INFP Male: A Rare Type of Man and His 5 Unique Traits
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INFP Male: A Rare Type of Man and His 5 Unique Traits

The INFP male is so unique that they make up only about 1-1.5% of the population.
INFP Male: A Rare Type of Man and His 5 Unique Traits

Their character traits are mostly unappreciated. Men, when young, are usually taught a certain way, according to the world’s standards. This is also true for women as well. But, of course, most of you know that already. Unfortunately, the INFP male suffers the most from this programming, as they vary drastically from what we are taught to believe about men.

The truth is, there are many different types of people, and we should never try to remold them to our liking.

The INFP is one of the rarest personality types of the Myers-Briggs classification. INFP stands for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), and perception (P).

The INFP male is a sensitive and caring person. Not only do they care about people in general, but they also care about the whole of the world around them.

They also have an ability to connect with people and convey a warmth rarely seen in other personality types.

There are many distinctive traits of the INFP type of man. Some of these traits seem magical, while some of them can be frustrating. That’s right, this male has great qualities but often struggles with the same qualities in various situations, or with other facets of their personality. Here are a few traits to consider, in case you’re wondering if you might be an INFP man. Hey, maybe someone you know or love has these characteristics. Being a male characterized as an INFP, many times discovered through the Myers-Briggs personality test means being highly observant. While others may ride the bus and never pay attention to their outside surroundings, you may become fascinated by every little leaf and branch of the trees on the side of the road. You may be enamored by the cracked sidewalks or the intricate details of the buildings that fly by on the way to your destination. You notice everything and often talk about everything you notice in-depth. While being observant, you often forget the obvious. This means that maybe you’ve been riding the bus to work every day, but you haven’t paid attention to how you get there. Now, let’s say, you buy a car and decide to drive your personal automobile work instead. Would it be a surprise to know that you haven’t a clue about how to get there? As wild as it may seem, being observant of small details sometimes keeps you from noticing the larger ones, like which streets take you to work or home. This is the hidden struggle in the gift of the mediator personality.

The INFP male is more compassionate than others. When I say this, it’s not an insult to everyone else, it just means that these males care beyond what’s necessary, and tend to feel the pain of others. Yes, it’s about empathy, and how that works. Being so empathetic helps this type of male become closer to others and able to help them in difficult situations.

They spread warmth, and make sure their friends and loved ones do not feel alone with their problems. Even though compassion is a good attribute, it can also become a weight. If you feel too deeply for someone else or their problems, you can become heavy with their burdens as well.

The pain and discomfort can become so bad that it affects you physically and mentally. This is the biggest drawback to enduring empathic feelings this strong. If only others could avoid conflict like the INFP, then the world might be a better place. Yes, you try not to fight about things that can be cured with communication. Instead of rough confrontation, you tend to talk through the issues, finding resolution and peace which benefits all parties involved in the disagreement. If the problem revolves around you, as an INFP, you rather apologize than push to be right, even when you are. Even though you avoid conflict, you tend to leave yourself open to being a “pushover”. While most times, communication can help with problems, there comes a time when confrontation cannot be avoided. Conflict cannot always be pushed back, especially in the case of injustice or when bullying is the problem. Avoiding conflict in these situations may provide a path for even more pain. Let’s face it, some people do not know how to communicate, and if you are an INFP trying to make this work, you could be disappointed.

The INFPs have strong belief systems and rarely change their minds from mere suggestion.

They have morals and standards which can stand the test of time. While they aren’t rude when talking about these things, they are usually committed to their standards. Hey, if you are an INFP male, you have a pretty tight belief of what is right and wrong. What is right, and what is wrong? Can you, as an INFP male truly know this? The fact is, there are rights and wrongs for all of us which vary, and then there are universal rights and wrongs. Don’t let us forget the gray areas either. Sometimes, the INFP can become frustrated by the strong debates of others. Although you may stand strong in your beliefs, you cannot ignore the good points you hear from friends and family that contradict what you believe. Do you waver? Not usually. Do you question your beliefs sometimes? You probably do. Can you see the struggle? One of the most intriguing traits of the INFP male is introspection. This man is always looking inward and analyzing who he is. Are you like this? Do you sit for hours and take your own traits and personality apart, looking through the magnifying lens of your heart and mind? If so, you may be an INFP male. When others find out how much you think about yourself, they sometimes see it as self-absorption. This is especially true when you share your raw feelings about who you are. While your true intentions are to always be aware of who you are, and what you’re thinking, to others, you may seem obsessed with your own life, selfish, and disregarding others. You have to be careful who you trust with this part of yourself. To all the men out there, is this you? Are you sensitive, sometimes to a fault? Do you look within and try to figure out what you’re about? Do you sometimes get lost in the details of life? Hey, these are some of the many traits of the INFP male, and you could certainly be this type of person. Take some time, read through these traits, and even take a personality quiz or two. But whatever you do, never be ashamed of who you are. If you are an INFP man, then embrace that fact, and learn to love the good and the bad points of who you are. It’s about balance when it comes to any personality type. Remember, everyone is unique and needed in this world today, even the INFP male, as rare and magical as he may seem. Life wouldn’t be the same without you. References: Sign up to our list of over 50,000 subscribers and get thought-provoking updates to your inbox! *We respect your privacy and promise we will never spam you with unwanted emails. .

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