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Norman Piezianek claims gain-of-function doesn’t exist; a little bit of digging suggests why

The CDC sent biological weapons to Iraq in 1989 to create a heinous war on a staged pretext.

Norman Piezianek claims gain-of-function doesn’t exist; a little bit of digging suggests why

Somebody doesn’t want us to talk about it – so we need to talk about it.

Norman Piezianek has been doing the rounds within the freedom movement claiming that gain-of-function does not exist.  Another term for gain-of-function is the development of biological weapons.

Before we take Piezianek’s word for it, we should dig into his background.  This is something Dr. Ah Kahn Syed has done, exposing what Piezianek knows but is not telling us.

Why would someone burst onto the scene and claim “the existence of biological weapons] works for the public who believes that biological weapons can be made – and they cannot”?

“Because those pesky Twitter and Substack researchers talking about biological weapons research were really getting on the nerves of the biological weapons researchers. And therefore, chaos was needed to break them up,” Arkmedic writes.  So, Piezianek enters onto the stage.

The intelligence agencies wanting to break up dissident groups is not some sort of “conspiracy theory,” neither is it a new tactic.

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Paperclip PANDA-monium

By Dr. Ah Kahn Syed

Those of you paying attention to Twitter and Substack over the last few weeks should have noticed a few strange things happening. Rather than going into the detail, there is a common theme, which is that people in the “medical freedom movement” seem to be all fighting each other.

It’s not organic of course, but simply reflects the reality that the intelligence community and its tentacle agencies run chaos agents to break up any groups gaining traction in highlighting corruption, criminal activity and war crimes committed in the biological sciences.

(Yes, war crimes. Don’t worry we’ll come to that.)

And if you think the idea that the intelligence agencies want to break up dissident groups is some sort of “conspiracy theory” look no further than these two authoritative articles:

The 77th brigade (aka the “Mutton Crew”) are a tragic subsidiary of the UK MOD that spends its time on Twitter hounding medical scientists who have testimony that contradicts the government. I have written about them before, HERE.

If you have time, it is worth reading The Daily Beagle’s short article on recognising “ConOps” or controlled opposition agents. But as the article above will tell you there are plenty of other acronyms used by the intelligence agencies in this area – OSINT, HUMINT, COINTELPRO, OPSEC and a whole host of other terms.[2]

So now we’ve established that this is happening – because you can see it playing out – the question is: Who is doing it and why are they doing it?

This is the why:

The development of biological weapons, or those that could be used as biological weapons, was made illegal under the Bioweapons Convention (“BWC”) ratified by the USA and USSR (Soviet Block) in 1972.

The USA and Soviet Block continued to develop biological weapons beyond 1972 in programmes that were run under the fraudulent guise of “dual-use” and were therefore war crimes.

What is dual-use research you ask?

Essentially it is research into pathogens that is masquerading as “public safety” – usually in the realm of “vaccine development” – yet results in the creation of pathogens that can then be used as biological weapons, or their mere existence can be used to threaten harm. Per the World Health Organisation:

Operation Paperclip

It’s essential to understand the rest of this article that we understand what happened to the Nazi scientists after World War II.

If you haven’t heard of Operation Paperclip it was the US government’s programme to rehabilitate the very Nazi scientists – including those that had experimented on children – into the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, NIAID and CDC.

The scientists recruited from Operation Paperclip were then corralled into ARPA-H which was integrated into DARPA according to Annie Jacobsen’s investigation:

DARPA of course was the body that funded (or ahem, “we didn’t actually fund it”) the production of the SARS-Cov-2 virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – explained in detail with proof in this article from 2022 (if you haven’t read this you should): ‘Absolute proof: The Gp-120 sequences prove beyond all doubt that “COVID-19” was man-made’.

And no, Operation Paperclip is not a “conspiracy theory” – German Scientists were recruited to all areas of government science, including NASA.

One important aspect of the Nazi scientist recruitment programme that is often overlooked however, is that it had its own “Cold War” – because the USSR also wanted those scientists to make their own rockets, spaceships and of course biological weapons in the less catchily named “Operation Osoaviakhim.”

Of course, the Soviets had spies on the US side of Operation Paperclip but that just made the US rebrand their operation and the Nazi operation eventually became DARPA. No, I’m not kidding. From JFK Jr’s book ‘The Wuhan Cover-Up’ quoting Jacobsen:

So, now that we have established that the US science agencies have no qualms about who they recruit let’s now turn to look at just one thing that they did that will shock you.

The CDC’s Iraq Bioweapons Programme

There are so many shocking things I have learnt about the NIH-CDC and their corrupt activities but none is probably as shocking as this:

In 1989 the CDC sent biological weapons to Iraq. The following year, the Gulf War was started which eventually spawned the Iraq War. The pretext for the Iraq war was the claim that Iraq had biological weapons, which the CDC had sent to them.

