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Our Interview With Plandemic Director Mikki Willis Addresses Some Big Questions

Our Interview With Plandemic Director Mikki Willis Addresses Some Big Questions

Our recent interview with Plandemic director Mikki Willis is now available on YouTube, an extended version is up on CETV, and it explores some deep questions surrounding the film and current human condition that is reacting to the film. Why are we so quick to reject information that doesn't align with our beliefs? Next the chat with the director of the “Plandemic” movie Mikki Willis, who recently released the feature length part to the series called “Plandemic: Indoctrination.“ We wanted to take a very different approach to this interview and ask some questions that are incredibly important to exploring the human condition behind the reaction to this film. Why was it banned so heavily? Why did people who didn’t even see it hate it so much? Was the information truly dangerous, or was this just the medias campaign to discredit it?

Facebook has halted users from sharing the Plandemic films on their platform, in fact, we recently received a “false news” strike for writing about the film, but Facebook fact checkers were quick to remove the strike when they realized we weren’t making any claims. We were simply asking the question why Facebook and other social media platforms were putting a tremendous amount of effort, and still are, into censoring the film. In our article, we also provided an explanation from Forbes claiming the film promoted “conspiracy theories,” this showed that our coverage was balanced, yet to fact checkers it was initially considered ‘false’. Below is a screen shot of the reply I received after inquiring and appealing the strike. We emphasized how mainstream media articles always seem to use ridicule, terms like “conspiracy theory” and promote hatred when attempting to debunk something, without actually talking about many of the points made in the content. When a topic is being explored, because it is not yet based on certainty, people are allowed to bring in other perspectives to add to the discourse. That is all Plandemic did in this case. So how is a contribution to the discourse, with evidence, false? This is the power mainstream media outlets have, and unfortunately abuse at times. It’s exactly why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team at Children’s Health Defense are suing Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc, and three different “fact-checkers” for censoring information they share. When a media outlet receives a false news strikes, it greatly hinders their ability to reach their audience, make revenue and it is hugely defaming.

Why is there a digital authoritarian Orwellian fact-checker going around the internet, censoring information and telling people what to think instead of letting them examine the information and sources for themselves to determine what they feel is true or untrue? That question alone may take you down a deep rabbit hole.

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