New Moon In Capricorn: Cultivating Excellence

A New Moon in Capricorn is occurring on the heels of Mercury retrograding in the same sign.

It will occur at 1:30am Universal Time on January 10th, which works out to be January 9th everywhere west of Europe (click here for your time zone). This is the beginning of the 29.5 day Lunar cycle that will last until February 8th, when the next New Moon will occur in Aquarius. New Moons mark new beginnings in specific areas of our lives. This is based on what sign they are in (Capricorn in this case), what aspects they are making with other planets, and how they are interacting with your astrology chart based on your birth time. Also, if you do New Moon intentions, this can also influence how the moon cycle works for you. As an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy is mostly concerned with the mundane realities of existence. It is one of the more serious signs that is about getting things done and succeeding through hard work and determination. Both Success and Career are Capricorn areas of focus. With Mercury retrograding in this sign, this marks a time where we can be making adjustments in our career goals; perhaps taking a look at the structures in our lives that are inhibiting our success potentials, not just in our career, but possibly other areas of our life as well. Mercury will be retrograde until January 25th, a few days after the Full Moon. At that point we can begin to move forward with what we have learned from our experiences during the previous weeks. I recommend reading my article on this Mercury Retrograde to get a more complete understanding of this period. This New Moon will be in a separating conjunction with Pluto, a square to Uranus, and sextile to Chiron, while applying a trine aspect to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo.

The aspect with Pluto in the same sign could represent some sort of empowerment or transformation at best, and/or could also signify moving away from a situation that is controlling, manipulating, and perhaps even abusive. Uranus in a square calls for independence, freedom, innovation, and originality. If necessary it could manifest as rebellion, separation, and sudden or unexpected events or accidents.

The New Moon’s aspects with Chiron opposite the Jupiter/North Node conjunction indicate an opportunity to potentially heal and move beyond any blockages or wounds of inadequacy due to self-sabotage and/or escapism. Transforming and moving beyond these blockages can help to align ourselves with our ‘truth’ and ‘purpose.’ What does success mean to you? What is getting in the way of your success? Are your goals actually aligned with creating a fulfilling life and better future? Are you on the right career path? Do you need to make any changes to any structures in your life to maximize your productivity and success? These are the types of questions we can be reflecting on when formulating our intentions. For this specific New Moon, it is best to make your intentions within the first 16 hours following the exact time of when it occurs. Click here to find out when that will be in your specific time zone. — How does 2016 look for you? Find out by getting a personalized reading with astrologer Carmen Di Luccio.

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