Love, Thy Will Be Done
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Love, Thy Will Be Done

Divine Love, shining from the overflowing abode of the now, activated when we can silence the mind of its judgement.It shines when we see that this light arises from the darkest depths..
Love, Thy Will Be Done

The senses form an activation merkaba of light that guides one to sense this universal love. This unconditional love is who we really are, it is us in our true nature. This love I speak of is in truth, not the false societal love based on conditions and time based. This unconditional love resides in all, and arises once we can ease into this feeling. It may come suddenly or it may be felt in increments. Either way, we can tap into it. Love comes from the inner kingdom. Why look outwards for what abides in you? You cannot find what you are. You may find others that remind you of unconditional love, however do not seek what arises already within. It is here, in you. Be love and you will see it in others. What do you feel? Feel that. What do you see? See that but remember, our eyes limit our perception with the distortion of our preconceived notions and experiences. Look closer, what do you see past your judgements? Now, love that. See past the illusions that most perceive as reality. It’s comical that people live out their lives on a movie set, that they do not even know they are on.

They believe they are the meat suits they walk around in, judging and ‘loving’ one another based on this fictitious love. That is not love. It’s a movie script, a memorized mechanical I love you, written by the programmers, the writers. It is not written by the real you, the soul behind the actor. Your soul knows how to love unconditionally, that is its true essence, beyond all the programming of this world. We can reawaken this ability once we primarily realize that most of the time we love with conditions. This is the false love of separation that we have been programmed to believe is real love. That is the first step, realizing that we love with conditions.

Then, we can desire with every burning flame in our body, to love unconditionally. Once the desire has been made conscious, go out and love without conditions. Scary isn’t it? Why is it scary? Because many people love with conditions, and may not receive and respond the same way with their perception of love. So what? Do it anyway! The sheer fact of holding back because you may not get the same love in return IS a condition. Love with all your heart and who will respond in the same way will. That is not for you to become preoccupied with. You can only change yourself. Others will change once your change is made. If their soul aligns on your path, they too will change to match your frequency. Remember that inner place of peace where unconditional love is, and feel that. Be that. Send it out in blasts to others.

They will feel it energetically. It is not your imagination. It works. And hey, remember that button pusher, the one that gets you rilled up at the thought of them? Send those heart vibrations and love to them. You will begin to heal that wound with the love that unites us all. After all, it was in unconditional love that the soul agreement between you and the button pusher was forged in. Remember this truth and watch your reality transmute. Sit still and see if you feel the love of our true nature. If not, relax into the now and release what no longer serves. What are you holding onto? Let go. What insults your soul? Walk away. Love it all but release it. Now what’s left? Love that NOW! ~ Angie Mammoliti .

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