Life is Life
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Life is Life

We all go through many experiences here on Earth.Within a unique and vast array of colourful and rich experiences, mankind is living in what I like to call a “melting pot” reality.
Life is Life

. We’re living in a state of survival where it’s “survival of the fittest and the richest” and on top of that, every person has their different beliefs as to how they should live and function on the planet. We have monks who try to maintain peace and we have troops from various countries that are at war, to also maintain peace. In places like Africa, some women walk around topless or even naked, in other parts of the world women choose to only bare their eyes and the rest of their bodies are completely covered. Some people live in castles with an abundance of stuff and services at their beck and call, some live in ghettos barely being able to obtain the basic necessities of survival such as clean water, food and shelter. Some people use narcotics to feel better about life, some use legal drugs. Some have diplomas and degrees, others are self educated. Some are successful business men and some live in cardboard boxes in the streets. Some steal and murder, some run charities helping others. What point am I trying to make? I’m simply showing the extremes as opposites of experience that we have created here. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Who’s good and who’s bad? Who is on the right path? Who is on the wrong path? The answer is simple. No one. No one’s wrong, no one’s right. No one’s good, no one’s bad. No one is on the right or wrong path.

These are all just experiences and everyone is on their own journey of discovery of self which is absolute perfection!. We’ve created all these belief systems that allow us to experience all of these colourful experiences but at the end of the day each one is what it is. An experience. Beyond perceptional beliefs and archaic concepts, life is just a game that we have created. No matter where we are, which culture and body package we have incarnated through, what we have experienced and continue to experience, everything is a choice in how we wish to experience it. What we believe we perceive. If we think something is horrible we will create that within the mind and body and will experience it based on collective and our own individual programming. All in all, it is important to remember that we choose to experience everything in the way that we do by holding on to our belief systems. We may not always be aware of them but this is why we do what we do here at Collective Evolution. To help raise awareness of what is taking place by bringing clarity and understanding to the human experience. A lot of people are feeling that we have outgrown the collective experience that we’re having and we have. We don’t want to play with it anymore. Our souls don’t want to be limited any longer. We absolutely can shift the way society functions but we have to first shift ourselves within. Once we make the shifts within ourselves we can then create an entirely new world in a new, higher more grander and expanded state of consciousness. Beyond our beliefs, lies an inherent neutrality and peace, which is our natural state. A state of balance and oneness that flows with the ever constant energetic flow of universal consciousness. A consciousness that has no borders. No boundaries. No separation. No limits. It this something we need to be afraid of? Absolutely not. Fear itself is simply an illusion of the mind. When we let go of our attachment to the ego and all power that is given to it through the beliefs that support the program, we will know inner peace. We will remember that who we are IS this peace.

The more of us who do it, the more powerful it will be when united.

The world will be peaceful when we decide to be that peace because the world is a part of us, a reflection of our conscious state. So what is life? Life is life. Much Love!