Neil Young & The World vs. GMOs, Monsanto & Agrichemical Business
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Neil Young & The World vs. GMOs, Monsanto & Agrichemical Business

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Neil Young & The World vs. GMOs, Monsanto & Agrichemical Business

I encourage you to follow Neil Young as a focal point of the larger paradigm shift while the world rejects genetically modified food, their toxic chemicals, and the entire agrichemicals business model. Activating the public with his album “The Monsanto Years,” Young’s recent tour came at a historical turning point when the empty promises of agrichemical corporations became fully transparent. Standing up for the People of Vermont, Young publicly picked a fight with Starbucks and Monsanto for suing the state to reverse an already passed GMO labeling vote. This story appears to be playing out everywhere. Secrecy and denial are the last hopes for a fraudulent agrichemicals business gasping for its last breath.

Their public relations campaigns have failed in the face of a massive groundswell of the world’s population saying ‘no’ to their products.

The ‘Dark Act’ has descended upon us all, threatening to trump any efforts to know what is in our food. However, no law written attempting to govern an old paradigm can stand in the face of the rapid shift happening away from corporate food. Better ways have always been with us and the internet is super charging their dissemination. Community gardens, free food forests, urban permaculture, and gangster gardeners are disrupting corporate bottom lines and stuffy shareholder meetings.

The corporations that are attempting to patent all seed are receiving a front row seat as their attempted monopoly falls to grassroots gardeners in every community.

The need for toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides has now become laughable in the face of continuous medical research pointing to the many major health issues to which they contribute.

The last year has seen more conscious defiance of genetically modified food and its associated chemicals than perhaps the last 20 years combined. After a slow start, humanity is awakened, activated, and ‘taking no prisoners.’ There are now blueprints in place from individuals, communities, and states to easily follow and replicate on the way to running GMOs and their chemicals out of town. Thanks to the initial trailblazers doing the legwork and absorbing the full force of attacks from challenging monopolistic agrichemicals giants, the fruits of their labor are ours to cherish and utilize. A quick look just beneath the lies and fraud of many industries reveals priorities and directives clearly being made without people in mind. That is, unless the ones with such priorities and issuing such directives are working toward a future without people around. As the science fights to be settled, the facts have told the story and ended the war. Our human genetics and DNA are being changed by GMO food and their chemicals. It doesn’t matter anymore if it was purposeful or not. An internal human ice age is upon us that threatens our species.

The good news is, we have complete control to end it and reverse the damage. In the past, the world was angry, now it is time that we handle our business by ending theirs. “Let our farmers grow what they want to grow.” -Neil Young .

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