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If we’re on the side of good, we should know it’s okay to have differing opinions

If the good guys can’t resolve their petty differences, how will we ever defeat the bad guys? asks Dr.

If we’re on the side of good, we should know it’s okay to have differing opinions

Meryl Nass.

Good question.

Before we get to Dr. Nass’ very sensible article, I would like to add a personal note.

Don’t let divide-and-conquer tactics become our downfall. Stay focused on who is trying to maim, kill and control us.  Remember the rocks, pebbles and sand analogy? If you fill the jar with sand, you will not have room for the rocks or pebbles.  It applies to our uniting against the Globalists and their nefarious plans as well. 

I’ll offer my take on how to determine our priorities to survive the Globalists’ onslaught and come out of the other side as victorious and uniquely created human beings.

I imagine the Globalists’ onslaught as a fork they are trying to stab us with.

The handle of the fork is spiritual and the hand that holds the fork is satan.  While the Globalists seek to corrupt and have control over everything on Earth, satan seeks to tear you away from God and cause you to commit the most horrific sins until God finally gives up on his creation as it cannot be saved and the only option He has left is to destroy it.

There are four prongs to the fork: disease, famine, war and the corruption of our hearts and minds through psychological manipulation and transhumanism. 

All four have the two same aims: depopulation and totalitarian technocratic control of whatever or whoever survives.

At the tip of the disease prong, for example, is vaccines.  What disease is being vaccinated against and the stated cause of the disease is immaterial.  They will change, at a moment’s notice, both the disease and its cause, or perhaps change multiple diseases and multiple causes simultaneously to cause additional chaos and confusion. 

There are many barbs coming off the prongs. For example, barbs on the disease prong include measures in response to epidemics and pandemics, withholding known to be safe and effective treatments or deadly hospital protocols.

The disease prong will interlink with the other prongs. Consider WHO’s One Health ideology embedded in its IHR amendments and Pandemic Treaty. One Health ideology, and therefore WHO’s pandemic plans, covers every life form, every human activity and link all these to a “climate crisis.”

To demonstrate this interlinking of prongs, let’s use the example of “lockdowns” or “stay-at-home” measures, an example of which we are familiar because of their implementation in 2020 in response to a WHO-declared SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic.

Under One Health ideology, if they cannot implement stay-at-home orders to avoid a virus, say, they will say the disease is caused by the terrain, as Terrain Theorists believe, and everyone will be instructed to stay at home to avoid the terrain. Which links stay-at-home instructions to another prong: Famine.

The sharp end of the famine prong is the so-called climate crisis.  As has been widely shared by independent media and social media over the years, since 2020 the Globalists have dreamt of implementing “climate lockdowns” as people were now conditioned through accepting “covid lockdowns,” so they said.

The goal of “lockdowns” is to psychologically condition populations into accepting being permanently imprisoned in 15-minute cities in which people can be completely and totally controlled, including forced vaccination. In these cities, whether someone believes a disease exists or whether it is caused by a virus, for example, is immaterial. If someone wants to be able to live, work, play, move or eat in a 15-minute city, they will have to take vaccines as, when and as many times as instructed to do so.

It doesn’t take much imagination how a 15-minute city plan can also be implemented through another prong of the fork – war.  War includes destabilising countries, regions or selected populations through external or internal forces.  External could be, for example, Russia invading Ukraine.  Internal forces could be terrorism, lone-wolf knife attacks or shootings in schools or public places, drug crimes or even protests.  Anything that makes a community feel unsafe.  Think about how so-called “pro-Palestinian” protests, reminiscent of Black Lives Matter’s activities, are attempting to destabilise Western countries and create insecurity for the people who live, work, study or travel in an area. 

Using the war prong, the reason for the 15-minute cities, they will say, is so that you can feel safe and secure in your allocated zone. With 24-hour a day, 7 days a week surveillance they can control every act and word spoken by every person and predict threats, removing the source of the threat before it happens, so they will claim. Which isn’t the truth. However, trust them, they will say, “we will keep you safe.”

It is with the above in mind, and as Dr. Nass implies below, let’s put the stones in our jar first.  If you want to stop them from stabbing you with satan’s fork, don’t get caught up on the barbs, focus on breaking off the tips. And always remember: Your enemies are not those who have a different opinion to you, this is merely sand in your jar.  Your enemies are those who are trying to maim, kill and control you. Let’s save our negative sentiments, vitriol and reprisals for our enemies.

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If the good guys can’t resolve their petty differences, how will we ever defeat the bad guys?

By Dr. Meryl Nass

The world-class psychological warfare purveyors managed to turn the world into two camps that hated each other.

One group didn’t take a vaccine. The other group took the vaccine, convinced they were being experimental subjects for the good of society, and hated those who refused to take the same risk for their selfishness. They obeyed the command to hate that was promulgated by the media. Just like the population obeyed the identical command in the book and movie ‘1984’ by George Orwell. In the 75 years since the book was written, and so many of us have read it, we have apparently learned nothing about good and evil, love and hate.

