JP Sears Shares The Truth Behind Standing Rock (Video)

Internet sensation JP Sears is well known for making silly videos that poke fun at various aspects of the truth or new age movement, showing us that it can be fun to laugh at ourselves sometimes! In his latest video, he highlights the irony of the pro-Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) argument, laying out the tactics being used by the oil companies to infringe on basic human rights. He looks at the legal issues that are at stake and showcases the injustices being heaped upon the water protectors. Below are just a few gems from the video: “These oppressors have no respect for the oil industry and their rich tradition of destroying water supplies and ruining sacred Native American sites.” “The oppressors are trying to strong arm the oil companies into stopping construction on the pipeline because they just want to profit from having clean drinking water for themselves, 18 million other people and future generations. It’s pure greed.

They even have the audacity to stand up for the environment through peaceful protest and prayers.” “But here’s the brilliant part of it all, the oil companies have got law enforcement officials who are funded by the taxpayers money, to attack the taxpayers who are trying to protect the taxpayer’s water supply from the oil company’s pipeline. Makes sense.” As you can clearly see in the video, Sears is flipping this information around to show how absurd it would be if this issue were reversed and the protestors were in fact the threat, even though they have no corporate funding, government support, or weapons to assist them. Should the government decide to go ahead with this pipeline, they would be directly violating the Treaty of Fort Laramine.

They broke the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Passed in 1970, it’s the first environmental policy in the United States to say that a cost analysis must be done before a federal permit can be proposed to change the use, distribute, or diminish the value of publicly owned resources,. In July, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers authorized the $3.7 billion DAPL project. If constructed, it will carry a minimum of 470,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields to a hub in Illinois before reaching final refining markets.

The oil will be sold overseas. It’s not a matter of if this pipeline will break and/or leak, it’s a matter of when. This pipeline was originally supposed to be routed through Bismarck, North Dakota, but residents there complained. It was concluded that the pipeline posed too great a threat to their water supply and should be moved, simply transferring the danger to the Sioux Standing Rock reserve. Militarized police have been used to attack the peaceful water protectors who are defending their land.

These police are armed with tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and dogs, while the peaceful protectors are unarmed. Energy Transfer Partners is one of the largest stakeholders in the pipeline. Between 1999 and 2010 they averaged one oil spill per every five days. That’s a total of 804 spilling around 5 million gallons of oil into the environment.

The people who are protesting have every right to do so.

The issue comes down to profit over lives, and so far, profit seems to be winning. As mentioned at the end of the video, you can donate directly to help support those who are risking their lives to defend their water supply. You can also go out to show your support and stand by the people, and stand up for what we know is right. Send your prayers and positive energy their way; they need all the support they can get! Get involved, spread the word, and share this information — mainstream media isn’t going to do it for us.

The protectors have it right: Water is life. This demonstration serves as an amazing metaphor for what has been going on in the world for decades. Finally people are coming together from all over the world to stand up for our Mother Earth and our water supply. We stand with you, Standing Rock, in solidarity. Much Love .

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