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James Corbett Is Not Your Friend

The following information is a presentation of evidence, based on factual details available in the public domain

James Corbett Is Not Your Friend

We have tagged this article as as it imposes a serious spin on the topic.
If not more explanation provided, this article is included as propaganda because it shows clear manufacture from a government controlled dialectic, where a topic is misdirected by some actors in order to mislead people during early stages of a narrative.

The following information is a presentation of evidence, combined with my opinions, based on factual details available in the public domain. My opinions are based on the evidence. I do not claim to present an overarching or objective truth, and I encourage all readers to engage in their own research by following the links available in this document. It is up to each individual to research for themselves in order to determine whether or not your conclusions align with my assessment and analysis of the evidence. Consider this document a starting point to a larger body of research and more thorough investigation.

Let me start off by saying that I have enjoyed James Corbett’s research for many, many years, starting from the days when he was an obscure Youtuber, long before he became a staple in the truther scene. So I’m familiar with him and will be the first to acknowledge that he does great research. But let’s all be clear on a few basic things.

While he does great research, Corbett’s role never goes beneath the surface of the deception. His role is only to expose the first layer, and he’s great for that. You should absolutely send your parents or friends who have little discernment to Corbett, as he does great work that will help them.

But for you, you are beyond that first layer of surface-level research. You don’t need anyone to show you that Bill Gates is corrupt or that the WHO was involved in wrongdoing. You already know these things.

Another thing we need to acknowledge is that James is a virus hugger. He does not challenge that aspect of the official story. James believes that SARS-COV-2 exists, which is an immediate red flag. Now, you might want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s employing a soft-serve approach to help his viewers along, step-by-step. That’s fine, but we should at least call it out for what it is - he’s not embracing the truth.

RationalWiki tell us:

James Corbett is an Anarcho-capitalist/Anarcho-voluntarist YouTuber, conspiracy theorist. He performs amateur analysis of politics conspiracy theories and purported propaganda in The Corbett Report, YouTube, Global Research TV, RT news and other shows and websites such as the Boiling Frogs Post, NewsBud, 5G summit and other such occasional events, despite having no credentials in any of these fields, such as 9/11 and the JFK assassination being false flag attacks, government mind control, water fluoridation and chemtrails lowering IQ to make it harder to wake up sheeple, the “Clinton Body Count”, 5G sends toxic EMF, Bill Gates is a Nazi eugenicist, GMOs cause tumours, Climate change is a hoax, vaccines never worked and are also a hoax, moon landing is hoax,[1] eugenics is still alive, America is secretly a socialist country,[2] pizzagate is real,[3] Trump wants to establish a New World Order, among many, many others.

Anytime anything interesting happens anywhere on the planet, there's a very high chance James has found "proof" it is either a false flag operation by the New World Order or a "massive coverup operation" run by the New World Order to implement the New World Order and has already discussed about it on one of his episodes on YouTube or a podcast on his channel. No exceptions. You would think the New World Order would've eliminated this widely-known bearer of all their secrets, but no, for some reason they see fit to let him continue.

As we’ve come to learn, the Wiki will give us some truth here, but they will always spin it in a way that serves multiple agendas. The normies will read this bio and automatically assume that James is a “crazy conspiracy theorist” while visions of Alex Jones and David Icke come to their minds. But the truthers know that James is reasonable (at least he seems to be), so they’ll immediately sniff out this propaganda from the Wiki.

But the Wiki is telling us the truth here as well. James is a conspiracy theorist. He does promote wild conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination and 9/11, for example. But not in the way the Wiki wants us to believe. James promotes the false flag attack angles, you see. Those are misdirects. They are manufactured conspiracies, written by the same liars who write the official version of events. The same folks who James likely reports to.

So we can see the same template employed that we have seen many times before. The Wiki smears him while also telling the truth about him. It all depends on how you interpret what they are saying. They write it all out elaborately and with a great deal of creativity so that both sides of the manufactured 2-angle paradigm will read the same thing and reach different conclusions.

I don’t want to spend too much time dissecting this, so you can just read the entire Wiki for yourselves and the picture should become clear. Note how the Wiki tells the truth about James but also wraps it in deception and confusion.

James does good reporting and tells a lot of truths for the sleepers, but he’s only exposing the official version of events, without digging any further.

