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It’s time we all demand answers to the real-world costs of renewables

It’s time we all demand answers to the real-world costs of renewables

Why do climate catastrophists use fear as their main tactic for browbeating an unwilling public into accepting their grotesque bans on natural gas, petroleum, and even nuclear energy (not to mention coal)?

Because fear pays. But even fear as a weapon has its limits when people begin to see clearly through the fog.

Europeans are now questioning United Nations (“UN”) and World Economic Forum (“WEF”) “climate change” mandates.

In Australia, a recent rally against reckless renewables called for an immediate suspension of all “renewable energy” projects  until inquiries into the excessive economic, social, and environmental costs have been completed.

Isn’t it time for people everywhere to demand answers?

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The following is taken from the article ‘A climate of facts, not fear’ published by CFACTS.  Read the full article HERE.

Fear pays. the UCS, [Union of Concerned Scientists], also a leading advocate for “green energy,” has an annual budget of about $43 million, while Greenpeace’s may be 10 times that amount. Other fear-mongering groups rake in collective billions – dwarfing the revenues of non-profits who advocate for a balanced, far less disruptive approach to future energy use.

Fear has led to the neglect and downplaying of important, even urgent, human concerns and allowed the elites to begin restructuring world society to accommodate their belief (or tool for control) that carbon dioxide is an evil that must be eradicated. The carbon conundrum has even confabulated the field of geopolitics and turned allies into enemies and vice versa.

The carbon crisis movement builds on the lie that carbon dioxide, absolutely necessary for human and plant life, is bad for the planet. But Earth has seen widespread fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels, and science shows that increased atmospheric (or greenhouse) carbon dioxide levels increase plant yields and thus enable feeding a growing world population while keeping the planet “green.”

The media have kept from the masses the confessions of the globalists that they use climate fear to attack the capitalist system. Their goal is to install a single, all-powerful world government with the power to dictate what we eat, what we wear, where we may travel, what jobs we may pursue, and how long we may be allowed to consume oxygen.

Across Europe, farmers are revolting against Commissar-like diktats that they slaughter herds or stop farming altogether. The globalists want to force people to eat laboratory-created “food,” worms, crickets, and algae. Not so secretly, they mumble about drastic reductions in the world human population, which some now believe they seek to accomplish through deadly viruses they are creating in laboratories on multiple continents.

Europeans are now questioning UN, EU, and WEF mandates that would force them into buying expensive heat pumps, electric vehicles, and other inconveniences while adapting to routine blackouts and brownouts resulting from the shuttering of reliable sources of energy. They also see how their leaders’ policies are benefiting the Chinese, whose own cheaper electric vehicles (made with slave labour) are flooding markets.

The global resistance movement is growing, even in Australia, which went into a total panic with lockdowns and arrests during the covid pandemic. Brave souls gathered on 6 February to greet the new Parliament with a National Rally Against Reckless Renewables.

Many diverse regional communities directly and adversely affected by Aussie government policies demanded the country re-establish an electricity network that is efficient, safe, reliable, secure, and affordable. These policies, they asserted, threaten productive agricultural land, fisheries, and native habitats – worse, the government is subsidising “greenwashed multinationals”.

Organisers, led by the National Rational Energy Group, condemned the 1,000-plus new “renewable” projects in the government’s “Powering Our Nation” pipeline, almost all of which will negatively impact coastal, farming, or traditional communities with small populations. In many cases, the right of these citizens to judicial review or appeal is being denied.

And what are their demands? First, a Senate inquiry to scrutinise the technical veracity as well as the excessive economic, social, and environmental costs of these “renewable” projects and the escalating risks to the national interest and security. The coalition also demanded an immediate suspension of all “renewable energy” projects until the Senate inquiry has reported its findings.

Imagine such an inquiry regarding the risks to national security of allowing the Chinese to dominate the world automotive marketplace because of their near-total control of the lithium battery market.

Imagine an inquiry as well into the real-world effects of the globalist demands for destroying herds, erasing farmland, and forcing people to purchase heat pumps.

Imagine an inquiry into the likely cost of electricity resulting from electric vehicle mandates and bans on natural gas, coal, and nuclear.

Speaking of nuclear, the coalition also demanded that Australia lift its 25-year-old ban on nuclear energy imposed in 1999 as part of a deal that led to the nation’s renewables-subsidising Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Nuclear has been revived as a favoured option in part because of the $13 billion needed to build 10,000 kilometres of power lines to link up the plethora of renewable energy projects – which will cause havoc in rural Australia. Building modern-day nuclear plants on the sites of existing coal plants would require no new transmission lines at all.

Could the worldwide revolt against the smug globalists who have relied on fear to browbeat nations into adopting the absurd “climate catastrophe” agenda come from the stalwart Australians?

Isn’t it time for people everywhere to demand answers to the serious questions about the real-world costs of imposing the “renewables” agenda be laid out in full?

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