed much of its training and research staff.

As Teleport had mentioned, Retinger was not only an agent of British intelligence agencies, he was also a Jesuit spy.

In his book ‘The Bilderbergers: Puppet-Masters of Power? An Investigation into Claims of Conspiracy at the Heart of Politics, Business, and the Media’, German journalist, writer and documentary maker Gerhard Wisnewski referred to Jan Chciuk-Celt’s writings: “Retinger became a priest as a young man and completed the Jesuit novitiate in Rome, reports Jan Chciuk-Celt … Since celibacy ‘appeared to him as a hurdle that was too great’, he had again nailed up the priestly profession.”

Wisnewski went on to say that after Retinger’s second wife died in 1933, “it looks as if the widower Retinger has not started a new relationship afterwards, but rather instead reflect on his Jesuit existence and plunged into conspiratorial work.”

“It would be naive to assume that powerful clubs like Bilderberger were created forty-five years ago by a few conversations out of nowhere. In reality, these Bilderbergers relied on ancient structures, to whom they give a new appearance.” – Gerhard Wisnewski, Puppet Masters of Power, S. 80-81

Was Józef H. Retinger a Jesuit? Vatikanische NWO, 16 October 2010

Adding to the weight of evidence that Retinger was a Jesuit, according to Vatikanische NWO, in the book ‘The Secret World Power – The Creeping Revolution Against the Nations’, Conrad C. Stein wrote: “Retinger is generally regarded as the Polish agent of the Vatican, who acted as a liaison between the Pope and the Jesuit order.”

As summarised by Teleport, Retinger embodied being an agent for the Vatican as well as several intelligence agencies including British secret services MI5 and MI6.  It is no wonder then that some researchers would describe the Bilderberg Group as a creation of the Vatican or, more specifically, the Jesuits while others describe it as a creation of MI6.

In the 2012 book ‘The true story of the Bilderberg Group’,  Daniel Estulin wrote: “Every British Prime Minister for the past 30 years has felt compelled to attend Bilderberg Conferences.  In fact, some say the Bilderberg Group is really a creation of MI6 under the direction of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.”

Frequently the Royal Institute of International Affairs (“RIIA”) is referred to as “Chatham House.”  However, Estulin explained a subtle difference:

Bilderberg meetings follow a traditional protocol founded in 1919 in the wake of the Paris Peace Conference held at Versailles for the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) based in Chatham House in London. While the name “Chatham House” is commonly used to refer to the Institute itself, the Royal Institute of International Affairs is the foreign policy executive arm of the British monarchy.

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, Daniel Estulin, 2012

Quoting Pierre Beaudry’s ‘The Mennevee Documents of the Synarchy’, Estulin wrote: “The plan of the British Intelligence was to get Joseph Rettinger, who would later become one of the key founding fathers of the European Movement, to organise the Bilderberg Group as the real power brokers behind the different governments of Europe and of the United States.”

The European Movement was launched in 1948 and is a lobbying association that coordinates the efforts of associations and national councils to promote European integration.

Estulin continued:

According to another observer, “Rettinger [a Jesuit] was funded with secret money from the US State Department and kept afloat with massive subventions through Thomas Braden, head of the CIA’s International Organisation Division.” [ref. Working Class Movement Library]

If MI6 needed a royal face to give the Bilderbergers public support and promotional possibilities, then Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, known for his numerous close ties to European Royalty and top industrialists, was an ideal contact man and was thus seemingly given the “diplomatic” presidency of the Group.  But it was Rettinger who actually managed the group from behind the scenes until his death on 12 June 1960.

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, Daniel Estulin, 2012

Taking all of the above in the round, it seems that MI6, the CIA and the Jesuits were influential in the creation of the Bilderberg Group with Retinger as their agent.  Should we be surprised that these three secretive organisations are working towards the same aims?  Not according to Veith.

