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Intimate Suppositories: Sex Made Easy

The use of intimate suppositories has been steadily growing in popularity.

Intimate Suppositories: Sex Made Easy

These small but potent medications have a great history of assisting people dealing with chronic pain or addiction and can also help prepare your body for an intimate night with a partner(s). We’ve all been there before: the mood is right, but your body just can’t seem to relax. Well, lucky for you that intimate suppositories are there to get things moving in the right direction. How exactly do suppositories work, though? And what are intimate suppositories? Let’s discover how these little cones can help you achieve a pleasurable and fulfilling sexperience! Did you know that suppositories are an effective form of medication delivery? Like most people, you might be curious to learn more about how suppositories work. Suppositories have several advantages over other forms of medication delivery. One of the main advantages is that the medicine bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed more quickly. This can be beneficial for treating certain conditions or symptoms, such as pain relief or inflammation, since it works faster. Additionally, because the medicine does not have to be absorbed by the stomach and liver, it may have fewer side effects. This delivery system involves a small cylindrical device, about the size of a regular-sized suppository, that contains medication specifically designed to provide targeted relief from ailments like pelvic pain and urinary problems. With this drug delivery system, there is no need to swallow a pill or use an injection to get the drug into the body. Instead, the suppository is inserted directly into the rectum or vagina, depending on the condition and the medication used. When choosing the right drug for a patient, the doctor or healthcare provider will consider the patient’s condition and what medications might be best for their case. Suppositories benefit anyone looking for targeted relief of pain or other ailments without worrying about dealing with any extra hassle. But... How can this translate to sexy times? Stay connected on special events, classes, and savings. 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE Like suppositories used for chronic pain or illness, intimate suppositories like Foria’s Intimate Melts are placed within the rectum or vagina. However, instead of melting into a medicine, these intimate suppositories will melt in a pleasurable mix of CBD and other herbal remedies that will increase sensitivity and make everything slide together easier. Intimate suppositories are like any other tool or toy in the bedroom.

They are easy to insert and help to enhance penetration, ease discomfort, and increase relaxation, creating a more pleasurable sexual experience. You can also decide to use intimate suppositories before and after sexy times with your partner! Using the suppository before the fact allows you to prepare your body, and using it afterward will help soothe any sore muscles or aches. If you want to add more spice to your bedroom life, check out our Intimacy CBD collection, crafted by our good friends at Foria.

Their Sex Oil and Awaken Arousal Oil have enriched infusions of CBD blended with herbs that will quickly place you and your partner in a frisky mood.

The Quickie Set offers an affordable price to testers from their Intimacy capsule collection. Not to be missed is our Plant Alchemy For Play Oil, a sensual lube to engage and enliven down under. And if you’re a fan of Plant Alchemy’s CBD and herbal remedies, be sure to try our For Play Oil to add a bit of fun to your next time under the covers. The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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