Italian Politician Says The “Lies & Falsification” of COVID-19 Numbers Is Used To “Terrorize Italians” (VIDEO)
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Italian Politician Says The “Lies & Falsification” of COVID-19 Numbers Is Used To “Terrorize Italians” (VIDEO)

Italian Politician Says The “Lies & Falsification” of COVID-19 Numbers Is Used To “Terrorize Italians” (VIDEO)

Vittorio Sgarbi, Italian politician Mayor of Sutri gave an emotional speech at a hearing on the 24th of April where he emphasized that the number of deaths in Italy due to COVID-19 are completely false and that the people are being lied to. Why does mainstream media completely ignore all of the information suggesting that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 are completely inaccurate, showing that they may be much lower? Why do they claim deaths are actually higher? A lot of people are wondering what’s really going on out there, and the appearance of a digital authoritarian Orwellian”fact-checker” that’s patrolling the internet has only sparked more curiosity. When it comes to the new coronavirus, it’s simply another case of mainstream media rhetoric that completely contradicts testimony and evidence that’s being shared by multiple scientists, doctors, politicians and activists around the world. Furthermore, when information that opposes the mainstream narrative goes “viral” it is either heavily censored or deleted. What is going on here? Should the people not have the right to examine information and sources to determine for themselves what is real and what is not instead of having someone else determine truth for them? Get yours today before it runs out. Click here to learn more. Special note to our followers: Is 5G safe? Learn the unbiased truth and the steps to implement better solutions in your community at the 5G Health Summit. It’s a free worldwide call to action from the leading independent experts, scientists and doctors in the field. You can sign up here. Multiple platforms like Google, Vimeo, and Facebook don’t think so. YouTube also recently announced that they will ban any content regarding the coronavirus that contradicts the information put out by the World Health Organization (WHO). Vimeo recently banned a documentary exposing the influence that pharmaceutical companies have on WHO policy, and Julian Assange is in jail for also exposing these connections, and of course, many other unethical and immoral actions taken by corporations and governments. What does it say about us as a people when we lock up those who are exposing inhumane, immoral and unethical actions and continue listening to the ones who commit them? When it comes to the coronavirus death numbers around the world, many people have been raising red flags, claiming that death rates are significantly higher than what the numbers are showing because many deaths are being marked as coronavirus deaths, when the coronavirus was not the actual cause of death.

The very last example I wrote about was from Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. She recently pointed out that all people who pass away and test positive for COVID-19, regardless of the cause of death, means that the death will be marked as a COVID-19 death. According to her, If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live and then you were also found to have COVID, that would be counted as COVID death, despite if you died of a clear alternative cause it’s still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who is listed as a COVID death that doesn’t mean that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of death. (source) More recently, I came across another example from Italian politician/Member of the Italian Parliament, and the current Mayor of Sutri, Vittorio Sgarbi, who has done the same. In an emotional speech at a hearing on the 24th of April, he stated the following. We are on the eve of April 25th and we must be united against the dictatorship and united in truth. In fact, we are not. Let us not make a parliament of lies...the science evoked here was saying that this virus is much more than the flu. That science is in fact the science that has been referred to and guided by this government. It was said and it was documented, don’t lie...don’t make this parliament a lie! At least here, let Gianbatist Vico’s principle, “Verum ipsum factum” apply! And then, you heard and gave the numbers, I want to give the numbers too....don’t talk about 25,000 dead here, not true! Don’t use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism! Data from the Italian Institute of Public Health say that 96.3 percent of people have died of other pathologies! Exact data.

The numbers say it! It’s true, it’s true, go ahead and read them. Let us unite in the fight against hypocrisy, lies and the falsification of numbers, against false numbers given to terrorize Italians.

The 25,000 dead...died of heart attack, cancer and other pathologies. We should not use this to humiliate and embarrass Italy. We do not use this to give citizens false news! Get the numbers, check them out. Here in Italy, were not 25,000 deaths caused by caused by the coronavirus! Not true! It’s just a way to terrorize the Italian people and impose a dictatorship without consent! That’s ridiculous! The comments above, in a way, echo what Edward Snowden has said about the virus, stating that the ‘powers that be’ are using it to impose more authoritarian measures upon the citizenry. Dr. Ron Paul was also recently censored for sharing similar ideas. According to another study out of Italy, 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities that were examined specifically for this study were people who suffered from previous medical conditions. More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease.

