Need Some Inspiration? He Lost His Legs – But Rather Than Bask In Depression He Did This

Alessandro (Alex) Zanardi is best-known as a professional race car driver who won two North American cart championships in the late 1990’s.

Alex became synonymous with racing success and was in the middle of his racing career when a near-fatal accident derailed him. He was lucky to survive the dangerous incident, but he did lose his legs in the crash, a traumatic disability that could have very easily justified the end of his athletic life. Rather than bask in depression or limitation, Alex rose from the incident in the best way possible. Alex not only returned to the track in 2003, he also became a gold medal winning handcyclist in the Paralympic Games. His incredible story is living proof of the power in consciousness and a positive attitude, check it out: We all have our issues in life, and although I’m sure that some of us reading this can equivocate our challenges to those faced by Alex Zanardi, the majority of our hardships pale in comparison. Despite this fact, we still tend to let them hold us back, and in some cases many of us even begin to identify ourselves with our issues rather than choose to rise above them. For me, the story of Alex Zanardi serves as a great reminder to not only be grateful for everything in life, but also to consistently challenge myself to do and become everything I strive for. I know that I can often be my own biggest obstacle and even when this is not the case, it’s my mentality towards the challenge that can make it more difficult to overcome. For those that are interested, this short video is just a small part of the documentary Adrenalin, which tells the full story of Alex Zanardi. You can also check out the film’s Facebook page for more information. .

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