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Is The COVID-19 Pandemic Pushing Humanity To Re-Imagine Normal?

Matt Belair interviewed Joe Martino on his podcast about topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.

Is The COVID-19 Pandemic Pushing Humanity To Re-Imagine Normal?

Is humanity being asked to re-imagine what life could truly look like? Are we seeing our old world die out as we birth an opportunity to create a new one? Do we want to go back to 'normal'? Did 'normal' truly allow us to thrive? This is an important question at the moment, and we are seeing it in everything from alternative media to mainstream media. As we saw with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, even politicians are warning their citizens that what you see happening now will be the ‘new normal’ to some extent. What do they mean by this? Should we want things to go back to how they were prior to this pandemic? Do we have a future of even more restrictions in sight? From my perspective, I don’t want things to go back to ‘normal’. Why do I say this? Because I ask myself the question: was life prior to, and even during this pandemic, truly allowing humanity to thrive? Was it anywhere even close to what humanity is capable of? Or is it a society and world designed out of programming that has convinced us to accept basic survival as being how we should live... as normal? This can be a question for everyone no matter where you live on this planet. Whether the weekly rat race is reality or whether having to worry about whether you will get your next meal is your reality, is this truly how we want to live and what humanity is capable of? --50% OFF Sale: It's our 11 year anniversary and we're giving away yearly memberships to CETV at 50% off! Join our members only video streaming platform and get tons of exclusive in depth video content. Plus support independent conscious media. Click here to learn more. I feel deep within myself that we are here right now on this planet with the opportunity and desire to re-design our world and how it functions. Everything we have today we made up, it’s a story, a design we created... and thus we can uncreate it and create something new whenever we choose as a collective. Sounds simple right? Well, it is, and isn’t – as you know. A friend of mine named Matt Belair, who runs an awesome podcast called Master Mind, Body Spirit, have been having some awesome convos about COVID-19 and some of the deep layers of what’s going on. After 2 or 3 of them, he invited me on his show to share my thoughts and perspectives on what’s happening on a deeper level. This was honestly one of the most fun interviews I’ve been part of in years. We talked about a ton of really thought-provoking stuff related to the pandemic and much more (see list below). We are truly in a time where we have to not only truly ask ourselves what we want, but we need to stretch that beyond just creating our individual reality and move into creating a truly thriving collective. How often have you focused on collective abundance and peace vs just manifesting it in your own personal life? Should we expect global changes if all we do is vision it for ourselves? You can check out the episode at the bottom of this article. Some of the topics we covered in order: Why Fact-Checking is another way of censoring Understanding media No peer-reviewed process Project Mockingbird COVID-19: An opportunity for awakening Waking up to from the illusion Dealing with duality and polarity – awakening neutrality The spiritual layers of consciousness we are experiencing Exploring the ingredients of deep change Taking control of your state of being and presence The Q narrative may be a distraction keeping people waiting for the savior Humanity is stuck in competing and disconnection, not natural Why we co-create our reality with 7 billion other people How politicians are groomed and selected and not elected Why the deep state is afraid of a truly and deeply empowered humanity Stretching your personal vision to include the whole collective The necessity of spending more time exploring what the world could look like Deprogramming personal and planetary limits Envisioning a new reality for the collective What does it take to truly create lasting change? Not talking small adjustments in our world, but to truly redesign the human experience and create change? To me, it requires us to: 1. Break the illusion we are accepting about what our world is and how it functions. 2. Understand the true nature of our reality and who we are 3. Develop and master these aspects of ourselves through techniques and practice to awaken neutrality, get in touch with our true self and use the clarity we get from that true self to take action in creating a new world. So many of us are still trying to create change from judgement and anger. This will still create small adjustments within the same level of consciousness and type of thinking that created the world we have today. Reflect for a moment, if the world is reflecting back to us what we are, won’t we always require there to be an ‘enemy’ so long as we are always fighting an enemy vs simply evolving beyond the need for that enemy? This is a tricky concept, and I can’t get it all across in this single post, but my underlying point is that I feel we are at a time where a new approach is needed. An approach that comes from a different level of consciousness. When most people think of ‘the shift in consciousness’ happening, they view it as something that will automatically happen to humans. Many ‘teachers’ have even created content around a single event or flash that will do this for people. This is still old paradigm thinking. Someone or something will do it for us so we don’t have to. Now is a time to truly focus within, become empowered and self responsible. Take note of the quality of consciousness you hold each day. How are your thoughts? Feelings? Interactions? Are you feeling peace, joy and inspired? Or fearful, angry, hopeless... perhaps judgemental? That would indicate where some inner work can be done. As we do this individually, we will truly begin to create the changes we all know are possible deep down. else..

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