The study provides inside as to why their death rate may be much higher compared to other countries. A while ago, Professor Walter Ricciardi, an advisor to the Italian Health Ministry, observes that the high death rates there may reflect the way that deaths are recorded. “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die ... with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus,” he has said. “On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 percent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 percent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity—many had two or three” (source) In Italy, in just a few months a couple of year ago, nearly 25,000 deaths were attributed to the flu. (source) As of now, coronavirus numbers are slightly above that and dying off fast. But again, the majority of deaths that have been attributed to COVID-19 seem to not have been a result of it. If the numbers above are correct, we may be looking at only about 5000 actual deaths so far, which suggests that this disease is clearly far less harmful than the flu. That idea also compliments multiple recent studies that have emerged suggesting the same thing. A new study published several academics from the Stanford School of Medicine suggests that COVID-19 has a similar infection fatality rate as seasonal influenza.You can access that study and read more about it here. USC and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recently released early results from an ongoing study they are conducting on COVID-19.

They determined the infection rate in LA is far higher than previously thought, dropping the infection mortality rate down to seasonal flu levels, or below them. You can access that release and read more about it here. Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care raised multiple concerns they are seeing with COVID-19 and how we are handling it. In one part of their interview, Dr. Erickson states the following, But ER doctors now, my friends that I talk to say, “you know it’s interesting, when I’m writing up my death report I’m being pressured to add COVID.” Why is that? Why are we being pressured to add COVID? To maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little bit worse than it is? I think so. – Erickson You can read more about that and access the full interview here. An article recently published by the Financial Times points out, In the UK, about 150,000 people die every year between January and March. To date, the vast majority of those who have died from COVID-19 in Britain have been aged 70 or older or had serious pre-existing health conditions. What is not clear is how many of those deaths would have occurred anyway if the patients had not contracted COVID-19. Speaking at a parliamentary hearing last week, Professor Neil Ferguson, director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London, said it was not yet clear how many “excess deaths” caused by coronavirus there would be in the UK. However, he said the proportion of COVID-19 victims who would have died anyway could be “as many as half or two-thirds”. An article written by John Lee, a recently retired professor of pathology and a former NHS consultant pathologist raises some interesting questions. He published it in The Spectator, and in it he writes: “If someone dies of a respiratory infection in the UK, the specific cause of the infection is not usually recorded, unless the illness is a rare ‘notifiable disease’. So the vast majority of respiratory deaths in the UK are recorded as bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, old age or a similar designation. We don’t really test for flu, or other seasonal infections. If the patient has, say, cancer, motor neurone disease or another serious disease, this will be recorded as the cause of death, even if the final illness was a respiratory infection. This means UK certifications normally under-record deaths due to respiratory infections. Now look at what has happened since the emergence of Covid-19.

The list of notifiable diseases has been updated. This list — as well as containing smallpox (which has been extinct for many years) and conditions such as anthrax, brucellosis, plague and rabies (which most UK doctors will never see in their entire careers) — has now been amended to include Covid-19. But not flu. That means every positive test for Covid-19 must be notified, in a way that it just would not be for flu or most other infections. In the current climate, anyone with a positive test for Covid-19 will certainly be known to clinical staff looking after them: if any of these patients dies, staff will have to record the Covid-19 designation on the death certificate — contrary to usual practice for most infections of this kind.

There is a big difference between Covid-19 causing death, and Covid-19 being found in someone who died of other causes. Making Covid-19 notifiable might give the appearance of it causing increasing numbers of deaths, whether this is true or not. It might appear far more of a killer than flu, simply because of the way deaths are recorded.” Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a specialist in microbiology and one of the most cited research scientists in German history who refers to the measures being taken governments around the world as “Draconian.” You can read more about that and watch what he has to say about the new coronavirus, here.

