New Moon In Aquarius: Innovation and Collaboration

We are entering a New Moon phase in the sign of Aquarius, which is the beginning of the 29.5 day Moon cycle.

It will also mark the Chinese New Year of the ‘Fire Monkey,’ which is associated with adventure, imagination, inventiveness, and versatility, as well as irritability and volatility.

The New Moon will take place on February 8th at 2:39pm Universal Time (Click here for your time zone).

The first week of this Moon cycle is occurring during the final week of the post-Mercury Retrograde period, which signifies this month as a time to move forward with new adjustments and/or realizations regarding either our careers, ambitions, structures, available resources, or the way we manage our lives. (Click here to read my Mercury Retrograde article.) This month we are also leading up to a total Solar Eclipse which will occur on March 8th/9th in Pisces. This represents powerful changes and new beginnings which can begin as early as 6 weeks before and develop during the following 6 months. Much of what transpires in our lives this month will play an important role in the buildup of this specific eclipse. As an Air sign, Aquarius is intellectual and social. It is about our network, friendships, and associates; it generally relates to collaborating with others in a group dynamic and/or also doing things in an unconventional way. Innovation and invention is also Aquarian, and this specific New Moon really emphasizes this. Each of us have our own unique individualistic expression and talents, and Aquarius is about how we fit into the ‘whole.’ The internet, technology, and science also fall under the domain of this sign. As a result of what has transpired in the previous weeks, and what is still unfolding, we may be finding ourselves stepping into new ways of integrating or working within these Aquarian domains. Mars in Scorpio will be in a tough, yet dynamic, square aspect to this New Moon.

The challenging side of this energy represents tension, drama, conflict, manipulation, and intensity.

The beneficial side is that Mars is very powerful here, which is great for pushing us in our determinations and encouraging any potential hard work requiring motivation and strategy. Scorpio is also about our shared values, sexuality, passion, loyalty, power, secrets, and obsessiveness. With Mars there, there is a higher probability that challenges will occur in those areas, which could be in conflict with our ideals. Both the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, and the modern co-ruler, Uranus, are in a nice aspect with this New Moon. Saturn in Sagittarius represents the ‘redefining’ of our big picture perspectives and even our visions. It is about taking a good, hard look at our beliefs and seeing what is real and what is not. Saturn will be there until December 2017; however, this month these themes will play a supportive role towards what may transpire. Uranus is the more innovative ruler of Aquarius, and being in Aries, it provides this month with a pioneering quality. While Saturn is more concerned with tradition and what is real, Uranus is the planet that challenges the limitations of Saturn. However, because these two planets are working harmoniously together with the New Moon, this is a great opportunity to venture into new territory while holding onto a solid and realistic perspective. Are you a team player? Do you surround yourself with people who have similar or complementary ideals, goals, and priorities as you? Do you have any innovative ideas that you’d like to implement? Do you have a vision that can help to benefit others (and/or the future) in some way? These are the type of questions we can be asking ourselves when formulating our intentions. It is best to do this during the first 24 hours after the New Moon. Click here to find out when it will be in your time zone. — How does 2016 look for you? Find out by getting a personalized reading with astrologer Carmen Di Luccio.

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