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Open Letter: An Overdue Apology to the World’s Children

This is a bit embarrassing to be honest, but it needs to be said.

Open Letter: An Overdue Apology to the World’s Children

To all children out there, on behalf of all adults here on planet earth at this time of intense weirdness…


Sorry we told you it was dangerous to sing.

Sorry we made you stand in hoops in the school playground so you couldn’t go near anyone.

Sorry we padlocked your swings together.

Sorry we taught you that human bodies aren’t capable of fighting off a virus without the use of weird AI stuff & what we now know to be incredibly dangerous chemicals that don’t even work.

Sorry we danger-taped the toys in the supermarket.

Sorry we inverted the responsibility of health in old age onto you in the most misguided way possible.

Sorry we encased you in plexiglass cages whilst being fitted for new shoes.

Sorry we shoved sticks covered in carcinogenic chemicals up your noses.

Sorry we isolated you from your friends.

Sorry we made you scared of going near other people.

Sorry we told you that ‘no symptoms’ was a symptom of an illness with no symptoms.

Sorry we hid our faces behind a sea of blue plastic & novelty cloth, leaving you with nothing but expressionless eyes to communicate with & learn from.

Sorry we hid your smiles & restricted your natural way of breathing.

Sorry we made you scared of your own body.

Sorry we told you it’s ok to be different & then copied everyone else for an easy life.

Sorry we told you to question everything & then did what we were told without question.

Sorry we told you to stand up & say no to bullies, then not only didn’t stand up ourselves, but bullied the people who did.

Sorry we told you to say no to experimental drugs then pinned you down whilst we injected you with them.

Sorry we justified our strange actions with the ‘children are resilient’ mantra, whilst ironically simultaneously blaming them on our own childhood trauma.

Sorry we convinced ourselves it was all ok…and then carried on as if nothing happened.

We could bring out all the excuses in the world.

The BBC MK-Ultra’d us. The idiotic lunatic from the jungle told us to do it. We were scared of what our neighbours thought. We honestly thought going one way round Tesco would save the world.

We didn’t read the ‘vaccine’ inserts. Or the bit on the side of the box of blue masks that says ‘these masks do not keep out viruses’. We thought the people bribing us with kebabs & doughnuts cared about our health.

The making you put money in a container so we didn’t touch it, before handing you your food thing. I mean… We just thought… Well maybe we didn’t.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s what needs to change.

In fairness, we have been heavily indoctrinated throughout our entire lives. But still.

We trusted – blindly trusted – those who should never, ever have been trusted.

I’ve always thought that one day, when you’re older, you’ll sit us down, look us in the eye, & say, ‘Go on then. Why?’ I hope you do. Because you deserve an explanation.

You deserve for there to be some kind of (‘scuse the pun) post-mortem. You deserve acknowledgement.

Rather than what’s going on at the moment, which as far as I can see is akin to the man I saw the other day whose dog left a sizeable stream of diarrhoea in the middle of the pavement; he glanced at it, realised quickly that the clean-up operation was beyond him, & carried on walking – widening his stride considerably & doing his best to arrange his face into some kind of neutral but looking like someone doing a wee in a swimming pool.

Except it’s not dog shite on the pavement or pee in a swimming pool. The implications are a bit more serious than that; although I hate to say it, we’re only at the tip of the iceberg as far as the extent of the damage is concerned.

There’s so much we could learn from the past few years.

We could avoid history repeating itself in the near future if we had the balls/ eyes/ willingness to look, yet we’re once again choosing to look the other way for an easy life.

My mind boggles with rage at times at the disrespect we’ve shown your generation. Our ignorant selfishness & lack of accountability.

You know those forms you have to fill in at school. The behaviour modification ones dressed up as ‘reflection’.

‘Now then, Toby. Do you think it was acceptable to be googling ‘how schools brainwash kids’ when you were meant to be colouring in the rainbow penis on the non-binary triple-vaccinated vegan Ukrainian climate activist?’

‘Yes I do.’

‘Wrong answer Toby, try again’…

I think you kids should turn the table on us adults. Ask us a few awkward questions.

Because it happened. All those beyond weird, illogical, damaging things actually happened in real life.

And I for one, for what it’s worth, am sorry.

There’s a book by Mattias Desmet, called ‘The Psychology of Totalitarianism’, which explains these types of phenomena (mass formation psychosis) well.

There’s also soon to be another (by me), called, ‘A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse’, outlining the classic mind control techniques of narcissists, all of which have been used extensively on the world’s population for many years, coming to a head in 2020.