The US CDC had therefore set up the Iraq war 14 years earlier. Over a million people are estimated to have died as a result of the Iraq war in 2003-2011.

Yes, of course, I have the references for this amazing claim but first please take 20 seconds to read it again. The CDC provided the biological weapons that were used to start the Iraq war. Those old enough should remember this picture, which should shame every member of the US and UK military.

The picture shows the disgusting Colin Powell, who KNOWINGLY falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons including anthrax in order to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and as a direct consequence of the Gulf War in 1990. The vial pictured of course contained nothing innocuous. It was just for dramatic effect like OJ Simpson’s glove.

Yet how did Colin Powell know that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”?

Because the USA’s CDC had supplied them, that’s how.

And it wasn’t just anthrax – as if that was bad enough.

The biological weapons supplied to Iraq by the US included aflatoxin and Mycoplasma incognitus.

The Mycoplasma incognitus strains that were supplied to Iraq were eventually recognised as at least one of the underlying causes of Gulf War syndrome.

But of course, Mycoplasma incognitus didn’t just “appear naturally.” Because it was patented – by Shyh-Ching Lo at the US military who then went to work for the FDA in the cell biology division (“CBER”).

And it wasn’t just Mycoplasma and anthrax that went to Iraq as “samples” so the Iraqis could develop their own biological weapons programme.  Per Wikipedia referencing the US AMRIID handbook:

And what is aflatoxin? A very nasty toxin created from Aspergillus which is a kind of mould and likely what eventually killed Samantha Willis. 

Read more: Samantha Willis – a political death?

But aflatoxin is a known biological warfare agent which was already identified by UNSCOM in Iraq in 1995 after the CDC sent “samples” to Iraq.

Now let me just summarise before we take a slight detour before the finale because it’s important.

The CDC sent biological weapons to Iraq in 1989-90 before the first Gulf War. In order to create a pretext for the second Gulf War the US claimed that Iraq had biological weapons yet failed to tell the world they knew this because they had furnished Iraq with them.

The biological weapons armamentarium, well documented, included Mycoplasma patented by US military researchers (leading to Gulf War Syndrome) and aflatoxins, which are derived from Aspergillus.

It should be realised from this that the production of aflatoxin required Aspergillus and therefore the CDC needed an Aspergillus expert.

And now we need to take a short detour in order to join some dots because those pesky Twitter and Substack researchers talking about biological weapons research were really getting on the nerves of the biological weapons researchers. And therefore, chaos was needed to break them up.

That’s where Pandemics Data & Analytics (“PANDA”) comes in.

PANDA, Chaos and Norman Piezianek

Now we come back to the bizarre events happening on Twitter with PANDA and its affiliates discussed in a great 3-hour discussion between Kevin McCairn, Charles Rixey and Iggy Semz here:

PANDA is an organisation that came out early in covid to criticise the lockdowns and excessive (fascistic) and draconian measures being taken to lock people up to “slow the spread.” Yet all of a sudden – via its lead Nick Hudson – it has taken a path preferring to criticise anybody that recognises biological weapons research (dual use research) as a threat to the global population.

To be clear – this does not mean that they (we) consider the biological warfare programmes (aka gain-of-function research or dual-use research) as threats in themselves. It is more about the use of scare tactics based on the existence of biological weapons (sold as pandemic potential viruses), which then underpin a biofascistic power grab by the state, that is the concern.

Of course, this should align with PANDA’s view but it doesn’t matter what nuance of your beliefs is relevant here, Nick thinks you are part of the problem. Note the reference to “rats and mice” meaning those who identify as being part of the #mousearmy striving for truth in medical science on Twitter.

This was just one of a string of posts attacking anyone who was discussing gain of function research even so far as suggesting that the pandemic wasn’t real and that if you talked about a “pandemic” you were the enemy.

And then Norman came along.

Then it became clear. Or not, depending on how much chaos you saw.

You see Norman is now the poster boy for PANDA and was interviewed (twice) by PANDA people, Jessica Hockett and Jonathan Engler relayed in their Substack with Martin Neil HERE and HERE:

The interview is transcribed in the Substack but the relevant claim in relation to today’s article is this one:

The first part is false because the nucleotide sequences underpinning SARS-CoV-2 were not published before 2020 as explained HERE.

The second part is false because the gp120 sequences do not exist in any similar viruses and could not have been transferred by recombination as explained HERE.

So, two of Norman’s claims are false yet the overriding claim is essentially “gain-of-function research does not exist.”

Sound familiar? Who would say such a thing when we know from the Gulf War that biological warfare not only exists but has destroyed the lives of US servicemen?

