Paramedic’s Angry Post About “Burger Flippers” Making 15/hr Goes Viral

Earlier this year I covered a story about the “Fight for 15.” This was a protest led by fast food and other minimum wage workers across the United States of America in demand of a living wage.

Over 60,000 protestors went on strike to raise awareness about how important their jobs are and to get their voices heard. Many people believe that $15/hour is too much for workers who do not have an education and that the money should be reserved for those who have earned it. On the other hand, these people are generally working for multi-billion dollar corporations like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, etc., so many people argue that these companies can most certainly afford to pay their workers a fairer wage.

The current minimum wage is not enough for living, and the majority of these companies are aware of that. Recently, fast food workers of New York won their battle for a livable minimum wage, at $15/hour. This is the highest minimum wage in the world... way to go America! The Dunkin’ Donuts CEO seems to feel otherwise, however, calling the move “outrageous” despite having earned 10.2 million for himself in 2014. Jens Rushing, a New York paramedic, had this to say about the new minimum wage: This whole thing goes to show that change is possible. We don’t always have to accept things the way they are, and if we get some people together, raise awareness, and stand up for what we believe is right, you better believe something will come of it. What do you think? Do you think this minimum wage is deserved for fast food workers? Do you agree or disagree with Jens? Please share your opinion in the comments! .

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