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Is the sudden publicising of the “lab leak theory” a sign of the end or the beginning of something new?

Is the sudden publicising of the “lab leak theory” a sign of the end or the beginning of something new?

Corporate media has suddenly become awash with the “lab leak theory.”  There has been overwhelming evidence for some time that covid was manufactured in a laboratory using gain-of-function because of its highly unusual genetic structure. Whether we think covid is the main threat or the vaccine is, they both came from a biotech laboratory carrying out genetic experiments.

However, the internet and the media are alive with uninformed mocking accusations of bias and irrelevance.  As a last resort, some people are arguing that the origin of covid is irrelevant. At this point, it is clear that the discussion has drifted from science to the realm of political allegiance and unqualified opinions curated by public relations experts working for giant corporations and somewhat shady government interests.

It is good to be aware of disingenuous attempts to sanitise the sad history of the pandemic origins and response.  But we must also be awake to the knock of the next virus on our door fuelled by state-sponsored fear-mongering and the risks of uncontrolled biotech experimentation.

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A New Beginning or a Sudden End?

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

You have probably seen renewed discussion of the origin of covid in the media. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Energy (“DoE”) has come down firmly on the side of a laboratory origin of covid-19 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Speaking on Fox News, the former director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe commented:

“The idea that covid-19 has a natural origin has always been at odds with our intelligence…it is due to a lab leak. From the beginning, scientists have not been able to explain why there is a furin cleavage site within the genetic makeup of covid-19…This is something that happens when scientists insert a snippet of manipulated material into viruses.”

UK commentator Piers Morgan responded reassuringly:

“I think that the truth is that science, by its very nature, will evolve with facts. And so you have to give them some leeway for that … So, I do think in the future, we’ve got to examine the science. You’ve got to listen to all ranges of opinions, and people have got to stop being cancelled on social media for raising concerns, which now look like they were absolutely right.”

Popular US Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson went further in a twenty-minute excoriation of the Biden administration’s covid policy. Carlson wanted to know: has the administration’s policy to fund biotechnology research in China changed? (Watch Carlson HERE, begins at 3 minutes).

Some, like late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert, have wrongly accused the DoE of lacking sufficient qualifications to decide on the lab leak theory, saying “stay in your lane” (is Colbert even vaguely qualified himself?). In fact, as the authoritative Washington Post reports the DoE employed highly qualified and skilled scientists – including members of the Energy Department’s Z-Division, which since the 1960s has been involved in secretive investigations of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons threats by US adversaries, including China and Russia – who undertook detailed scientific assessment of genetic evidence as well as using access to classified information. They went through the kind of discovery process and critical thinking that mathematical biologist Alex Washburne hints at HERE and HERE. After the dust of misinformation had cleared the DoE’s conclusion that there was a lab leak was inevitable.

You may think, as we have done at the Hatchard Report since the first genetic analysis of covid was completed (see HERE and HERE), that the argument is settled, but you would be surprised. The internet and the media are alive with uninformed mocking accusations of bias and irrelevance on the part of the DoE. Stupidly describing the DoE as whining. At this point in time, it is clear that the discussion has drifted from science to the realm of political allegiance and unqualified opinions curated by public relations experts working for giant corporations and somewhat shady government interests.

It was the job of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) to investigate how the truth was being manipulated and yesterday they also came out firmly and publicly on the side of the lab leak theory (it’s not a theory, there is overwhelming evidence). Early in 2021, a highly qualified geneticist friend wrote to me that he and many of his colleagues were sure that covid was engineered in a lab because of its highly unusual genetic structure, but he added the codicil: please don’t mention my name. This was going on all over the world in differing forms. Some of them were verging on the corrupt.

Among damning evidence the FBI has uncovered, Kristian Andersen, a British scientist, emailed Anthony Fauci on 31 January 2020, saying the virus looks lab-made. According to this authoritative thread, Fauci called him on 1 February 2020 and ordered him to publicly say it wasn’t lab-made, which he did. Fauci then gave him a $1.88M grant, +$16.5M funding. US officials were manipulating information on a global scale, you decide if that is legal or moral. According to the New York Post, Dr. Fauci is keeping very quiet at this stage following the DoE and FBI revelations.

All this information is in the public domain, but still, the BBC published two dismissive articles on its front page on Thursday. One covered the FBI announcement but said the FBI conclusion was not backed by any evidence (????). The other was an explainer article entitled ‘Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is so disputed’. A more blatant attempt to muddy the waters of truth could not be imagined. The article forgot (???) to discuss the genetic evidence that clearly points to gene-edited inserts in the virus genome.

But you might ask, why would anyone in government or science seek to hide the truth from the public? Good question. The answer possibly lies in the murky history of military involvement in genetics and the pandemic. You might recall conspiracy theories circulating since the discovery of DNA and gene editing in the 20th century. According to these ideas, military powers were supposedly going to invent weapons that would target specific ethnic groups and win wars because their genetically different opponents were all going to fall down dead, felled by a man-made virus.

In truth, all humans share so much DNA that any genetic weapon is going to adversely affect everyone worldwide including you and me. Remember that military planners are not geneticists, but like almost everyone else on the planet, they are very susceptible to genetic fantasies. They believed wrongly that anything might be possible for genetic science. Whether their motivations were offensive or defensive was irrelevant. To counter any potential offensive weapon from the other side, they were going to have to first create possible offensive weapons, before trying to design a defensive counter. Sound familiar? – gain of function research to weaponise viruses in order to design a vaccine???