At the same time, James misdirects his audience by sending them off on wild goose chases and selling them manufactured conspiracies, written by his bosses in the military and intelligence. It should be obvious if you examine it with a critical, skeptics’ lens and avoid falling into the 2-angle paradigm. There’s always another angle, it’s the one they don’t show you.

It is imperative that we always keep this in mind when studying the world around us. They will always present us with 2 angles. The mainstream one, and the conspiracy candy. Both angles are full of lies and red herrings. So our job is to unspin all of that and try to find the 3rd, 4th, 5th angles.

Next, let’s highlight one important thing about James Corbett. On his About Me Page, Corbett used to have this line in his bio:

"He is the lead editorial writer for The International Forecaster, the e-newsletter created by the late Bob Chapman."

Bob Chapman openly admits that he spent 3 years in US Army CounterIntelligence. In 2009, he also insisted that we were about to witness a massive bank collapse “by the end of the year” and advised his readers to pull all of their money out of their bank accounts. Well, obviously that never happened, but his message was dangerous for obvious reasons. His actions (intentionally or not) could have resulted in a run on the banks and triggered the exact collapse he wanted everyone to believe was coming.

In any case, Corbett recently removed that tidbit from his bio. Why do you suppose that is? Why doesn’t he want his readers to know that he used to work for Bob Chapman who is (or was) US ARMY COUNTERINTELLIGENCE?

You can see the original line on Corbett’s About Me page in the archives.
The following info comes from Miles Mathis who does the best Genealogy research on the internet. I’ve added some source links to help you fact-check for yourselves.

Corbett is a peerage name, with 350 people listed as Corbett, Corbet, or Corbitt. There are many Baronets, such as John Vincent Corbet (7th Baronet, born 1911).

Another Baronet that is also interesting is Walter Orlando Corbet. He married a Stewart, the daughter of a Captain James Affleck Stewart. If you ever wondered where Ben Affleck came from, there is a clue for you.

One more is Louise Fawkner-Corbett who is a banker. She is the mother of Daisy Ridley who plays Rey in the Star Wars movies. There are also Fawkners in the peerage, such as William Augustus Fawkener. (Source)

His mother was Harriet Churchill, linking him to the highest levels of the peerage.
Daisy Ridley's father is Christopher Ridley who is a photographer. Ridley is also a name in the peerage that's connected to the Churchills. Think Winston Churchill.
Daisy Ridley is also related to Alexander Konstantinowitsch Graf von Benckendorff, the Russian ambassador to England under Nicholas II.

His father and uncle were generals in the Russian army.

So, back to Corbett - just his name is a red flag since it's connected to a hegemony of peerage imperialists. There’s a serious motive that any Corbett would have in deceiving you, so that this hegemony continues, undisrupted.

What Miles gives us about Corbett isn’t proof of anything on it’s own, it’s just an extra bit of evidence to add to the rest. The bit about Daisy Ridley teaches us an important lesson. People don't just become famous by accident or because of their skill and talent alone. There's an order to these things.

In my opinion, Corbett is obfuscating and mixing in some lies with many truths. He is very likely a peerage member and is promoted as such (even if it’s confined to truther circles) ... that's how these folks rise to a certain level of popularity.

So anything Corbett says or writes should be taken with a grain of salt. History is full of many Corbett-like deceivers, given to us on a silver platter to lead us astray. They are given to us to control specific narratives and guide the course of societal transformation in a direction that serves their overall interests. While they may offer up many truths, these truths will usually only be given to us as part of a larger limited hangout strategy, in order to gain our trust and then derail / misdirect any free-thinkers off track.

We can see many examples of Corbett doing this over the years. While Corbett does some great research, he’s also been a regular on Alex Jones’s Infowars show and RT as well. He has been given legitimacy in conspiracy circles.

But the biggest red flag of them all is that Corbett is an obvious 9/11 Gatekeeper. See also - An Open Letter to James Corbett.

That’s the proverbial nail in his proverbial coffin.

So by all means, continue to enjoy Corbett’s research. I’m not suggesting you stop listening to him. But just understand that while giving you some of the truth, he will also give you the swerve at the same time and lead you off the path. He will do this by using the same deception tactics and misdirect strategies that they all use. So my only reason for writing this paper is to provide yet another simple example to help truthers learn the game. Learn their techniques. Once you do, they will all reveal themselves to you and you will see it with clarity.

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