New Moon in Taurus: Developing Mastery Over The Physical World
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New Moon in Taurus: Developing Mastery Over The Physical World

We will be having a New Moon in Taurus on Monday, May 18th at 4:13 GMT.New Moons are the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle and signal a fresh start for the following month.
New Moon in Taurus: Developing Mastery Over The Physical World

. This is when there is no light on the Moon, but then the light slowly starts to increase again, becoming visible over the following days. This is known as the beginning of the waxing phase, which lasts until the Full Moon and is associated with growth and expansion. New Moons are a great time to plant seeds, set intentions, or perform actions in relation to what you would like to grow or manifest over the upcoming cycle. It is best to do this as close to the minute of the New Moon as possible, but it can also be done over the following 24 hours (calculate your time zone). As the moon’s light grows and expands, your intentions and actions could continue to develop further. How everything unfolds for each person also depends on how one is being individually influenced by the astrology. We have been in the month of Taurus since April 20th, but now as we finally reach the New Moon in this sign, the Taurus energy will carry into the upcoming lunar month. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac after Aries. While Aries is more of an initiating and fast energy, Taurus is slower, more thorough, and follows through more strategically with determination. It is the most physical and material sign of the zodiac and is associated with stability, security, and manifestation. Taurus is associated with self-worth, personal values, and our mastery over the physical and Earthly world. Earning money to support ourselves and to bring comfort into our lives is a Taurus matter.

The higher expression of Taurus is to seek “quality” and a lower expression of Taurus is to seek “quantity.” Materialism, greed, hoarding, and overindulgence are all potential Taurus shadows. Generally, when we have New Moon in Taurus it is a good time to set intentions to help us acquire the things that we truly need and also align ourselves with what it is that we truly value, to assist us both on a material and spiritual level. Mercury will be going retrograde in Gemini on the same day as the New Moon. This is a time to be more reflective and open to new insights. Actions like finishing up old projects or making adjustments to certain areas of our lives can also go well during this period. In Gemini, the sign Mercury rules, it is a recalibration and reorientation of how we use our mind and communicate. Gemini is also the second sign from Taurus and this emphasizes a re-thinking of the Taurus themes above. How we manage our money, personal assets, and resources are issues that could come come up for many people. How we think of ourselves in terms of our self worth as well as how we communicate this to people in our lives is what we should be reflecting upon. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn emphasizes the need to find your “personal power” in managing resources. Saturn retrograde in opposition to the New Moon challenges us to make sure that our values truly reflect our inner truth. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and it is in the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. When two planets are in each other’s signs this is called “mutual reception.” In this case they can enhance each other’s qualities. This combination emphasizes Taurus themes of security, sensuality, and comfort. Venus rules pleasure and in Cancer pleasure is found in being nurtured or nurturing others, as well as other emotional expressions of care, sensitivity, and kindness. Venus in Cancer wants to love and be loved. Neptune in Pisces trine Venus emphasizes emotional sensitivity and can assist us in being selfless. This is also an excellent energy for creativity, and combined with Mercury retrograde, it can heighten intuition. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn opposite Venus in Cancer can bring up fears around security. In some cases, it can also challenge people in how they use their power in relationships. Jealousy, neediness, and/or emotional manipulation could play out for some during the next 15 days. This New Moon is an opportunity to bring the higher expressions of Taurus into our lives, and because of the involvement of the retrograde planets, it is good to ask for clarity during this reflective period. It is best to set your intentions within the first 24 hours after the exact time which is May 18th at 4:13 GMT. Click here to calculate for your time zone. How do we achieve a life of quality and what do we need to get it? What are the things that we need to value in ourselves to boost our own sense of self-worth? What do we need to do to feel more secure? How can we manage our resources better? How can we use our mind in new ways to achieve these things? Do our values reflect our inner truth? How can we develop mastery over our experience of the physical world? These are examples of the intentions you can have for this New Moon. —– To get a personalized reading with astrologer Carmen Di Luccio, or for more information, visit his website here. .

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