Lucifer Revisited: The Testimony Of Eracidni Murev Te (Part 1)
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Lucifer Revisited: The Testimony Of Eracidni Murev Te (Part 1)

Lucifer Revisited: The Testimony Of Eracidni Murev Te (Part 1)

Interesting testimony from an insider who claims to belong to a group that serves as a 'counterbalance' to the incarnated Lucifer soul group on this planet recently appeared in the 'Godlike Productions' Forum. Are we willing to stretch our paradigm of reality in order to consider testimony that purports to present deeper truths about how the world and the universe work? The 7-part Lucifer Series I wrote last summer for CE, based on the testimony of an alleged bloodline family insider, has garnered vastly more reader emails than any other article I have written. This speaks to a great interest on the part of our readers in the discussion of the metaphysical and spiritual underpinnings of our life here on Earth, of the nature of Good and Evil. As such, I am taking the opportunity here to continue this conversation by diving into the testimony of another alleged insider who claims to be part of an esoteric group that provides a ‘counterbalance’ to the activities of the individuated Lucifer Group Soul on the planet. This individual, who uses the handle Eracidni Murev Te (trans: ‘to share in truth’), is saying that he represents an incarnated group on the ‘positive’ side that serves to keep the ‘negative’ Lucifer group in check, although this individual is careful to use such dualities as positive/negative, good/evil and dark/light in the relative sense rather than in an absolute sense. I highly recommend reading my Lucifer Series before embarking on this testimony, simply because I will not be fully repeating the context created there within this series. Whether or not this individual is who he says he is should be an important question for any discerning mind. It is not the only factor in determining the value of his testimony, but we should look carefully at the credibility and self-consistency of what he says in order to determine if we believe he has direct access to what he speaks about or is simply someone well-versed in esoteric and occult knowledge based on his careful reading of his own recommended book list (The Kybalion, the Emerald Tablets, the Dao, and the Law of One / Ra material). If you have read the Lucifer series you will recall that the individual that posted answers to questions on the ‘Above Top Secret’ forum in October 2008 went by the moniker ‘Hidden-Hand’ and claimed to be a generational member of one of the ruling bloodline families. His explanation for why he, being part of the covert dark side, would have any reason or motivation to speak the truth of what is going on, is as follows: Every so often, as per the directives of the Law of our Creator, a brief window of opportunity opens, whereby a select handful of our Family are required to make communication with our subjects, and offer you the chance to ask us any questions you would like answered. Our new source Eracidni Murev Te (who I will refer to as EMT) started posting on the ‘Godlike Productions’ Forum in December 2018 and had a similar if not more convoluted reasoning for coming out to share profound hidden truths with us: Every so often, the opportunity arises for our counterbalance to share with the world certain aspects of being and how our world is run that traditionally have been hidden.

They are obligated to use this opportunity to do so by Fundamental Law and a compromise made long ago – with us. Recently, our counterbalance informed us the “Karmic” cost of the last diffusion was greater than anticipated and declined to participate this year. We agreed to accept responsibility in their place for the time being. We are a much smaller and much less politically-positioned group tasked with, well, record keeping. However, the nature of our tasks puts us in a unique position to fulfill the duty of our counterpart. As such, I am here to share that which the questions allow. My first impression from reading this was that it was a gimmick being used by the writer to insert himself into the story of the ruling bloodlines by casting himself and his (much smaller) group as a ‘counterbalance’ to the activities of the Lucifer Group Soul–something that I don’t recall reading anything about in the Hidden-Hand material. That said, it’s worth suspending disbelief long enough to properly analyze the entire set of threads to see if the wisdom is consistently laced with that other-worldly quality about it. As truth-seekers we should leave no stone unturned, and of great interest to me is to see if there are some new and profound insights brought in through this testimony. EMT made it a point to reference ‘Fundamental Law’ in his introduction before answering any questions: If you ask a question in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will answer. If your question is not in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will say so and answer as much as your question permits. I will not provide false answers to any question. In the initial Q/A that came from a forum participant, we can get more insight into what this ‘Fundamental Law’ refers to: Q: Why now? EMT: Recently, we all have “leveled-up,” so to speak. When this happens, it is sometimes necessary to provide wisdom and information about the new modalities of being available to “individuals” so that the transition happens smoothly. It happens to be that the last several times this has happened diffusion was deemed appropriate. Q: How long until 5D? EMT: This both is and isn’t up to you and everyone else. I cannot fully answer this question because doing so would violate Fundamental Law. Q: What can I do? EMT: That depends on what you intend reality to be. It seems as though ‘Fundamental Law’ here refers to human free will, and the conditions by which EMT is able to answer questions will be contingent on the answer not impinging on individual free will. In the second question above, being asked to predict when humanity will ascend to 5D (Fifth Density, a higher plane of existence than we are currently in) might negatively impact choices people will make individually going forward in their endeavor to grow spiritually. If he says that moving to 5D is preordained to occur on a certain date, for example, it might prevent people from doing the sometimes arduous personal work that is necessary for their personal evolution.

The ‘Law of One‘, material channeled from an entity called ‘Ra’ and regarded by some as one of the best sources of esoteric and spiritual truth, is a very good reference for this discussion. It identifies free will, or finity, or the limit of the viewpoint, as the ‘first distortion’ (13.12, 15.21, 99.5).

The created universe that we experience is the Creator’s exploration of Itself through the first distortion, which Ra also calls the Law of Confusion (27.10). In other words, free will is a distortion of Unity/Oneness, which is ultimate reality, and has been manufactured into our reality through limiting our perception of the One. This does not make it ‘false’ as such, just limited to certain realms of existence, and extremely valuable in helping to foster a whole range of important experiences that are available to us as individuated human beings.

The fact that EMT has promised to be truthful but also respectful of individual free will is a good starting point for our deeper exploration of his content, and certainly in accord with the testimony of ‘Hidden-Hand’ that I wrote about previously. Going forward, let’s suspend disbelief until we have a firm handle on what Eracidni Murev Te has to tell us. Grasping the esoteric truths that underpin our experience here on Earth is not necessary for many of us to fulfill our purpose here at this time. But for those with inquiring minds into these matters, such knowledge may be exactly what triggers us to make meaningful changes in our lives. If you have read up to this point and will continue to explore with me as this series moves forward, then you are likely such a person. Due to the pressure of mass censorship, we now have our own censorship-free, and ad-free on demand streaming network! It is the world's first and only conscious media network streaming mind-expanding interviews, news broadcasts, and conscious shows. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and watch 100's of hours of conscious media videos, that you won't see anyw.

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