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Microplastics and geoengineering: A danger to all life on Earth

Microplastics and geoengineering: A danger to all life on Earth

A study published last week found significant concentrations of microplastics in the testicular tissue of both humans and dogs.  The findings add to growing concern about microplastics’ possible effect on human reproductive health.

Researchers from the University of New Mexico (“UNM”) published their paper in the journal Toxicological Sciences which reported detecting 12 types of microplastics in canine and human testes, with polyethylene (“PE”) being dominant.

PE is a common type of plastic polymer.  There are many types of common plastic polymers including polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”), another of the microplastics the UNM researchers found.

As Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea notes, not only were these same microplastics found in Moderna’s patent for its covid injection but they are mentioned in geoengineering patents.

How is it that these polymers can be found not only inside bodies but also on the highest mountains and in the Arctic?

Because they are being sprayed in the atmosphere, i.e. chemtrails contain them, Dr. Mihalcea says.

Please note: In the following, Dr. Mihalcea links to articles published on her Substack most of which are behind a paywall, which we have denoted as “paywalled.” We are not, therefore, able to substantiate her statements.  Dr. Mihalcea has proved herself to be an honest and diligent researcher but it is always important to view evidence from various sources to get the full picture. It would be interesting to see other researchers’ views of the points she raises.

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More Evidence That All Of Life Is Contaminated With Plastic Polymers: “UNM Researchers Find Microplastics in Canine and Human Testicular Tissue” – And Associated Lower Sperm Count

By Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea

I have discussed extensively that the scientific community is gaslighting everyone by claiming that microplastics are from environmental pollution from degraded plastics. The polymers found are the same seen in the blood: polyethlene [sic] and polyvinyl alcohol.

[Please note: Polyvinyl alcohol (“PVA”) is not the same as polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”) which is mentioned in the UNM study. Also, it’s not clear if by “polyethlene” Dr. Mihalcea was referring to polyethylene, polyethylene alcohol (“PEA”) or polyethylene glycol (“PEG”). Polyethylene, mentioned in the UNM study, and PEG are two related but distinct chemical compounds. And PEA and PEG are also related but distinct compounds with different properties and uses.]

But remember, these same microplastics were found in the placenta, but also in the Moderna patent and the chemical signatures in covid-19 injected and uninjected blood, read: ‘Damning New Research Study Finds Self Assembly Plastic Polymer Nanoparticles In Every Placenta’ (paywalled).

These same polymers are mentioned in geoengineering patents, read ‘Smart Dust, Biosensors, Polymers For Geoengineering And The Multinational Corporations That Manufacture Them’ (Free to read).

[Please note: In Dr. Mihalcea’s article linked above, reference is made to geoengineering patents describing polymers as a successful way to modify the weather, specifically PEG derivatives.  PEG is an excipient of both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA covid injections.]

I have previously shown that there are correlations between the chemicals found from geoengineering operations and the covid injections:

We also know there is an increased risk of vascular diseases, read: ‘New England Journal Of Medicine Microplastics Article Shows Higher Risk Of Heart Attacks, Stroke And Death’ (paywalled).

These polymers are also associated with turbo cancers and all diseases of ageing, read: ‘Self Assembly Nanotechnology Microplastic Polymers Contributing To Turbo Cancers, Accelerated Aging And All Diseases’ (paywalled).

I have previously explained how phthalates are the breakdown products of these polymers, read: ‘C19 Vax Analysis Shows Dozens Of Toxic Phthalates That Have Been Associated With Endocrine Disruption And Death From Heart Disease’ (paywalled).

And how come the entire biosphere is being contaminated with these microplastics? Because it is sprayed via chemtrails, otherwise there is no way you would find the same polymers in snow on the highest mountains on earth and even in the Arctic. Geoengineering operations endanger all life on Earth.

As I have said so many times before, you cannot ensure the survival of the human species by just working to ban the covid-19 biological and technological weapons of mass destruction. The same poison that self assembles in the blood and they call microplastics are being inhaled by every living thing on Earth, flora and fauna, animals and humans alike. Everything is contaminated and dying because of covert military aerial spraying. Chemtrails are genocide for our entire planet.

Here is the original publication and abstract that shows fertility once again impacted in humans and dogs:

Here is the write-up:

Summary …

Don’t panic? Our planet is being poisoned to death. Modify lifestyle? What are people and animals going to stop breathing the poisoned air?

People need to revolt against the covert military operations of destroying our earth for the sake of climate change and military operations.

Featured image taken from ‘Scientists have discovered tiny bits of plastic linked to cancer in raindrops: ‘It’s a part of our environment now’’, The Cool Down, 6 January 2024

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