Modern Knowledge Tour Canada 2015 – Don’t Miss It!
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Modern Knowledge Tour Canada 2015 – Don’t Miss It!

Modern Knowledge Tour Canada 2015 – Don’t Miss It!

There is something to be said about getting together with conscious-minded, driven, and passionate people, and Modern Knowledge does this in a most unique and sincere way! Quoting directly from their website: “Modern Knowledge is a Canadian based grassroots platform that assists in creating awareness about important and thought provoking subject matter that is not normally discussed in the mainstream. Using a unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern scientific knowledge, and featuring the brilliant work of out-the-box thinkers, researchers, teachers, authors, artists, and solution-oriented activists from all over the globe; the goal is to inspire an informed discussion on these important topics. By presenting diverse, cutting edge and at times controversial information; we hope to motivate the individual to do their own research, connect dots and become more empowered change-makers. Through conducting and producing live events, in-depth workshops, exciting tours, online media, as well as featuring work from many contributors, Modern Knowledge seeks to CONNECT people, to INFORM, and to ELEVATE the rapidly expanding evolution of human consciousness to the forefront of modern thought.” With 2014’s 11 city tour already under their belts, which saw UBUNTU founder Michael Tellinger, historian and author Richard Dolan, and a wide array of other notable speakers participate in an epic old-school road tour of Canada, Modern Knowledge founders David and Christopher are looking to take their idea to another level in 2015. This 10 city Canadian tour will feature speakers such as: The past, present and future of the truth embargo on the extraterrestrial presence issue. Modern Knowledge’s first event series of 2015 is titled Disclosure Canada, featuring notable speakers from the Disclosure community including: In conjunction with the event series, a formal letter and supporting documentation has been sent to the current Minister of Defence of Canada, the Hon. Jason Kenney, detailing what seems to be indisputable evidence for the ET reality.

The letter also invites him to come out and attend the events and participate in the conversation and dialogue. Moving into the month of May, the Modern Knowledge boys will be flying to Belfast, Ireland to produce a LIVE webcast with esoteric and occult expert Michael Tsarion. Modern Knowledge is certainly a concept that is foremost on our minds in today’s information and digital age, but it is David’s and Christopher’s vision of a holistic blend of digital mediums and intimate, personal events that really highlights their contribution to the collective evolution of this planet. .

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