The problem we now know is that, as reported in THIS study, no lab is ever going to be secure. The history of recombinant DNA biotech labs contains a long list of unintended leaks and accidents. The result has been a pandemic whose final outcome still remains unknown. The military, governments, pharmaceutical companies, and scientists from a number of countries are very busy trying to hide their involvement, telling us that all this is just a natural disaster. This amounts to a giant geopolitical coverup. The US, China, Britain, and France all of whom were involved in the creation and funding of the Wuhan Virology Laboratory are paying for favourable comments from their media and anyone else who is corrupt enough to shill for them.

As a last resort, some people are arguing that the origin of covid is irrelevant, it isn’t. The lab origin of covid should bring us all together. Whether we think covid is the main threat or the vaccine is, they both came from a biotech lab carrying out genetic experiments. We can safely forget about the geopolitical arguments explaining who was to blame: China or the USA and instead shout loudly from the rooftops that biotech experiments have got to stop.

Research shows biotech interventions are inherently mutagenic, they have led to permanent degradation of genetic function and consequently health, as THIS alarming recent assessment of the Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccine shows – the same vaccine our government has announced it will give to everyone over 30 in New Zealand. So don’t think that by taking the latest vaccine you are helping society. mRNA vaccines pose a danger to everyone in the world, all cultures, all races, religious or agnostic, left or right. We share DNA and we have a common interest to protect ourselves from scientists, media, and governments who are putting financial interests and political objectives ahead of the safety of the entire 8 billion population of the world.

No worries though, our own NZ Herald advises us that the DoE report on covid origins is unreliable and only proving to be a spur to drive conspiracy theories(???). In other words, put the US government in the looney bin along with all those scientists urging caution with biotechnology. No need to be concerned New Zealand, forget about record levels of excess deaths, acute kidney injury, and heart disease. Off to the beach for what is left of our summer.

It is good to be awake to disingenuous attempts to sanitise the sad history of the pandemic origins and response. The true history is gradually being written after painstaking research on the part of honest people.

You might find all this rather disturbing. The lack of honest discussion from those we have elected or trusted is bewildering and Kafkaesque leading as John Williams has said “to uniquely modern traumas: existential alienation, isolation and insecurity, the labyrinth of state bureaucracy, the corrupt abuse of totalitarian power [including media manipulation], the impenetrable tangle of legal systems, and finally the knock on the door in the middle of the night.” In our case, it is the knock of the next virus on our door that we await with dread fuelled by state-sponsored fear-mongering and the risks of uncontrolled biotech experimentation.

To counter this, we have control over our own inner selves. We are not without power. In fact, we hold the key to resolving our situation.

From my research, even before the pandemic, I had already come to the opinion that our exact genetic makeup is intimately tied to the health and consciousness of the individual and society. Individuals are connected together in families, cities, nations, and the world as a whole through our genetic similarities which forge bio links and interdependencies. We are part of a worldwide biological system containing distinct individual genetic structures which resonate and pair with other genetic structures according to their similarity. This is the physical basis of society – a genetic network.

More than this, each distinct individual genetic structure is paired with and supports a form of awareness or consciousness. DNA and consciousness are two sides of a single coin. Genetic networks are paired with levels of collective consciousness – family consciousness, city consciousness, national consciousness, and world consciousness. Ultimately the world is our family.

Edit DNA, or the way DNA expresses itself as covid mRNA vaccines do, you are potentially damaging the most sophisticated abilities of the individual – our capacity for stable physiological function (health, life even) self-reflection, and societal organisation. The outcome of the pandemic has only served to underline the truth of this, look around at the prevalent disorganisation, disagreement, and disarray.

Our response at the Hatchard Report is simple. For knowledge to be reliable three elements of verification can and should be applied:

  • personal experience (common sense evidence of the senses and events),
  • scientific rigour (is it rational and supported by experiment?),
  • traditional use (has it stood the test of time?).

Boiled down to its fundamentals, there are only a few elements of life which we personally control – experience, food, behaviour, and consciousness. This is our formula in these uncertain times:

  • Behave with kindness and speak the truth. This is the wisdom of the ages.
  • Food in all its forms should be natural. (Nature’s garden is our larder, unadulterated by synthetics, fresh and minimally processed).
  • Prefer your experience to be what you wish to become. Where is the time for the unwanted? Take time to enjoy.
  • Ancient culture valued transcendence. Periods of deep inner silence are the foundation of happiness. Techniques of meditation and reflection have stood the test of time.

This last is the most forgotten in modern life, if anything is to succeed in ushering in a better world, it has to come from the most settled, integrated, and unified state of our consciousness. As we have discussed at length in other articles, the unified level of nature’s intelligence is guiding the whole natural world. This can be appreciated on a path to personal development and the expansion of consciousness. Our world is as we are.

At the moment people like Stephen Colbert and millions of others are rushing to conclusions, why can’t they take time to think about the implications?

As Rudyard Kipling said in his famous ‘A Fathers Advice to His Son‘:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too….”

We are going through unprecedented societal upheaval. It increasingly appears to be man-made. The repeated political mantra “trust the science” has proven to be mere political demagoguery, devoid of real scientific content. Keeping a steady head, carefully shifting through the evidence, and applying caution are needed now. The evidence is out: with confidence, we know that covid and covid vaccines came from laboratories whose operation is inherently dangerous. They have already killed millions, and want to be given carte blanche to do whatever they wish. Time to call a halt. For more information go to https://GLOBE.GLOBAL

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