Labels, Definitions and Proof
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Labels, Definitions and Proof

When we use words to communicate we can take away the true mystery of things.We put labels on objects, people, emotions etc.This can very limiting and can put an unnecessary box around us.
Labels, Definitions and Proof

s. This can create conflict and segregation, all of which can be avoided by being aware and observing. When we want to define and label everything we spend a lot of time thinking and using the mind. In our society we are told being logical and thinking with the mind is the best way to figure things out and it is what is respected, “educated minds.” This is an extremely limiting experience and causes much conflict within the own mind. Information is taken in and in no time our left brain is trying to find out why it cant be right, or true. We get “this can’t be it” syndrome, a product of the ego who is constantly searching. When we take in information we always want proof. Constantly we want proof for why we are being told this information and whether or not its true. Unless this information comes from an authority (which is just a label) figure, deemed by man, who may not be an authority figure at all or even be speaking truth. This is one of the very few times we do not question what is truth. With this new understanding and awareness we can see that our constant search for proof is not necessary and has only been created so we do not question what we have been taught as our foundations. We do not question what we learn in school, we do not question the system we live in, we rarely question our religions or even our parents beliefs. We always think, “That’s the way it is!” If we simply observe, and do not bring any of our limiting belief systems into play while examining information, we can get in touch with what FEELS right when we hear or read information. Do not let the ego or any belief systems it has identified with get in the way. You are not your ego, you are a separate entity of energy. We must learn to not be so critical in thinking. Feel what is truth. Ask yourself what is really true? This cannot be stressed enough as it is crucial to freeing the mind of the unnecessary work we put it through which takes us away from the moment and enjoying it. .

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