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Our Freedom Has Gone – Probably Forever

Since 1988, when Dr.

Our Freedom Has Gone – Probably Forever

Vernon Coleman first exposed the AIDS scare as an exaggerated lie, he has faced targeting from governments and secret service agents. This targeting has led to isolation, punishment and attempts to silence him.

His books face suppression simply for presenting the truth. The authorities are terrified of the truths Dr. Coleman shares, resulting in widespread bans, lies and blockades.

The censorship and suppression of truth extend beyond himself and affect everyone. It’s disheartening that the banning of books and authors goes unnoticed and uncriticised, Dr. Coleman says. This lack of concern is something he finds difficult to comprehend.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

To say that I don’t have much experience with social media is like saying I don’t have much experience of picnicking on top of Mount Everest. There was no social media when I was growing up and when I eventually tried to sign up for a Facebook account in early 2020, I was told that I was too dangerous to be allowed access to the platform. They seemed to think I might corrupt the Facebook community with unwelcome truths and thought-provoking ideas. I was banned from Linked In too. And I haven’t been able to open accounts on any social media site. Worse still, anyone who tries to share my videos and articles is likely to find themselves threatened with a ban.

I did have a YouTube account for a while and that grew to around 250,000 subscribers in a couple of months before they banned me for life – and, presumably out of spite, also banned me from accessing anyone else’s YouTube channel. YouTube was clearly under the direction of the CIA, and in the UK, I always suspected that BBC staff were acting as spotters for YouTube – drawing their attention to anything that contained uncomfortable and therefore unacceptable truths.

So I was slightly bemused in February 2024 when I heard that a Google executive had said that AI fakes posed a serious threat to democracy. It occurred to me that the executive needed to look a little closer to home if he was worried about democracy. I don’t think there is any doubt that Google and YouTube pose a far greater threat to democracy than AI or AI fakes. The policy of censorship and exclusion favoured by the twin evils of Google and YouTube has already done more harm to democracy than any other manifestation of the media in history.

Since 1988, when I first exposed the AIDS scare as a monstrous and exaggerated lie, designed to terrify and force compliance, I have been heavily targeted by governments and secret service agents. If you have no experience of how the world works these days you may think I am exaggerating. Believe me, I’m not. The plan has always been to isolate, to punish and to silence. As I explain in my book ‘Truth Teller: The Price’ there is absolutely no freedom anymore.

We are constrained in numerous ways and the freedom of the press is now merely of historical interest which no one takes seriously. There is no freedom of speech. As far as I’m concerned, I might as well be living in China. (Actually, that’s not strictly true. My publishers in China were ordered to stop selling all my books after I wrote a column on vaccination for a big-selling Chinese newspaper.)

After I had questioned the official line on AIDS (for the record everything I said was proved right and everything the establishment promoted was proved wrong) publishers refused to have anything to do with my books, including books which were selling in large quantities (my publisher in Germany sent me royalties for £30,000 in one year and then dumped all my books and refused to sell any more) and so I became a self-publisher.

To begin with, I ran my own publishing house but that relied on mail order sales and as postage prices soared, the exercise soon became impossible so I started to sell my books on Amazon. For me, this was, and is, something of a curate’s egg. Amazon has made at least two of my books about covid “unavailable” and, then the White House of American President Joe Biden got involved in suppressing my books.

And then President Joe Biden’s White House decided it wanted Amazon to ban my book on vaccines – a book which is packed with uncomfortable and therefore unacceptable truths.

Entitled ‘Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’ my book on vaccines and vaccination was first published before the covid fraud and is packed with facts about common vaccines. No one has ever disputed any of the facts in the book. Since the book was published on Amazon it has frequently been the world’s No. 1 bestselling book on vaccines. And it has sold tens of thousands of copies.

In the distant days before the media decided to censor doctors telling the truth, I frequently debated the value of vaccines and vaccination with pro-vaxx supporters. I never lost a debate. The pro-vaxxers dealt with this embarrassment by refusing to debate with me.

And then it turned out that a White House official had written to Amazon asking them to “reduce the visibility” of my book. (There is now also evidence that White House officials put pressure on social media sites and YouTube. That probably explains why I’m banned everywhere. It seems the censorship was being orchestrated from up on high.) The White House referred to my having self-published the book. (This is often used as a way to disparage a book.) And Biden’s staff reported that I had “condemned covid-19 vaccines as a dangerous medical experiment” and that I had “claimed that doctors who administer them are guilty of war crimes.”

“We need to get a SWAT team together and prepare a briefing later this week,” an Amazon executive responded. And an Amazon employee later reported that they had enabled “Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective” and promised to “review additional handling options for these books.”

And what precisely does the White House know about my book? I’m prepared to bet they haven’t read it.

And what does the White House know about vaccines and vaccinations?

I would have happily debated the content of my book with President Biden or anyone from the White House.

But that’s not the way things work these days.

The establishment doesn’t debate, discuss or look at information. The BBC in London has actually banned any honest discussion of vaccines and vaccination. They don’t allow anyone questioning vaccines to appear on their programmes “whether they’re right or wrong.”

The establishment just bans anything it disapproves of or finds frightening.

This doesn’t just affect me. It affects everyone.

Books which contain massive errors or libels can easily be banned but my books are being banned and suppressed, and I’m being blocked and lied about, simply because they contain the truth. The authorities are terrified of the truths I share. (For more about how the truth is being suppressed please read my book ‘Truth Teller: The Price’.)

