Infant Vaccine Death Testimonies Mount As We Continue Dissolving The Illusions
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Infant Vaccine Death Testimonies Mount As We Continue Dissolving The Illusions

A growing number of stories of post-vaccination infant deaths are showing up on social media, and this is happening despite mainstream efforts to censor this type of material.
Infant Vaccine Death Testimonies Mount As We Continue Dissolving The Illusions

Can these stories help us see some important patterns within the 'modus operandi' of our medical system, so that we can come to understand how things are really working? The process of awakening–discarding the veils of illusion, one by one, to get a clearer, more comprehensive view of what is operating underneath–can be scary and traumatic at times. We naturally have fear and a resistance to seeing the dark side of life. We seem to want to put off seeing the full extent of human depravity, even as the evidence mounts. But it is necessary in some measure to get a more balanced and informed picture of humanity as a whole. If we are to awaken as a collective and move on to a higher lived expression of what it is to be human, it will be through having the courage to look squarely at what is actually happening in our world. This will help us connect to a greater understanding of the hidden system of control that has long been in place and has maintained the illusion I sometimes refer to as ‘mainstream perception,’ a more innocent and naive perspective on the world that continues to bestow authority over humanity to the global elite.

There are few areas of human activity that trigger our resistance to seeing what is in plain sight as much as the way that modern vaccines are being administered in our world, especially in the face of renewed efforts from governments to enforce mandatory vaccination. It seems that as parents, we are being forced into making a choice. We can uphold the status quo, follow the simple industry mantra we have seen and heard thousands of times that ‘vaccines are safe and effective,’ and essentially keep our noses out of the business of trusted medical professionals. Or we can join a growing number of people that are no longer doing that, and begin to examine inconsistencies in the industry mantra based on mounting real-life evidence and scientific testimony of vaccine injury. For some people, like myself, I have long questioned the nature and motives of our Western medical system, and this inquiry heightened into a sense of urgency regarding vaccines when my son was born. I read Suzanne Humphries’ excellent book ‘Dissolving Illusions,’ among others. I made an informed decision not to have him vaccinated, and today he is a bright, energetic 5-year old boy with no health issues. For others less fortunate, their first inkling of something being amiss with our medical system and specifically with vaccines was as a result of the heart-wrenching experience of seeing their beautiful, healthy child become ill and die right after having been administered a ‘normal’ array of vaccines. I understand for many, it is difficult and painful to even read about these stories. At the same time, I would urge people who are uncertain about vaccine safety to consider looking into such stories and see what kind of conclusions you come to. On his website entitled ‘Stop Mandatory Vaccination,’ activist Larry Cook works tirelessly to research and report on testimony and scientific evidence regarding the effects of vaccines. He has created this page that specifically brings together the many stories of infant vaccine deaths, and it certainly bears investigation. He urges people to proliferate these stories on social media, not because there might be a morbid fascination with these stories, but rather because the end goal is mass awareness of what is going on, which will enable us to end unsafe practices in our society that lead unnecessarily to injury and death. Another reason he is asking people to share these stories, it must be noted, is because like CE he is experiencing a high degree of censorship and reach limitation brought on by the social media giants. When one pays close attention to testimony such as these stories with an open mind, there are many similarities, and when we put these together, patterns inevitably begin to emerge which evokes a bigger picture of what is going on. Sudden Death: Unlike most illnesses that lead to death that we are familiar with, where symptoms gradually worsen over long periods of time, these stories speak of an immediate reversal from perfect health to a sudden and shocking downward spiral of unexpected symptoms including unresponsiveness, seizures, screaming, head banging, loss of speech, etc. Isn’t the most common-sense conclusion that this may have been caused by the known toxins that were injected into the infant only days earlier? SIDS Diagnosis: Many parents were told that their infant had died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). For those unaware, SIDS is a made-up medical term that really means ‘we don’t know why your infant died.’ In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, ‘Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old.’ How is this anything more than a contrivance used to absolve the medical industry of responsibility? Other Questionable Diagnoses: Other diagnoses were that the infant died of ‘natural causes’ (as though there are any ‘natural’ causes for an infant to die), or in the case of Catie Clobes, her daughter Evee’s death was ruled ‘undetermined,’ even after doctors agreed to look into all potential causes–but then didn’t look into the impact of vaccines (see next). Doctors Never Blame Vaccines: We see in story after story that doctors virtually never blame vaccines for an infant’s death. It’s not logical, but it is understandable when you look at the big picture. One reason doctors avoid blaming vaccines could include a fear of being sued, either as a result of their administration of the vaccines or the fact that they didn’t properly warn parents of potential risks. In some cases, it may be that the doctor simply does not want to deal with the guilt, and will be willfully blind to the possibility that vaccines could cause damage, sometimes even mocking the parent for thinking such a thing. Again, in the case of Catie Clobes, the pathologist refused to test the role of the vaccines in Evee’s death as Catie had requested, saying “It’s not medically necessary, there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.” Doctors and nurses involved are often tight-lipped, cold, and try to close inquiry down as quickly as possible. Industry Never Admits Liability: In one story a nurse told a grieving mother about the ‘Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System’ (VAERS) and how she could sue for compensation, but the nurse told the mother she could get in trouble for telling her. Imagine! Doctors and nurses are perpetually denying the possibility that vaccines might have caused the fatality, under fear of reprisal. Those few doctors who are willing to back up a patient’s suspicion that vaccines are the cause of damage can lead their patients to a successful award in the VAERS court, which has already paid out over $4 billion in settlements. Does $4 billion in settlements, where ill-equipped and grieving individuals take on a massive industry with top lawyers at their disposal and win, suggest that vaccines have been proven to be harmful? But get this–the court is set up as a firewall for the vaccine industry, which does not have to admit liability even if it is successfully concluded in the court that vaccines caused severe injury or death.

