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Joe Biden Delighted by Number of Electric Vehicle Super Bowl Ads

President Joe Biden on Monday expressed his approval on social media about the number of Super Bowl LVI advertisements promoting electric vehicles.

Joe Biden Delighted by Number of Electric Vehicle Super Bowl Ads

“The ads during last night’s Super Bowl were clear: The future of the auto industry is electric,” Biden wrote on his social media account. It is unclear whether Biden watched the Super Bowl during his stay at the presidential retreat at Camp David, as the president continues keeping his activities on the location extremely private. General Motors released an ad featuring an emasculated Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movie series promising to save the world first by producing electric vehicles before taking it over. BMW featured a commercial with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a retired Zeus rediscovering joy while driving an electric vehicle. Kia featured a commercial of an electric robotic dog chasing an EV6, and General Motors also featured an advertisement featuring a reboot of the well-known title sequence of the show the Sopranos to debut their upcoming electric pickup. Electric vehicle start-up Polestar previewed an ad promoting themselves as a morally superior car company. Biden boasted his administration was on the cutting edge of helping electric vehicles more popular. “My Administration is making historic investments in electric vehicles and is building a nationwide network of EV chargers — creating good-paying, union jobs,” Biden wrote. Biden’s infrastructure bill plans to spend $5 billion over five years on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The House version of Biden’s Build Back Better bill proposes as much as $12,500 in tax rebates for electric vehicles, but the bill failed to move forward in the Senate. Only nine percent of passenger cars sold in the world in 2021 are electric vehicles, including only 535,000 sold in the United States.

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