Moldy: The Toxic Mold Film Revealing A Potential Cause Of Serious Illness

Did you know that toxic mold in your home or workplace can cause brain fog, breathing issues, cognitive impairment, immune suppression, fatigue, depression, arthritis, inflammation, joint pain, and rapid weight gain? You might be wondering, “Does my house or environment contain mold?” The experts in the film estimate that about 45 million Americans are living in mold-infested buildings, completely unawares. It’s a pretty scary statistic when you consider the many health risks mold poses. “Moldy,” a new film which has recently been released, discusses this topic in great detail, and you can watch it for free online for the next 48 hours or so.

The film was made by Dave Asprey and the team over at Bulletproof, and the content of this film may relate to your health in a number of ways, which is why I think it’s important to check out. “Moldy” takes you on a journey of meeting and hearing from people who suffered from mold-related illness and who were able to cure their problems with a few simple changes. Many of us may be suffering from ailments directly attributable to mold without ever realizing that the source of those ills is directly in front of us. Each of the stories are from people right here in North America! While I personally appreciate some of what modern medicine can do for us, in many areas it falls short or has inefficient, or in some cases harmful, ways of dealing with illness. This film once again makes this clear.

The people in the film were told by doctors that their illnesses were untreatable, but after doing their own research, arrived at their own conclusions and were able to help themselves. It all came down to mold.. Click here to watch the film It’s not true that everything is bad for us, but these days, it’s something we love saying, particularly when we learn that our bad habits are doing us harm.

The fact is, it’s because we have chosen unhealthy or unsafe ways of producing things that we live in a world where these things can negatively affect us. Sure, you may live a long life despite all this, but what do you want the quality of your life to look like? This is where making healthy choices comes into play. I think it’s important for us to learn about things and empower ourselves to make good choices. Making good choices also pushes infrastructure and our systems to make those changes as well, resulting in less toxic environments and better options out there for us to choose from. When you check out this film and pass it on to others, remember, it’s not about fear mongering, but simply about empowering people to make healthy choices and have healthier environments. Click here to watch the film .

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