Organic Olivia: How Traditional Chinese Medicine & Parasite Cleansing Saved Her Life

Without your body you would have no life, yet many people disregard their health and maintain poor dietary habits.

Even medical doctors (MDs) often fail to recognize the correlation between diet and health. One would assume that MDs would treat an illness by looking at the root cause, which is often related to diet and emotions, but that simply isn’t the case in most instances. Instead of plucking the weed at the root, MDs often fertilize it by simply handing you a prescription. Pharmaceuticals could cure you of one specific ailment while simultaneously affecting the rest of your body negatively, ultimately causing your dis-ease to worsen. Many people have experienced the corruption embedded within conventional medicine firsthand but feel they cannot voice their opinions because the industry is so powerful. Luckily, individuals like Organic Olivia are here to inspire those who want to regain power over their own health. An advocate for natural healing and a wealth of knowledge on how to heal the human body through plant-based foods and herb, Olivia took a stance against Western medicine just a few short years ago and recovered from severe health issues using a holistic approach and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Olivia had always struggled with her weight, constantly overeating processed foods and suffering from an extensive list of stomach issues and allergies. In high school, she went from binge eating to severely under-eating, causing her to rapidly lose weight. To add to her health issues, in 11th grade she went through 3 rounds of Gardasil, a vaccine with high aluminum content, which impacted her liver as she began to show symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Throughout the following months, she started eating more, feeling worse, and slowly losing faith in conventional medicine. MDs claimed her pain was the result of her Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and had no cause, so they unsurprisingly dismissed her with a hefty dose of pills. Determined to find the truth behind her unanswered questions, she started researching how to heal herself naturally. This lead to a radical change in diet, and after just a couple months of healthy eating, she felt much better. After high school, Olivia decided to go to university to study Western medicine. However, the workload became overwhelming and soon her health began to deteriorate once again. Her entire body was suffering from stress and pain: stomach, liver, head, eyes, and so on. Her doctor prescribed her birth control pills, which only made matters worse as she developed erythema nodosum nodes all over her legs. After returning to the hospital again, her doctor prescribed her antibiotics. Her MD failed to properly diagnose her with Epstein Barr Virus rather than a bacterial infection, so antibiotics made her symptoms considerably worse. This was the final straw; Olivia realized that she could no longer trust MDs so she turned to TCM and natural healing (source). TCM is an ancient healing methodology that bridges the gap between our emotions and stress levels and our bodily functions, allowing us to heal ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The foundation of TCM is largely structured around Qi (pronounced chee), the vital energy that allows us to live and breathe. Qi is believed to be everywhere on Earth; when you’re healthy, Qi is flowing freely through you, whereas when you’re unhealthy, you either have a blockage from Qi or your “Qi tank” is low. Qi flows through energy highways called meridians that hold and transport Qi, blood, and fluids throughout the body. Meridians help distinguish which organs are deficient or attacked, as this is viewed as the root cause of all diseases in TCM. Patients can then be healed through a combination of acupuncture, herbs, massage, and lifestyle advice such as changes to one’s diet and stress management (source). Olivia healed herself by conducting a full body detox through the use of Chinese herbs. She was able to finally improve her liver and digestive health after years of suffering at the hands of MDs. Olivia decided to share her experiences online through blogging, which marked the birth of her booming business, Organic Olivia. As Olivia continued to study TCM and natural healing, she started looking into parasites. She found that as a result of the toxins we consume and our mineral deficiencies, most of us suffer from parasites and other health issues in our small intestine.

The healthier your body, the less likely you are to have as many parasites because they’re unable to thrive and reproduce as easily. A common roundworm found in humans is Ascaris, which can cause Chicken Pox and mumps, Herpes 1 and 2, and cold and sinus flue. Olivia argues that we should implement parasite cleanses and essential oils that kill parasites into our daily routines. Other cultures such as the Amish cleanse their bodies naturally of parasites on a regular basis, yet this concept is rarely discussed in North America (source). To aid in her own healing, Olivia designed her Parapro Formula, a parasite-cleansing supplement (you can get a cleanse here). She completed 3 parasite cleanses in a row and experienced a significant shift in her digestive health and rid herself of chronic acne, which caught people’s attention. She also documented her journey, allowing people to see all of the parasites that were passed through her and the profound affect that had on her body. Olivia started selling her cleanses but couldn’t meet the growing demand, so she raised $250,000 in her first IndieGogo campaign to fund large-scale production. Olivia’s success with her parasite cleanse is a clear reflection of how quickly she accomplishes her goals. In only a few years, she achieved a massive following on social media and created a growing, thriving business. To learn more about Olivia, check out her website here or listen to our podcast starring Organic Olivia by clicking on the Soundcloud link below or go to the Collective Evolution podcast page (The G and Coletti Show). Olivia gives us exclusive details about her experiences with conventional medicine, TCM, parasite cleansing, and more. .

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