Nicole Kidman Stars in AMC Theatres $25M Ad Campaign to Lure COVID Weary Moviegoers
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Nicole Kidman Stars in AMC Theatres $25M Ad Campaign to Lure COVID Weary Moviegoers

Time to leave the sofa, forget about the coronavirus, and get back to the cinema.
Nicole Kidman Stars in AMC Theatres $25M Ad Campaign to Lure COVID Weary Moviegoers

That’s the message from the largest movie theater chain in the world, AMC Theatres, as it launches its first $25 million multi-media ad campaign “AMC Theatres. We Make Movies Better” with Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman at the forefront. Deadline reports the AMC spots will start airing on Sunday, Sept. 12 with some of the outlay heading to social and online pushes, the latter of which begin Thursday.

The campaign also will be used in nine countries in Europe by AMC’s Odeon Cinema Group with multiple 60-second, 30-second and 15-second spirited commercials, according to Deadline. Watch a sample spot below:  In the U.S. the promotions featuring the Australian actress will also be shown at AMC’s 600 locations across the country. Directing the spots were two-time Academy Award nominee Jeff Cronenweth and Tim Cronenweth, and they were written by Oscar nominee Billy Ray. Actress Nicole Kidman star in AMC Theatres’ first ever national ad campaign. (Screenshot/YouTube) Commenting on the exhibitor’s historic campaign to Deadline, Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC said the time has come to push out and grab the audience at home: As we have said repeatedly of late, thanks to the billions of dollars we have raised this year, AMC is strong, and it is time for AMC to play on offense again. This first-of-its-kind $25M+ million national advertising campaign will reinforce what movie lovers in the United States and around the world know to be true, that at AMC Theatres ‘We Makes Movies Better.’ Like all outlets, AMC – the nation’s largest movie chain – struggled during the coronavirus epidemic and has been working to get back to full capacity since March. As Breitbart News reported, that’s when it opened 98 percent of its U.S. movie theaters with more following the weeks after. Actress Nicole Kidman films a scene in a market in Hong Kong on August 23, 2021, from the Amazon Prime Video series titled Expats, a show based on a 2016 book by Janice YK Lee about the gilded lives of three American women in the city. (ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP via Getty Images) It was only in June, 2020, that AMC cautioned it may not survive the coronavirus pandemic, as its theaters closed and film studios started releasing more movies directly to viewers on streaming services.

The new promotions starring Nicole Kidman show it now believes the worst is behind it – and the entire country.

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