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Is “escaping Twitter moderation” a bad thing?

Is “escaping Twitter moderation” a bad thing?

Max Blumenthal pointed out to us a few days ago that OFFG gets a nice little mention in the Paul Mason emails – apparently we are deeply sus for recommending people join us on Telegram in preference to Twitter.

We assume by “maybe they aren’t obvious to place” Emma means we don’t fit into their binary worldview where everyone who opposes imperialism must be getting paid by Russia or China?

That’s perfect for us. We are always happy to be outside the bi-polar consensus.

Interesting language too – “escape Twitter moderation”. As if “moderation” were a form of legitimate punishment we’re trying to evade!

FYI Emma, what Twitter does isn’t “moderation” it’s CENSORSHIP. And dishonest censorship at that.

Ever since our Twelve Experts piece went viral in 2020 Twitter has slapped a “warning” on all links to our site which implies we could be “spammy” or “dangerous” without actually saying so…

We contacted Twitter to ask for an explanation – why exactly have they concluded we are “dangerous”? – They declined to give any response.

If you haven’t already done so we recommend you go read the Grayzone article on the Mason emails. Well worth the trouble.


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