And it wasn’t just those two interviews giving Norman such airtime.

Nick Hudson himself did another interview to really drive the point home.

Norman admits that he is a geneticist “which turned into … genetic engineering” [03:45]. And “it [the existence of biological weapons] works for the public who believes that biological weapons can be made – and they cannot” [12:15].


But why, you might ask, am I so interested in Norman Piezianek’s interviews?

Well, because Norman knows some things that he’s not telling us. You see Norman has a very impressive CV. His PhD was in genetic engineering of Aspergillus. Yes, a true Aspergillus expert. And that was in Warsaw under the soviet block at the time, who were running their own bioweapons program3 (most likely without the need for the Nazi scientists that they had recruited, as Russia’s scientific programs were already well advanced).

At the end of the Cold War, Norman was then recruited directly to the CDC – almost a mirror of the Paperclip programme of the 1940s – and took up his eminent role as Head of CDC’s newly created Laboratory for Molecular Reference and Developmental Diagnostics. In 1989. The very time that biological weapons samples were sent to Iraq.

He won the competition announced by the CDC for the creation of the Laboratory of Molecular Reference and Developmental Diagnostics at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases CDC, after the creation of which he served as his boss for 24 years.[3]

So Norman, despite his vast experience of genetic engineering of Aspergillus, the Soviet bioweapons program and the terrible dangers of aflatoxins, is now denying that bioweapons are a thing. And Nick and Norman want you to stop talking about it, because it’s ridiculous, you see?

Which in itself is so ridiculous that it has spawned memes of ridicule on Twitter:


So now that we have established that “biological weapons don’t exist” according to Norman (with real CDC-level authority don’t ya know) we need to ask a very pertinent question.

You see, biological weapons transfers as documented by UCLA and independent media and as noted in the congressional record DO exist.

And for that transfer to have happened a person or persons must have both decided that the weapons should be sent to Iraq, and signed off on the transfer.

So, the pertinent question is this: Who sent those biological weapons to Iraq?

That is, who was at the CDC when it was decided that biological warfare agents – including US Army-patented Mycoplasma and Aspergillus aflatoxin – should be sent to Iraq, providing later cover for a war that should never happened and killed over a million people?

If I had to guess, this is the kind of information that would have been kept from Norman and most other people at the CDC. But the idea that “there are no biological weapons” is ludicrous.

And the only people who want us to stop talking about them must be assumed the very people who are somehow involved in or protecting the trillion-dollar industry that has been running since 1972 in contravention of the Biological Weapons Convention (“BWC”) the text of which is:

And if biological weapons don’t exist there would have been no need for articles like this one: ‘Bioweapons research is banned by an international treaty – but nobody is checking for violations’.

Nor the convention itself of course.[4] This means that international governments have been chasing their tails for nothing because Nick and Norman are saying they don’t exist.

So, we should ask ourselves: Is it more likely that PANDA is exposing a scandal of “the nonexistence of biological weapons” or that PANDA is causing chaos to avoid us asking whether war crimes were committed in 1989 – and therefore also in 2019?

Because as far as I am concerned what the CDC did by transferring biological agents to Iraq in 1989 was a war crime under the BWC Article 3.

But maybe I can’t read. And maybe I’m misunderstanding the whole thing. And maybe PANDA has nothing to do with DARPA. Or ARPA. Or any other derivative of Operation Paperclip.

And maybe I should just be a good comrade and be quiet.

Aside from the war crimes question, if you take anything from this article, please let it be this:

Please do not let self-appointed authorities gaslight you that the last four years, and the decades of preparation leading up to it, were make-believe.

And don’t let them divide you by pointing fingers at people you trusted with ludicrous claims based only on handwaving and chaos and bereft of evidence.

And please remember to look back over previous articles if you have the time, as these two are very much related:


  • 1 So many people have contributed to the information underpinning this article that I might have forgotten some and others may not wish to be named. Thanks to Aquarius Elect, Fee, Jurassic Carl, The Daily Beagle, Seiji, Bio Anon, Champagne Joshi… and others.
  • 2 The whole glossary of CIA terms is contained in a document from their website. Copied HERE for your convenience.
  • 3 A summary of the Soviet Bioweapons program in these two chapters from the book “Deadly Cultures.”  Download PDFs HERE (Chapter 6) and HERE (Chapter 7).
  • 4 English version of the Biological Weapons Convention, download PDF HERE.

About the Author

Dr. Ah Kahn Syed is a pseudonym for a medical science whistle-blower who publishes articles on a Substack page titled ‘Arkmedic’s blog’.  Dr. Ah Kahn Syed also posts information on Twitter and Telegram as Arkmedic.

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