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Moon Magic: Pisces New Moon

New Moons are the perfect opportunity to initiate new ideas and intentions into the world! We must take action to nourish our minds and bodies so we can create fertile ground for new seeds to grow.

Moon Magic: Pisces New Moon

The energy of a new moon is Yang-centered; it is a time of action, movement, and initiation to aid in the process of manifestation. This enchanting creative Pisces New Moon is asking us to dream and feel the rawness of our dreams become a possibility. Pisces signifies our belief in a better future, where the magic of our heart’s desires can materialize into the physical world. Pisces wants us to see the bigger picture rather than focussing on the detail (which can be done during the Virgo Full Moon).

The Sun, Jupiter and Neptune will conjunct the new moon in Pisces bringing us optimism, abundance, vitality, and psychic awareness. We can become confident in our ability to go after the life that we want to live, based on the vision we have for ourselves. This is a beautiful time for meditation, gathering with friends, and truly allowing the boundless opportunities of life to unfold. This Pisces moon will also have a beautiful sextile with Uranus and the North Node which are both in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, helping us to bring practicality and persistence in developing our avant-garde ideas, and of course, moving from the heart since it is ruled by Venus. One thing to be aware of when working with a lot of Pisces energy is illusion. Dreamy Neptune and over-the-top Jupiter rule Pisces. It is also a feminine and mutable water sign. Be mindful of ideas appearing too good to be true. It’s best to be patient to see how things actually appear. Opportunities during this time are Endless! Pisces’ colors are indigo blue, along with purple, and white. Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli are beautiful crystals that help to stimulate the third eye while bringing calmness to the mind. Blue Lotus is a lovely dreamy flower tea that focuses on our third eye and crown chakra to help us tap into our mystical magical state. I enjoy drinking this tea before bed to help calm my nerves and slip me into a deep dreamy sleep. Cacao is also a beautiful heart opener to work with during this time. Happy New Moon! Be sure to join us for our Virgo Full Moon Circle this month to connect with the energy the moon has to offer! And if you’re interested in learning more about the Pisces New Moon, check out the Pisces New Moon Kundalini! Sade believes in optimum self-love and care and continues to explore these ideas through holistic healing, creative expression, and astrology. As a Yoga and Meditation teacher her goal is to guide students back to themselves; where they can cultivate a deeper connection to their mind, body, and spirit. Her vinyasa classes encourage students to discover new depths and opportunities to grow physically and spiritually. She enjoys challenging students to reach beyond their self-limiting beliefs and reach their highest potential. All levels are welcome.

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