After all, the population must have it heard it at least 100 times, and really, how many people can withstand that kind of onslaught? “Nobody is safe until everyone is safe.” What a brilliant slogan! My vaccine won’t work until everyone gets a vaccine that won’t work, and then magically they will all start working together, in perfect harmony. George Orwell could not have done better.

The camp I was in hated the vaccinated camp because the other guys wanted to put us into concentration camps, force vaccinate us and throw us out of polite society.

And now it is 4 years later and what have we learned? Not much.

They still kinda hate us because we dodged a bullet and they didn’t. How dare we? And the other guys can’t admit they were snookered, badly, and they encouraged those they most loved to get the poison shot.

We still kinda hate them because they won’t admit they made a mistake. They took our jobs, our reputations, our businesses and they have no intention of trying to make things right for us.

What an impasse! Ego, ignorance, fear and the impossibility of facing up to the mistakes one made have taken a heavy toll on all of us.

But now the so-called good guys are spending way too much time carping and sniping at each other.

The “No Virus” crowd demand the rest of us admit there was no covid. Some in this crowd demand we admit there are no viruses. Some have questioned the presence of bacteria as well. There are plenty of good people in this crowd. There are plenty of charlatans too. Have any of them actually grappled with the consequences of their theory?

If there was no covid, the indisputable corollaries are:

  1. That there is no long covid. Buck up sick people, as you are in fact well. Or some of you have some other undiagnosed condition.
  2. There is no treatment or preventive for covid since there was no covid. None of those remedies you took had any effect. Your apparent benefit was solely due to the power of suggestion.
  3. Those of us who insist we treated covid are moronic doctors. Both sets of doctors are morons: those who used remdesivir and ventilators and those who used Vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Most (99% plus) primary care docs and intensivists fit in one of those categories.
  4. Fauci, Baric, Daszac, Zhengli-Shi etc. are guilty of nothing, since they failed to create a pandemic virus – because there was no virus. There will be no trials. There are no guilty parties. The entire pandemic and all its follow-on effects were due to collective psychosis, nothing more.
  5. No one died from covid. Either they died from something else or they are still alive, somewhere.
  6. What were people dying from in Lombardy, Wuhan and New York City and later everywhere else? Or was that faked? My son and his wife were caring for people who they knew (doctors and nurses) at New York Presbyterian Hospital and they thought they died from covid in March 2020. The hospital was overrun with such patients for a period of weeks. By the time travelling nurses were hired to deal with the high volume, the rush of cases had dissipated. If everyone (both patients and professionals) was wrapped up in a mass psychosis, why did the episode stop so quickly?
  7. Had doctors begun a killing spree even at the very start of the pandemic, putting perfectly healthy people on ventilators, and giving them boluses of midazolam and morphine to ease their iatrogenic deaths, all over the world? Or was that practice limited to certain locations, like the UK?
  8. Where is the evidence that people with normal oxygen levels were being placed on ventilators? (There is no such evidence.)
  9. If there was no covid, then it did not spread. Family members and associates did not get it from index cases – yet the evidence says it spread within close associates.
  10. If there was no covid, then Governor Cuomo and other Governors sending sick patients back to nursing homes to spread it to the elderly and infirm never actually happened. Then how do you explain that over 80% of deaths in many locations occurred in nursing homes?

Here is what I think. People have lost the ability to distinguish between a bad argument and the person promoting that argument. We don’t discuss the pros and cons. Instead, we dismiss the person making the argument and call them “controlled opposition” or “chaos agent” or “friend of chaos agent” or something similar.

One doctor I respect recently wrote that he ghosted me, despite my obvious sincerity, because I had given support to a third doctor. Guys, this type of thinking fractures our movement.

Obviously sincere Michael Yeadon challenged obviously sincere Tess Lawrie because she pushed for early treatment. His feeling was that since there is no virus, those calling for treatment need to be called out.

If there is much more of this, I may have to call it a day and give up on the human race. Why are we falling into the traps of the hate-mongers? Why can’t we put some of our truly unimportant differences aside in order to save the species and avoid becoming many fewer chipped robots?

Can we get back to arguing about arguments and stop attacking people for holding those positions? Can’t we become as smart as high school debate team members?

About the Author

Meryl Nass is a board-certified internal medicine physician. She has given 6 Congressional testimonies and testified for legislatures in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska, Colorado and New Brunswick, and Canada on bioterrorism, Gulf War syndrome and vaccine safety/vaccine mandates.

She has consulted for the World Bank, the Government Accountability Office, the Cuban Ministry of Health and the US Director of National Intelligence regarding the prevention, investigation and mitigation of chemical and biological warfare and pandemics.

Dr. Nass regularly publishes articles on a Substack page titled ‘Meryl’s COVID Newsletter’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.

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