The information in this article is simply a tidbit of information that illustrates why people are questioning the “official” numbers and perceptions of this pandemic that’s given to the population via the WHO and federal health regulatory agencies. Mainstream media outlets continue to push the idea that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 are higher than what the numbers say, yet we have a growing amount of information, evidence and testimony highlighting the fact that the truth may be completely opposite, that the number of deaths is inaccurate and that the real numbers are far lower than what we are actually getting.

These discrepancies alone cause more people to question government. Events like COVID19 are similar to 9/11, they simply serve as a catalyst for waking people up to the manipulation of our consciousness by ‘the powers that be.’ These events are creating more questioning amongst humanity, and allow for more people to see that what we are told by those who we choose to follow for information, may simply be false. COVID-19 has simply accelerated the process of awakening, and it’s also made even more people aware of the censorship of information that’s taking place. Along with the censorship of information, comes ridicule, and bashing by mainstream media in order to oppose and instantaneously shut down any opposite narrative. Narratives that go against mainstream media narratives are not acknowledged or countered, they are simply ridiculed and deemed a “conspiracy theory.” The point is, events like this serve the collective.

They wake us up, they help us see, they help shift the perceptions about our world and our world ‘leaders’ and serve as a catalyst for more people to start asking themselves, is this the world we really want to live in? Why are we bombarded with so much misinformation, manipulation, and lies? What’s really going on here, and why do we continue to accepted it? Just Like 9/11 Did, COVID-19 Is Shifting Human Consciousness In A Major Way Leading Scientist Claims Lockdown & Quarantine is a “Human Catastrophe” (New Interview) Is The COVID-19 Pandemic Pushing Humanity To Re-Imagine Normal? Vitamin C For COVID-19: Critical Care Medicine Hospital Chief In Wuhan Provides Updates Two Emergency Medicine Doctors On Why Quarantine “Just Doesn’t Make Sense” If You Die of a Clear Alternative Cause, It’s Still Listed As A COVID Death” – Dr. Ngozi Ezike Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing “Big Pharma’s” Influence Within The World Health Organization Wikileaks Highlights The Influence “Big Pharma” Has On The World Health Organization New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus Bill Gates’ Latest Instagram Post Has Been Bombarded With Accusations & Comments Against Vaccines Renowned Microbiology Specialist On Why He Believes Coronavirus Measures Are “Draconian” (Video) Renowned German Pulmonologist Questions Coronavirus Measures & If They’re Necessary (Video) Updates On The New Coronavirus Vaccine – Are You Going To Take It? Will It Be Mandatory? Spring Has Sprung In Sweden With No Coronavirus Quarantine Or Police Enforced Lockdown Some New York Hospitals Are Now Treating Coronavirus With High Dose Vitamin C Conscious Truth Behind Coronavirus Lockdown Coronavirus Is Proving The Human Race Can Come Together, For Anything, At Anytime White House: Out of 327 Million Americans – Coronavirus May Kill Up To 200,000 Edward Snowden: Governments Shouldn’t Have The “Mandatory Authority” To Keep People Inside Scientist Predicts Second Wave of COVID-19 Because “Social Distancing” Has Prevented “Herd Immunity” More Physicians Go On The Record Explaining Why COVID-19 Deaths May Be Exaggerated Coronavirus Deaths May Be Miscalculated Dr. Ron Paul Gets Flagged As “Fake News” For Sharing His Opinion About Coronavirus Donald Trump Says The Coronavirus Was “Artificially Induced.” Canadian Prime Minister Says We Won’t Return To Normal “Until A Vaccine Is Developed” Bill Gates: We Won’t Go Back To “Normal Until” A Vaccine Has “Gotten Out To The Entire World” LA Doctor: COVID-19 Patients Go From ‘Very Ill’ To ‘Symptom-Free’ In 8 To 12 Hours With Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc Confirmed: High-Dose Vitamin C Has Successfully Treated 50 Moderate to Severe COVID-19 Patients Get inside access to Stream content 24/7 and enjoy mind-expanding interviews, original shows, documentaries and guided programs. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and help conscious media thrive!.

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