Is Trump Waking People Up?
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Is Trump Waking People Up?

Trump's presidency has been a highly controversial one.Partly because it upsets powerful people, and partly because it brings forth humanity's shadows.
Is Trump Waking People Up?
Are we truly looking at our world through a lens that helps us awaken? Or are we simply getting caught up in all the judgement, political identities and mumbo jumbo mainstream media and celebrities are attempting to pull people into? No doubt, Trump is a character. From some of the actions he takes to the things he says, there is a lot to talk about and poke fun at if you really wanted to. But what motivates this poking fun? What about ourselves wants to reduce his actions down to something that’s childish? What do we miss when we get caught up in this identity-driven approach to viewing politics? You may have read this title and thought “oh great, here we go, a pro-Trump article that might go along with the Q narrative that Trump is here to save the world.” It’s that automatic thinking right there that this article is about to shine light on. But first, let’s set some context.

There is a long-standing debate about whether or not we should look at the darker aspects of our world, the ‘negative’ stuff if you will. Further to that is the discussion of how much we need to counteract viewing that type of content with content that is ‘positive.’ Talking about politics, the events of our world, the various pieces of chaos happening in our world — all of these things are often viewed as negative and are completely avoided by many. But why do these things ACTUALLY happen? Is it a president? Is it bad foreign policy? Is truly the fault of one administration? Can it actually be reduced to ‘white males cause this?’ No, of course not. This is a completely false way of viewing it all and it’s precisely why we remain in a state of chaos. All things that happen in our world are a reflection of us all, whether you like it or not. It’s less about the exact action that happens, and more about the causes behind that action. Things like disconnection, unprocessed emotions, limited belief systems, holding on tightly to old ideas, getting stuck in egoic tendencies, and ultimately not knowing who we truly are. Thinking we are our skin color, gender, religion, political side, or simply a human with a brain having an experience. All of these beliefs compile together to limit the way we choose to look at our world. When we view our world in this manner, we miss out on the deeper meaning of what is actually going on, including the nuances that truly provide deep value, learning and growth. Is it any wonder things don’t quite change as fast as we like when the way we view our world is always based on limited oversimplified ways of viewing reality instead of actually taking the time to understand the nuance and deeper meaning as to why we are individually and collectively creating the reality before us? The truth is blunt: Our outside world, or the news, shows us a lot about our current state of being or consciousness as individuals and a collective. It shows us how our current state of mind, belief systems, programs and habits create physical systems in a world. If you wanted to change those systems, and create more harmony for example, wouldn’t looking at and understanding how they are being created from a state of being and mind be the best place to start? We can do all the work we want to do to hold our minds, brains and hearts in gamma states and higher states of consciousness, but the reality of the situation, and something that I have learned very deeply over the last 10 years, is that the majority of people do not know how to take that spiritual practice and apply it to the real world, apply it to the totality of reality. And that is what I’m so passionate about helping people learn to do. For the powerful elite to maintain the suppression of humanity, there is one secret they hold that is greater than all others: consciousness. If humanity shifts it’s consciousness and begins truly asking questions about our world and understands how our consciousness and perception are what hold it all in place, humanity will have the antidote to the chaos we face. This is why the suppression of consciousness is so key. It’s why political conversations are the most popular thing in the world. It’s why we’re constantly being pulled into identities about race, gender and political orientations, policy, etc.

These identities are the ultimate capping of human potential and consciousness because they reduce who someone is down to mere ideas that are designed to simplify, dumb down and divide. Mainstream conversations do not seek to question the system at hand and why it’s the way it is and why we accept it. For example, do we really need our economic system to function the way it does? Who made it up? Why do all new ideas have to fit into the tiny box of the reality of that system? What if the idea is great but not economically viable? Should we then throw it out because someone made up the idea that we must keep our enslaving economic system? Having conversations about our world that are less about viewing everything through these lenses and instead go much deeper is the shift in conversations we need. So is Trump’s presidency helping us have those conversations? I think so, but it depends on how you choose to discuss it. In the video below I provide an example and a metaphor for how important it truly is that we begin looking at our reality and news content not just from the standpoint of whether it’s positive or negative, but asking what it reflects about our consciousness. I do this video in the context of some of the latest forms of censorship that have been taking place in our world. So often we want to separate spirituality and the ‘real world’ such that in one sense you’re supposed to stay in a positive box, only thinking about what is positive and what will help you change your consciousness, and then on the other side you’re looking at the news, life and all the negative things that go along with that. This is a spiritual bypass that will come to public awareness in a VERY big way during the rest of 2019 and into 2020. As we discuss in the CE protocol, the first step in awakening to the totality of who you are is to break the illusion of what you think your world is, and then from there, consciousness and perception continue to expand. Thus, shifting the public conversation away from just the regular way of looking at the world to one where we are willing to question WHY things are the way they are and why we accept things to be the way they are without thinking things like: who made that up? Why must we adhere to systems that function this way? Why do we have to reduce humanity to animals that cannot work together? Are our belief systems that state ‘this is what we are’ making us act this way? Sometimes people say “hey we need to start talking about solutions”... and I hear that, and I agree with that, but we also have to realize that part of the solution is being able to enter into conversations with THE WORLD about how to look at our world from a less judgemental and polarized point of view and instead view it as what it shows us about ourselves. Sure, we can look at stories of free energy and positive stuff, but if people are still caught in the game and limited states of consciousness, those changes won’t come about in a harmonious manner — maybe not at all. We must step up, get out there and change the conversations that are happening from one that is of polarity and judgement to one that is grounded in deeper understanding. That’s the next step, the solution! We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support. We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done. Check out our plan and join our camp.

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