Lady Gaga’s Grammy Performance: The Illuminati Puppet
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Lady Gaga’s Grammy Performance: The Illuminati Puppet

Many are aware of illuminati symbolism within the music industry..
Lady Gaga’s Grammy Performance: The Illuminati Puppet

The oath artists must take in order to gain the riches of the world involves the giving up of what some say is their soul. Whether that is true or not the illuminati do use the power of celebrity to keep the masses entertained as they decide the fate of nations.

The planet is on the brink of a massive energy influx and 2010 is set to be the year of false flag terrorism, so the illuminati are comming out. Performing their rituals right in front of our faces as they are scared and know their reign is ending. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga came out in triple-triad. Her costume was fashioned in an inverted triad to match the green paint around both her eyes, each an inverted triad. Three times three. 33 on her face.

The downward pointing triangles are similar to the patch logos worn in underground bases by those working in extraterrestrial areas – such as at Dulce.

Then an MC proceeded to tell us she was using mind control on us, and that she was a monster, and would make us all into monsters too.

Then she was thrown into an incinerator, only to pop out opposite Elton John playing two pianos, all covered in charcoal and ash – and out of the conjoined siamese-twin custom electric piano, a series of blackened frozen arms reaching out, perhaps thirty of them, reminiscent of the Philadelphia experiment (August 12, 1943 and 1983) where a few officers jumped off the USS Eldredge and passed through a timehole of forty years, and of the rest some officers upon reentering found themselves partially and totally fused with metal sidewalls, limbs protruding – a very grotesque sight one must imagine. But dont worry peasants, there’s no luciferian ceremony-of-the-phoenix symbolism here, nor did it mean anything when Beyoncé came out accompanied by an army of dancers in full riot gear. Nothing to see here, move along. Full Blog .

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