Lamb Born With A Human-Like Face In Russia (Video)
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Lamb Born With A Human-Like Face In Russia (Video)

Lamb Born With A Human-Like Face In Russia (Video)

An odd occurrence took place earlier this week – a lamb with a human face was born in a village near Russia, and while this little guy might look creepy, the owner is in love, and despite high-priced offers from circuses to buy the animal, he has decided to keep it.

The lamb was born in the village of Chirka and belongs to a 45-year-old farmer named Blasius Lavrentiev. After a challenging winter Lavrentiev was pleased to find out that he had a sheep close to giving birth, however, what came out sent him into shock, as he tells the Irish Mirror: “We had quite a tough winter and when I noticed she was pregnant I was delighted as it meant I would be able to sell the lambs and start making some money again. “But when I went down to see how it was going I nearly died from shock when I saw what looked like the hairy face of an old man staring up at me. “Her parents are both normal looking sheep so I have no idea how she ended up looking like this.” The lamb born with a human-like face. A local veterinarian has offered one possible cause for the deformity, stating that an excess of Vitamin A in the mother’s diet could be to blame. Regardless of receiving offers from circuses to buy the special lamb that are well above market value, Lavrentiev says: “Whatever has caused it she’s a little beauty and I definitely won’t be selling her for anyone’s dinner table either as the buyers want her on display.” What do you think of this odd occurrence? Let the community know in the comments below! Photo Credit: CEN .

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