Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Making Changes And Considering The Big Picture

We are having a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th/8th depending on where you are located in the world.It will be visible in most of Europe, Asia, Australia, and most of Africa.

. Its peak will be at 6:20pm Universal time, but will start just under an hour and finish an hour later. You can click here to find out what that will be in your time zone. This is a partial eclipse where roughly a 5th of the Full Moon’s light will be blocked when it reaches its peak.

The penumbral phase of the eclipse will start roughly 2.5 hours before which is when there is a slight shading on the Moon. This eclipse will also be slightly visible as a penumbral eclipse in the East coast of Brazil and in the parts of Europe where the darker eclipse is not visible, which includes the UK, Ireland, Portugal, and parts of Spain and France. Eclipses represent changes and shifts in certain areas of our lives and they usually occur in pairs with a Solar Eclipse occurring at the New Moon before or after. In this case we will be having one on August 21st.

Their influence can start weeks or months before, and also set the tone for the following six months until the next series of eclipses.

The influence of eclipse season can be symbolic of turning a page, or even starting a new chapter, in the story of our life. Much of how the eclipses will influence you depends on how it is interacting with your natal astrology chart which is specific to you. If you wish to receive my upcoming Solar Eclipse article and others in your inbox, you can do so by joining my mailing list. This series of eclipses is happening in the Aquarius – Leo axis with the upcoming Solar Eclipse occurring in Leo. Eclipses always occur near one of the two lunar nodes which is the intersection of the path of Moon and the pathway of the Sun from our perspective. This one will be occurring near the ‘South Node’ which is associated with the past and certain aspects of this energy that can be holding us back. Considering that it is a Lunar Eclipse, it could call for some sort of changes or endings which could occur at this time and/or over the coming months. However, some of these themes will continue to play out until late 2018 as we will be having more eclipses in this sign following this one. Aquarius is the sign of friends, the group, the team, and the collective. It is intellectual, scientific, yet broad minded. Aquarius is progressive, socially idealistic, and overall more concerned with the interests of humanity. Although we may experience some positive new developments in relation to this energy, ultimately this is a South Node Lunar Eclipse which is about making changes or and in some cases even endings to things related to this that could also be holding us back. In the case of this Leo-Aquarius nodal polarity, we could be avoiding our heart’s desires because we are too much in our heads. We can be operating more intellectually and not operating enough from a creative or self-expressive side. We can also be too caught up in a group/collective effort that can be getting in the way of how we shine as individuals.

These are some examples of themes that could have started already playing out leading up to this.

The energies of this eclipse will reflect the necessary changes that could be made over the coming weeks and even into the coming months. This eclipse’s trine to Jupiter in Libra does offer some expansive energy in our relationships and partnerships. Aside from the potential endings mentioned above, this can still include friendships as well. When considering this aspect combined with a supporting sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, it can help us to look at the ‘big picture’. This combination even involves anything to do with travel, foreign countries, education, teaching, marketing, publishing, or anything to do with reaching an audience.

There may also be a theme of some sort of growth related to bringing in harmony, balance, truth, lawfulness, morals, or fairness. Jupiter is also finishing its final square with Pluto which initially started in November and was also strong in early spring. Jupiter is the planet of beliefs, truth, ideals, overdoing, overindulging, opinions, expansion, and freedom. In a square with Pluto, those things could have been connected to obsessions, tensions, fears, manipulation, jealousy, or issues around resources, sex, and power. Pluto can even bring up the deeper and darker aspects of ‘truth’ as well. In our personal lives, the potential negative manifestations were more likely to occur late last year and earlier this year, yet they can still play out during this time. However, now that it has been concluding, there is more potential for resolutions, transformations, and/or moving beyond those types of challenges that have come up. This energy can also be great for pushing us to accomplish more, although we may still get scattered and have to deal with some challenges. Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde on August 12th lasting until September 5th. This emphasizes adjustments being made and a time of insights to help to facilitate the shifts that are occurring in relation to the eclipses. Although we may face challenges in the coming weeks, it would be wise to pay attention to your inner voice of what the Universe is trying to show you to help you in how to eventually proceed forward post retrograde. Uranus in Aries went retrograde on August 3rd but has been slowing down over the last month. As one of the ‘outer’ planets, whenever it goes retrograde it lasts for almost half a year, in this case until January 2nd.

Therefore, its retrograde isn’t as significantly noticeable as the closer ‘personal’ planets such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars. ⠀ The transitional period in which it changes is when we may notice its energies the most and any potential disruptive effects. In this case this could have started in the previous weeks and into the upcoming weeks as it appears almost still in the sky which is referred to as a ‘stationary’ period. During this period we may be experiencing circumstances and reflecting on Uranus-related themes. Uranus is the planet of freedom, innovation, independence, awakening, ingenuity, originality, disruption, sudden changes, and rebellion. As a sub-ruler of Aquarius, it is forward thinking, progressive, inventive, and rules technology, science, and even astrology. It is electric and associated with flashes of intuition which could bring great ideas and some sort of enlightened awareness around something. While it is in retrograde motion, the intuitive, insightful, and inventive side of Uranus tends to be stronger. ⠀ What changes do you need to make in relation to your friends, colleagues, network, or within a group that your are involved with? Is your head too caught up in a collective ideology or interests at the expense of your own unique way of shining? What are your possibilities for expansion as a result of the some of the changes you could be making? What are you learning through your relationships? Where are there opportunities for growth in your relationships? These are some examples of what to consider but not limited to them. A lot of how this eclipse is affecting you depends on how it is interacting with your astrological blueprint which is based on your exact birth time and location. Pay attention and reflect on to how you’re feeling during the eclipse and also anything that has played (or will play) out in the weeks before and after.

The exact peak of the Lunar Eclipse will be at 6:20pm Universal Time, you can click here to see what that is in your time zone. — Looking for more insight and a better understanding on how this eclipse season is affecting you? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order. FOLLOW ME on Instagram for more astrology related content. .

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