INTJ Jobs: What Are the Best & the Worst Career Paths for This Type?
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INTJ Jobs: What Are the Best & the Worst Career Paths for This Type?

In an ideal world, we’d all be working in the jobs we love.If you are an INTJ personality, you might want to know what are the best jobs and which ones you should avoid.
INTJ Jobs: What Are the Best & the Worst Career Paths for This Type?

. Before we start exploring jobs and suitable career paths, let’s get a basic overview of the INTJ personality. INTJ’s are the rarest of all the Myers-Briggs personality types, making up just 2% of the population. Known as the ‘Mastermind’, they have incredible analytical minds.

They soak up facts and information which they then store and use when needed. But not only that, but they are also extremely perceptive.

They are able to see random connections and patterns within a wider picture. INTJs are great problem solvers and intellectuals. This, coupled with their ability to store facts and knowledge allows many of them to attain great scientific breakthroughs in fields such as maths, physics, chemistry or medicine. As for their personality traits, INTJ’s are known as thinkers but because they prefer to spend time on their own they can be labelled as weird by others.

They tend to live in their own world and might not understand the social niceties we all follow in real life. Think of book worms or computer geeks and you get the picture. As the INTJ is not impulsive they won’t like unpredictable situations and this includes certain types of people and even careers.

They’ll stick to what they know, what they can control and what they can plan. That’s not to say they want a boring job that doesn’t stimulate them. When thinking about career paths for INTJ’s remember that they love solving problems.

They also like to work alone and be in charge of their routine. So let’s start with the best jobs for an INTJ. Architects have to plan and design complicated structural buildings down to the smallest detail.

They also have to work out the number of materials needed for construction, load-bearing weights, estimate time scales and costs. INTJ’s will be drawn to the planning and execution side of this career.

The fact they can control every element will be appealing to them. It is also important for them to see a project through from start to finish so they’ll enjoy every step ad process of this kind of work.

The duties of a civil engineer are complex and varied and include analysing surveys and maps, understanding government regulations, compiling permits to councils, etc. It will be the analytical side of this job that will be particularly interesting to INTJs. Likewise, the sense of responsibility will also appeal to them. Some people would find accountancy boring but forensic accounting is a whole different ballgame. Not only do you have to know the basics of accountancy, which is complex and takes a particularly logical mind, but in forensic accounting, you have to be able to see the wider picture to spot anomalies. As the INTJ loves solving problems, this job is perfect for them. This is an important job with responsibilities that the INTJ will take seriously.

They have the task of raising money for governments or companies and as such will have to have an extremely keen mind. Knowing how financial institutions and the stock markets work is key. Those who are especially clued up can even progress to investment banking training. Any kind of laboratory work is a good career choice as it is stimulating and despite the fact that technicians work in a team, it is generally a solitary job. Duties include running tests, conducting studies, comparing results, analysing samples and writing up reports. Here is where the analytical mind comes to the fore. Not many people have the intellectual chops to be able to design software from scratch, but for INTJs it’s like you’re giving them money to play at their hobby all day. Not only can they do this by themselves, but they can also stay at home and start their own businesses. Playing to the intellectual side of the INTJ, translating skills require an ability to operate on several different levels quickly and at the same time. Thanks to their encyclopaedic knowledge and their ability to see the wider picture, translating the written word is a great career choice for these analytical thinkers. So what jobs should an INTJ avoid at all costs? This personality type is not going to deal well with a career that involves constant socialising with the public or a job that isn’t stable. Here are just a few examples. It’s stressful working in a restaurant kitchen. I should know, I’ve done it, and that was just a small village pub. Orders come flying through the till, you don’t know what they are going to be or how many people they are for. Talk about spontaneous and uncontrolled. Definitely not a good choice. I cannot think of a worse job for this personality. Having to socialise and meet and greet holidaymakers who are happy and want their rep to join in on the fun. This is the ultimate nightmare for them.

There are some teacher training jobs that are suitable for this personality, but being in charge of young toddlers is not one of them. Young children are completely uncontrollable. Subsequently, you can’t really plan or structure your day with the under-fives. This is more of a job for an extrovert. Now, detective work would probably appeal to the INTJ. I bet many of them would love to analyse clues and solve crimes in the comfort of an office. However, the role of a police officer is very different. Police are called out to situations they know very little about. Moreover, they have to work under extreme pressure with the possible threat of violence. It’s not that INTJs are heartless or emotionless, it’s just that they are best solving problems in a logical and rational way. This is their strength. Some people are great at offering emotional support when needed and make exceptional carers and therapists. It’s just that this kind of work is not good for INTJs. You would think that working in the civil service would be ideal for this personality but no. INTJs need to express their ideas.

They often think outside the box and have to have the freedom to discuss different concepts. You have to stick to the rules in the civil service.

There’s lots of government regulations and certainly no room for idealistic thinking. Because INTJs are introverts, they don’t like loud environments.

Therefore a nightclub or a noisy bar is going to tire them out very quickly. Another thing they can’t handle is frequent interruptions.

They prefer a quiet space where they can get on with the work in hand. Being in a nightclub with raucous people around them dancing will be hell. We all have strengths and weaknesses, that’s what makes us who we are. But knowing what they are can also help us when it comes to choosing a job. And let’s face it, when we spend so much of our time at work, we should all have a career that plays to our .

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