Our freedom and our right to have opinions and to share them date back many centuries. Back in the 17th century John Lilburne, a pamphleteer, was known as ‘Freeborn John’ for standing up for his rights to speak his mind when he wanted and to keep quiet (to avoid self-incrimination when he wanted to keep quiet). It was John Lilburne who gave us all the right to maintain our dignity and our privacy, whatever the State may try to force us to do. Lilburne was one of the driving forces in the development of English democracy.

The censors have always done what they could to suppress unpopular opinions and the truth has always been considered a nuisance, particularly when it is in some way inconvenient for the machinery of the state.

In 1719, an 18-year-old printer called John Matthews was hung – and then, just for good measure, drawn and quartered – for publishing 1,000 copies of a pamphlet which called for the overthrow of George I who was unpopular and widely considered inept. The pamphlet (which was the 18th century equivalent of a blog) went on to suggest allowing Parliament to help choose kings or bringing back native British royalty (displaced in 1788 by a coup). Matthews steadfastly refused to reveal the identity of the pamphlet’s author and so they hung him instead. Before he was hung the brave and defiant Matthews made a rousing speech from the scaffold.

However, if free-thinking writers and publishers have a patron saint it should be Daniel Defoe rather than the brave and hapless Matthews.

In 1703, Defoe, at the time still a pamphleteer and journalist rather than a celebrated author, was arrested for seditious libel and taken to Newgate prison. He was subsequently pilloried for being a Dissenter. Actually, what he’d done had been to write a satirical pamphlet entitled ‘The Shortest way with the Dissenters’ in which he pretended to be a Tory but carried their views to extremes in order to make fun of them. The establishment was not amused and Defoe was arrested. While standing in the pillory he wrote a poem called ‘A Hymn to the Pillory’. The poem was sold and instead of being pelted with rotten eggs and stinking fish, Defoe became a hero to a mob which did not much like his views but admired his courage – particularly an argumentative, truculent one.

Defoe (who had changed his name from Daniel Foe to Daniel Defoe because he thought it sounded better) was furiously attacked by the establishment but was the first truly heroic English writer. In subsequent years he wrote his ‘Journal of the Plague Year’ (presumably hoping that no one would notice that he had been only five years old at the time of the plague) and after travelling around England on horseback wrote ‘A tour through the whole island of Great Britain’. Under a variety of pseudonyms, he wrote a number of pamphlets – the original cheap paperbacks. Later, beaten down by abuse and criticism from the establishment, Defoe would invent a new literary form and invent the novel – made up biographies. His novels, which include Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders and Roxana have never been critically acclaimed but have always been hugely successful with the people who read them.

It is widely believed today that those of us living in the West live in free societies and enjoy the luxury of a free press.

But we don’t.

Honest words and truths, honour and dignity are what good men live by. But we now inhabit a world dominated by contemptible conspirators and bought and paid for lackeys working for contemptible organisations such as YouTube and the BBC; lackeys who regard honesty, truths, honour and dignity as their sworn enemies and who spend every working hour doing their best to suppress the truths and oppress the public.

It is important to remember that anyone still allowed to put videos on YouTube is there because the CIA wants them to be heard. In other words, I don’t think you should expect any of the thousands still making factual videos for YouTube to be sharing truths about health, disease, vaccines or anything else. They are, I fear, more likely to be reporting what the conspirators want heard.

In my book ‘Truth Teller: The Price’; I explained how I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for the curious modern crime of telling the truth. I gather that another fellow of the society (someone from the BBC I suspect) had complained that they did not agree with my telling the truth about covid and other issues. The society, which clearly does not approve of free speech, agreed with the complainant and expelled me. Would they have dared expel me if I had been Jewish or black or both? In my heart, I suspect not. And if that suspicion is correct then they are guilty of reverse anti-semitism or racism or possibly both.

Whenever I think of the BBC, incidentally, I am reminded of Kenneth Tynan’s remark that “all weakness corrupts and absolute weakness corrupts absolutely.”

I should be used to all this by now. I’ve been censored since the 1980s when I publicised the politically unpopular truths about the threat of AIDS. (Governments and medical bodies were claiming that we would all be touched by AIDS by the year 2000. I said they were wrong.)

Today, the censors are watching everything we do.

A friend in Germany shared one of my videos via his social media channel. Shortly afterwards he received an official warning. I doubt if he will be watching any more of my videos.

Never before has our freedom been in such mortal danger.

We ignore the warning signs at our peril.

Today, we are back to pre-Lilburne days. The freedoms which he and others won for us have been suppressed. And almost no one has spoken up in defence of those lost freedoms. And certainly no politician and no one in the mainstream media has had the courage to say a word about what is happening. To my absolute astonishment, I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts because I told truths that other members didn’t like. They didn’t like me having views that they didn’t share and they didn’t like me sharing my views (based, let us remember, on scientific evidence) with other people. I find that quite scary.

As an author who has had a number of books banned completely (solely because the establishment wanted to suppress the truths they contained), I find it impossible to see any real difference between banning a book and burning it.

No, actually, banning a publication is worse than burning it because a book cannot be burned until it has been published. To burn a book, it must have been published and there is a decent chance that some of the printed books will have escaped the fire. If a book is completely suppressed (as has happened to me) there aren’t any copies to burn or to read.

No one seems to care about books and authors being banned. I don’t understand that.

About the Author

Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc practised medicine for ten years. He has been a full-time professional author for over 30 years. He is a novelist and campaigning writer and has written many non-fiction books.  He has written over 100 books which have been translated into 22 languages. On his website,,  there are hundreds of articles which are free to read.

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