The reason? It was argued that if the vaccine companies were liable for damage, the whole vaccine industry would be out of business. As if that should even matter when it comes to the health of our children. While we may not be able to conclude with certainty that vaccines have caused the death of an infant in any particular case, we must also remember that science itself is not capable of proving absolute causality, and the scientific method relies on the replicability of studies to determine greater and greater confidence in a causal connection. When we examine the similar experience of parents who have seen their beloved infants die after vaccination, we don’t see the openness, transparency, or self-responsibility we would expect from doctors and nurses who count on our trust. We see fear, self-protection, and in some cases even scorn and ridicule. This is not an indictment against doctors and nurses as much as it is against the entire medical system and its motives. In the big picture, we see an industry that employs fear and is driven by profit, in lock step with our political, economic, and even religious control structures. But in some ways the operations of the Western medical industry is the most egregious.

The very idea that guaranteeing the safety of our children is not important enough to make an industry suspend the injection of toxic ingredients until they do enough real placebo-controlled testing should be shocking to each and every one of us.

The very idea that they now know certain preconditions make some infants more susceptible to vaccine injury and yet they do not mandate testing for these preconditions before vaccinating should set off alarm bells. Having said that, it is no surprise that the industry refuses to do these things.

They know that if they did proper testing, vaccines would be seen as dangerous and toxic.

They know if they screened patients and exempted them from vaccines that their whole ‘herd immunity’ fallacy would fall apart.

They know that things are already slipping away from them, and that’s why mandatory vaccination is coming back. Because they know their survival depends on it. But we need not be concerned about the survival of this industry. We need only be concerned about the survival of our infants. Being realistic, I would say that for every case we hear about in which a child died immediately after vaccination, there are probably dozens or even hundreds that we don’t hear about. If it’s not the medical professionals trying to tamp down any suspicions that vaccines caused injury, it may be the parents themselves who, understandably, cannot bear the pain and guilt that would come with making their tragedy public. With the onset of social media and the efforts to get these stories out, more people are finding the courage to speak of their own tragedies, sometimes from the distant past.

The purpose for this, as we have mentioned, is to allow people to awaken to the truth, so that we gain the power to stop the actions that lead to needless injury and death. Let us grieve with the parents of these children and be resolved that their deaths were not in vain, but will help dissolve the illusions we are currently under as a collective. In this free guide, you can learn how to make your house safe from EMFs and 5G. EMFs are linked to a number of different health issues and improvements in things like sleep can be seen rather quickly with proper EMF protection.

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