Mercury Retrograde Started: Here’s How To Get Through The Craziness Of The Next 3 Weeks
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Mercury Retrograde Started: Here’s How To Get Through The Craziness Of The Next 3 Weeks

You may have noticed, things over the past 6 days or so may have felt a little wonky.
Mercury Retrograde Started: Here’s How To Get Through The Craziness Of The Next 3 Weeks

You may have noticed you can’t think as straight, your friends and family are not quite getting along as normal and you might be confused about some bigger decisions in your life as if maybe they are feeling very up and down. Welcome to Mercury Retrograde. It started on June 7th and will run until July 1st.

There has been a lot of work done in the scientific field that explores the relationship between objects in our solar system and us here on Earth. For example, it is true that the sun and its cosmic rays have an effect on human consciousness. During these times people can feel more tired, have headaches, experience car accidents more often or we might even see large scale changes in our world depending on the solar cycles. We explored all of this in our newest documentary CE3: The Shift. Even planets have the potential to affect us as they are energetic bodies that interact with the magnetic field of earth.

These changes in the overall cosmic and planetary energy can be felt by human consciousness as we, and our consciousness, are energy as well. Those of us who might be skeptical to such planetary influences may only need to pay attention to their own experience during differing times of cosmic events to see the effect they have.

There has also been some interesting research done that can be explored as well.[1][2] Mercury retrograde happens 3 or 4 times a year. During this time generally people feel a bit “off.” Maybe their sleep is out of wack, they notice they are up and down a lot. Maybe they can’t make decisions or are seeing a lot of miscommunication between people they interact with. Even emotions can be quite out of wack during this time. Even in a worldly sense, this time might show some odd instability or different experiences throughout commerce, business, electronics and so forth. At the end of the day, Mercury Retrograde can simply make things seem very unclear or cloudy when it comes to our thoughts or when we are trying to gain clarity on a situation. Perhaps it’s because we are having a harder time with interactions between other people or because everything seems to be going back and forth. Either way, it is generally recommended by astrologers to steer clear of making bigger decisions during this period simply because you may feel very up and down about it. My own experience is going to come into play a bit here with what I share, so feel free to take that into consideration as much as you like. I don’t 100% agree with everything astrology suggests because although I believe and have fully seen the effects that planetary adjustments have on our own experience and consciousness, I’m not completely about setting up do’s and don’ts during these times. Instead I like to encourage people to be aware of what’s playing out and with that awareness choose for themselves how they would like to move forward. In a typical sense a person reading your astrology at this time may tell you, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t make a big decision etc. To me, that’s entirely up to you what you choose to do. But to help you navigate the next few weeks of Mercury’s Retrograde, and any other retrograde, simply be aware that this is playing out and that various things like your decision making, mental clarity, communication, relationships with others and even physical body are experiencing different energetic factors and may not be operating in a manner you are used to. Although I believe these external influences affect us, we are not victims to astrological alignments nor do we need to limit ourselves to the experience they set out at times. Yes, they can help to influence our world, but we can also choose to give that all of our power or not. So when we are going through Mercury Retrograde, remember this. Take some time to relax, slow things down, clear your thoughts and make more time to FEEL what is going on. Sometimes we can live a completely fast paced life through these energetic shifts and in a sense have them affect us in a much greater way. With awareness, we can take that time to slow things down and make adjustments during this time. 1. Remember communication might be a little wonky here, so take the extra moment to truly connect with people your speaking with and avoid getting upset with miscommunication. 2. Take some more time that normal to slow life down and simply connect to yourself.

The more you are in touch with you, the less these influences will throw you off. 3. If you are making larger decisions, take a bit of extra time to navigate through the decision with your intuition. If you find you can’t get clear, feel free to wait things out. 4. In relationships, if things are feeling a bit off due to miscommunication or what else may be playing out, remember to communicate that with each other and understand where each other is coming from. A little awareness and acknowledgement goes a long way. 5. Remember we are not victims to these influences. We are powerful too and by taking the time to be aware of these things, we can overcome the effects quite easily. Feel free to share your tips and experiences with Mercury Retrograde in the comments below. Not everyone will connect with my thoughts so sharing yours has a lot of value for the community. Sources 1. 2. .

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