We’re living in a psychological, spiritual & physical war most people don’t even realise they’re in.
We’ve been head fucked to within an inch of our lives with these psychological operations, & we did weird shit.

That’s all the reasoning I can give.

I’d like to expand a little more though on one of the most powerful methods of grooming us to become willing & submissive adult recipients of government orders, however barbaric they may be.

The school system.

My opinion of these government institutions is highly unpopular, although independent research (me talking to people) suggests is also secretly agreed with by many more than you’d think.

(I’d also like to say that 2 out of my 3 children did go to school for a few years. I went fully through the school system & my parents were both teachers. I don’t know quite how I got to be like I am – actually I do but that’s another story – but my point is I wasn’t born like this & therefore am not judging anyone for sending their kids to school. I know it’s a big trigger so don’t start is all I’m saying.)

I believe that modern day schooling is a holding pen for young minds.

A safe place for those minds of infinite potential to be controlled, moulded & funneled with the intention of significantly reducing the risk of them later becoming a threat to the status quo; i.e. the modern day slave system.

The curriculum doesn’t come from the nice kind teachers. (Although I can’t not acknowledge the one in my kids’ old school who’d have been far more at home in a field of bulls & a cattle prod. They’re not all nice sadly.)

It comes from the corrupt government & the shadowy beings who control them.

These ‘powers that be’ absolutely, categorically & without any shadow of a doubt, do not, under any circumstances want your incredible, powerful, creative, intelligent, intuitive minds, with their unpredictable natures, to be allowed to roam free.
Hell no.

What they want are state minions.

People who can’t or don’t think for themselves.

People to do their dirty work for them whenever they sound the call to action on the latest manufactured fear crisis.

To be fit for purpose you need to be trained for many years in:

  • Sitting down & shutting up.
  • Being afraid of authority.
  • Believing that questioning or standing up to authority is wrong & will be punished; & is therefore futile.
  • Being bullied/ bullying others/ witnessing bullying; & consequently believing that this is an apparently normal part of socialisation & therefore society.
  • Normalising having to do a lot of things you don’t want to do.
  • Repressing your emotions.
  • Being controlled to the point of having to ask permission for even basic human needs like going to the toilet.
  • Not being allowed to express your individuality.
  • Being fed information, which if you can later regurgitate correctly, you get a prize.
  • Being part of a herd, who are automatically submissive to authority.

This is what schools are for. (As well as separating the family & reducing a child’s love quota.) And look how well it just worked on my generation.

What happened in 2020 will become a cautionary tale in history books of the future. (When schools are no longer governed by psychopaths & will therefore teach the truth.)

Tales of what happens when you blindly trust & don’t question.

So as well as the apology, my point is – question. Please. Question everything.

Because these self-appointed ‘figures of authority who know best’ not only really do not know best, but have a very firm idea of how they want your future to look.

They’re making no secret of it; the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organisation etc. They’re all laying out their plans in plain sight.

They just manipulate everyone into believing it’s a good idea. Or actually a really bad idea but something we have no control over.

But it’s not their future. It’s not ours either. It’s yours. And you do have control over it.

Things may soon seem like they’re going even more insane (my prediction is fake climate ‘science’ pandemonium & the attempted ushering in of all kinds of ‘smart’ ‘solutions’ & ‘socially responsible’ travel, food & lifestyle restrictions. Aka more lies, manipulation, less freedom, more emfs & therefore even more shit health. T

That & maybe a nuclear war that only actually happens on the telly… perhaps some other plague thrown in for good measure. Who knows.
Whatever increasingly absurd scripts of fear, danger & woe it takes to distract us from what’s really going on. Needing to try ever harder as more people see through it all).

But I want to reassure you that there is a ground swell of new.

There is a new way being quietly built behind the scenes, waiting in the wings for the world to be ready (i.e. when the current systems finally can’t be excused or clung to any longer).

It’s already being lived & enjoyed by many.

And although the trapping systems will continue to lure people in until their dying breaths, this new way, free from fear, control, greed, manipulation, disempowerment & manufactured suffering, is available to anyone who wants to find it & is willing to open their mind (& heart; sorry to get soppy but this is important.)

So question everything. Including what I’m saying. Listen & observe, then feel how it sits with you. Train yourself to listen to, respect & act on that inner voice inside you.

Don’t hand your mind, beliefs, power & behaviour over to an external source of any kind, no matter what anyone says.

Don’t trust that they know best just because they say they do.

Let us be a cautionary tale.

Free your mind & listen to you.


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