In 2004, Veith gave a series of 36 lectures titled ‘Total Onslaught’. In Episode 11, he quoted a book written in 1960 which stated the Knights of the Military Order of Malta not only control the banking, industry and military complexes of the world but they also rule the international intelligence community – the KGB in the East and the CIA in the West.  And as it is the Jesuits who control the Knights of Malta, it is ultimately the Jesuits who control the intelligence agencies. 

Therefore, Retinger being an MI6 agent and CIA agent was secondary in the global hierarchy to being a Jesuit.  In other words, according to this hierarchy, his orders would have come from The Society of Jesus.

Former intelligence officer John Coleman describes the hierarchy differently.  It’s unclear if he is describing the same by a different name or an entirely different structure.  However, he concurred that Retinger was a Jesuit and stated that “certain Vatican leaders are today seated on the Committee of 300.” 

Further reading: The Black Nobility, a New World Order and Charles “The Great Reset” King, The Exposé, 8 May 2023

In his book ‘The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee Of 300’ Coleman asserts that the Bilderberg Group is the foreign policy body of the Committee of 300, a Committee of 300 men whose identity is known only to each other who rule the world.  He wrote: “Perhaps the most important member of the Bilderbergers … was Joseph Rettinger … [who] was a well-trained Jesuit priest and a 33rd Degree Freemason.”

As we noted in a previous article, according to Sky History, Freemasonry, as we know it today, was founded in 1717 when four London lodges merged to form England’s first Grand Lodge and then quickly spread across Europe and to the American colonies.  Quantum Prophecies published an article in 2013 that claimed high-level Freemasonry has always been a tool of the Jesuits.  This is based on a statement made by William Peterson that 25 degrees of the Scottish Rite were written in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, in Paris in 1754.  We have not been able to independently verify this statement.  However, an article published by the Scottish Rite Supreme Council in the Philippines about its history confirms a “Paris aristocratic Chapter of Clamout” that was founded by the Chevalier de Bonneville at the College of Jesuits in 1754.

Coleman mentioned some of the members of the Committee of 300 which include Freemasons in the Vatican hierarchy.  “Pope John Paul I was quietly murdered because he was getting close to the Committee of 300 through Freemasons in the Vatican hierarchy,” he wrote.

He summarised the Committee of 300 as consisting of “certain individuals, specialists in their own fields, including cultus diabolicus, mind-altering drugs, and specialists in murder by poison, intelligence; banking, and every facet of commercial activity.”

MI6, Coleman stated, is the Committee of 300’s main resource when it comes to intelligence. “With the backing of such a formidable force, the Committee of 300 had little fear from ever being exposed, and this will go on for decades.”

Coleman’s description of the Committee of 300’s modus operandi is reminiscent of the Jesuit Oath, which, as a Jesuit, Retinger would have taken.

According to the Jesuit Oath, members of The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, swear absolute allegiance to the Pope as the “true and only Head of the Catholic Church or Universal Church” and to keep secret “all her agents, counsels … and not divulge directly or indirectly by word, writing, or circumstances whatever.” And Jesuits also vow to destroy their opposition, “heretics, Protestants and Liberals,” by whatever means possible, openly or secretly:

I do furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war secretly or openly against heretics, Protestants, and Liberals, as I am directed to; extirpate them from the face of the earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex, or condition, and that I will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive those infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of the women, and crush their infants’ heads against the walls in order to annihilate their inexorable race.

That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisonous cup, the strangulating cords, the steels of the poinard, or the leaden bullets, regardless of the honour, rank, dignity, or authority of the persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed to by any agent of the Pope, or the superior of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus.

The Jesuits Oath, Copied from the “Divine Calendar’, Vol. 11., edited by Augusta Cook, and published by Dank and Sons, 1916

It is this secretive society with the vilest of aims that, according to several researchers, either directly or indirectly founded and, to a greater or lesser degree, controls the Bilderberg Group.

Featured image: Bilderberg: it’s not a conspiracy of the global superelite, Independent, 8 June 2016

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