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Libs of TikTok Publishes Alleged Internal Twitter Discussions About Blacklisting Her

Libs of TikTok Publishes Alleged Internal Twitter Discussions About Blacklisting Her

Libs of TikTok, the Twitter account that has become one of the top targets for left-wing hatred in the past few months, has published alleged internal messages from inside the far-left tech company, showing Twitter employees discussing banning her. Libs of TikTok posted the messages to her Substack newsletter, which she says was shared with her by a Twitter employee. In the messages, the unnamed participants can be seen boasting about the “successful” ban of Donald Trump, and accused Libs of TikTok, which does little more than post news about the activities of the woke left with minimal commentary, of “targeting” transgender people with “genocidal violence.” Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (Google Cloud/YouTube) (Ana Fernandez/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) In another message, a participant references Elon Musk’s possible takeover of Twitter, quipping that it “may not be in our ‘fiduciary’ interest to enact a ban on a high profile account right now.” Writing about the leaked messages on her Substack, Libs of TikTok noted how some of the most deranged claims of left-wing activists, such as the claim that transgender people are being targeted for “genocide,” go without challenge inside Silicon Valley’s largest companies. Via LibsofTikTok: There’s no debate about whether we’re actually terrorists, bent on exterminating the entire LGBT community. In their view, that’s just a given.

They believe right along with the extremist activists that we exist “solely to generate targeted violence at marginalized people.” The only thing they’re willing to debate is what should be done about us. Do they take us out now for engaging in targeted genocidal violence, or wait for a more opportune time? But again, you don’t need leaked messages to know just how biased and agenda-driven these people are.

The messages only confirm what we already see with our own eyes every day.

The messages seemingly reveal that despite Twitter’s blacklisting of swathes of high-profile conservatives, including Donald Trump while he was still President, the company’s far-left employees are not satisfied with the level of censorship, and wish for it to go further. “Our expectations of Twitter are so low right now that the devil himself is having to squat to get to their level,” complained one. “I don’t get how this account, which exists solely to generate targeted violence at marginalized people, continues to be allowed to post,” said another. Another complained that James Damore, the fired Google engineer who was kicked out of the company after criticizing its ideological groupthink and questioning whether gender disparities in tech fields were the result of sexism, was given a verified badge. “Our expectations are low given that when James Damore came on with his transphobic misogyny, Twitter gave him a verified badge and let him go by ‘fired for truth.'” Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election. Follow him on Twitter @LibertarianBlue. .

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