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NVICP Concedes Gardasil Caused Christina Tarsell’s Death

By James Lyons-Weiler, CEO, President of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and World Mercury Project Guest Contributor IMAGINE you want the very best for your only child, your daughter.

NVICP Concedes Gardasil Caused Christina Tarsell’s Death

You want her to thrive, finish college, start a family. You’re looking forward to seeing her become a mom and learn the things you hoped you have taught her. You’re told that there is a simple, safe and effective vaccine that can “prevent cervical cancer”. So, as her parent, you want to protect her from any possible harm from exposure to the HPV virus. You are told that vaccine is safe and effective. You are told there are virtually no risks. Together, you decide yes, this is straightforward, and why not? Who doesn’t want to protect their child from cancer? Your lively and bright daughter is given the vaccine, and she is told she is ‘protected from HPV’. What you don’t know, because you are not told, is: Your daughter has a very serious reaction: she develops an arrhythmia, a serious heart condition, and dies. This scenario is similar to what happened to Christina Tarsell, whose mom Emily led the fight for eight years in the adversarial National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

The website “Gardasil and Unexplained Deaths” contains more specific information, and links to the rulings. While Christina’s death finally has a semblance of justice, the fight for truth continues for the rest of American citizens struggling with the question of whether to give their children HPV vaccination. State after state has rejected mandatory HPV vaccination for 11- and 12-year olds. Japan no longer recommends the vaccine for their population—at all.

There is insufficient study on the safety of vaccine for boys, who appear to be at higher risk of serious adverse events. It’s not just Emily and her family who lost Christina. Our society was denied Christina, just as we were denied Colton Barrett. Both of their deaths were unjustifiable—and preventable. With the President of the Michigan Chapter of the AAP testifying under oath that she is not an expert in vaccines, (and she relies on the CDC website for her information), trust in the medical community to be forthright about vaccine risk is at an all-time low. CDC is under fire for fraud conducted during the studies on the vaccine/autism link. Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, is currently in court over charges that they fudged the data on how well the mumps portion of their Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine works.

The two whistleblowers allege that they were told to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies to make the vaccine appear to be >90% efficacious against the vaccine-targeted mumps type, while in reality they allege it to be only 18% effective.

The American public deserves to know whom- and what- killed Christina Tarsell—and they need to know the shoddy state of vaccine “science”.

The scientists at Merck who hid the adverse events in the pre-licensure safety studies killed Christina Tarsell.

The doctors who tell their patients they will be protected “against HPV” killed Christina Tarsell.

The doctors who tell their patients that the HPV vaccine can “prevent cancer” killed Christina Tarsell.

The media who take advertising revenue from Pharma and who are afraid to conduct bona fide investigative journalism and report on the realities of the combined myths and falsehoods about HPV vaccine safety and efficacy killed young Christina Tarsell at the tender age of 21 years. Doctors who know that vaccines are injuring and killing some patients who participate in vaccine risk denialism out of fear of loss of their jobs, or being sanctioned by the AAP, the AMA, or their practice, are cowards, and need to step up and speak their conscience. If you’re an MD who lives in fear, there is a safe organization where you can learn how to navigate the water safely. Join Physicians for Informed Consent. To help Emily and her family create a legacy in Christina’s name, send a donation to the Christina R. Tarsell Charitable Fund PNC Bank 201 Mt. Carmel Road Parkton, MD 21120. But the very BEST thing you can do is to join an increasing number of MDs willing to speak out against the HPV vaccine. Clearly some patients are at higher risk than others—but there are no safeguards.

The rates of autoimmune disorders and “-algia’s” are skyrocketing. What you do not know, MDs, is that researchers routinely induce autoimmune disorders in animals using injected forms of aluminum. Why? To find treatments that will reverse the autoimmunity. Vaccine risk denialism has come at a massive cost to society, and immeasurable cost to families like Christina’s family. To say that there is insufficient honesty in the practice of immunization on risk is an understatement.

There are no biomarkers—yet—that indicate who is at highest risk.

There are not systematic programs focused on post-vaccination injury treatment to prevent progression and death. To any cruel and sick individual who would try to deny that Chris’ death was caused by the HPV vaccine, note that the government lost at trial. Based on the evidence, the NVICP conceded that Chris’s family met the burden of proof that Gardasil caused her death. You can listen to Emily tell Christina’s full story to the Vaxxed Team. #HPVvaxkilledChristina Related article with more information and science about the HPV vaccine: “Sacrificial Virigins: – A Must See Film About Young Girls Being Severely Damaged By HPV Gardasil Vaccines .

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