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Peter Daszak, Jeffrey Sachs and Anthony Fauci Have Been Spreading the Nefarious “One Health” Ideology

Peter Daszak, Jeffrey Sachs and Anthony Fauci Have Been Spreading the Nefarious “One Health” Ideology

One Health is a scheme dreamed up at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and Davos to effect ‘The Great Reset’ by taking over management of agriculture – both livestock and plants – wild lands and the animals that live in them, and pet health and human health – by defining all these entities as “One Health.”

Dr. Meryl Nass has been warning about the One Health scheme for some time, read more HERE.  Below is her latest article titled ‘Gobbledygook from 4 UN agencies: WHO, FAO, OIE and UNEP on their One Health Plan’.

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By Dr. Meryl Nass

One Health gets described in sweeping but meaningless terminology. See the first 3 paragraphs of the ‘One Health Joint Plan of Action’ below:

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) – collectively called the Quadripartite – collaborate to drive change and transformations required to mitigate the impact of current and future health challenges at the human-animal-plant environment interface at global, regional, and country levels. Responding to international requests to prevent future zoonotic pandemics and to promote health sustainably through the One Health approach, the Quadripartite have developed the One Health Joint Plan of Action (2022-2026) (OH JPA).

The OH JPA outlines the commitment of the four organisations to collectively advocate and support the implementation of One Health. It builds on, complements, and adds value to existing global and regional One Health and coordination initiatives aiming at strengthening capacity to address complex multidimensional health risks with more resilient health systems at global, regional and national levels.

The OH JPA adopts a broad perspective of One Health integrating a system-based approach to support the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment, while identifying and addressing the underlying factors to disease emergence, spread and persistence, and the complex economic, social and environmental determinants of health. By integrating the environmental dimension towards a more extended understanding of disease emergence and spread, as well as the role of ecosystems in disease regulation, the One Health approach is more comprehensive. It can thereby help to address the underlying drivers of disease emergence and ill-health, improve disease prevention and preparedness, mitigate the impacts of health risks and threats, implement sustainable solutions, and promote health for all holistically in the long term.

One Health Joint Plan of Action, April 2022

Now I need to show you how both Peter Daszak and Tony Fauci discussed this plan very early in the pandemic and how Jeffrey Sachs is a major supporter of the scheme.

I will show you why it is important to the globalist world takeover plan to claim a zoonotic (natural) origin to the pandemic because a natural origin can be spun to justify massive restrictions on how humans will be allowed to interact with “nature” in the future—at least according to the One Health plan.

The task force is part of The Lancet Covid-19 Commission, chaired by Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs of Columbia University.

“We intend to conduct a thorough and rigorous investigation into the origins and early spread of SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Daszak, a disease ecologist who has spent years studying coronavirus transmission in China and Southeast Asia. “Our group will use the findings to formulate One Health solutions for managing future zoonotic disease risk.”

The Lancet task force has 12 members who come from a diverse set of scientific disciplines and backgrounds, with expertise in One Health, outbreak investigation, virology, lab biosecurity and disease ecology. They are:

Dr. Peter Daszak, Chair is the President of EcoHealth Alliance. A member of the US National Academy of Medicine, he chairs the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine’s Forum on Microbial Threats

“There’s a great deal of interest in understanding how Covid-19 emerged and spread, but also a deeper reason for this task force’s work,” The Lancet Covid-19 Commission lead Jeff Sachs said. “If we can understand why this pandemic began, we can help prevent the next one.”

Members of The Lancet Covid Commission Task Force on the Origins of SARS-CoV-2 Named, EcoHealth Alliance

Here is what the Lancet Covid Commissionchaired by Jeffrey Sachs, wrote in September 2020:

The Commission aims to offer practical solutions to the four main global challenges posed by the pandemic: suppressing the pandemic by means of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions; overcoming humanitarian emergencies, including poverty, hunger, and mental distress, caused by the pandemic; restructuring public and private finances in the wake of the pandemic; and rebuilding the world economy in an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable way that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement…

Countries should not rely on herd immunity by natural infection to suppress the epidemic. [Why would anyone say this? Of course, it is now well known that what got us back to a semblance of normality was the herd immunity to the omicron variant, which developed around the beginning of 2022. You only criticise natural immunity if you are pushing vaccines since natural immunity is always stronger and more long-lasting than vaccine-induced immunity. Although I must still acknowledge that as coronavirus variants develop, the immunity to older variants may not be very helpful. – Nass ]

… All countries should combat decisions based on rumour-mongering and misinformation. [Misinformation was already a ‘thing’ in September 2020 – created to peel off and tar all viewpoints straying from the government’s single narrative. – Nass]

…Now, more than ever, is the time for countries to meet their commitments to providing 0·7% of gross domestic product as official development aid.

…No population should be prohibited from accessing a vaccine because of cost or have its access predicated on its participation in clinical trials.

…The EU Green Deal, long-term budget (2021–27), and new recovery fund marks an exemplary framework for long-term recovery, including mid-century goals on climate safety, energy transition, and circular economy, with a comprehensive €1·8 trillion budget. This approach can serve as an exemplar for other regions. In general, recoveries should be smart (based on digital technologies), inclusive (targeting lower-income households), and sustainable (featuring investments in clean energy and reduced pollution).

10 Priority Actions include:

8 Long-term financial reform: prepare for a deep restructuring of global finances, including debt relief, new forms of international financing, and reform of monetary arrangements

9 Green and resilient recovery: economic recovery will be based on public-investment-led growth in green, digital, and inclusive technologies, based on the Sustainable Development Goals

10 Global peace and cooperation: support UN institutions and the UN Charter, resisting any attempts at a new cold war.

Lancet COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, The Lancet, 14 September 2020

And here is the false narrative underpinning what One Health is about:

…These zoonotic events are becoming more frequent, probably because of the rising intensity of contact between humans and animal reservoirs, as the result of deforestation, land degradation, poverty, food insecurity, and the uncontrolled encroachment of humans into new habitats.

Lancet COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Section 1: the origins of COVID-19 and averting zoonotic pandemics, The Lancet, 14 September 2020

And so, eating bugs and/or fake meat, and the broader use of pesticides, herbicides, neonicotinoids and GMOs are going to solve this problem?

To protect humanity from these zoonotic diseases, we need to put more emphasis on the One Health approach. We require new precautions on many fronts: ending deforestation, respecting and protecting conservation areas and endangered species, intensifying the monitoring and surveillance for zoonotic events, and ensuring safe practices in the animal trade, meat production, and markets.

 build back better, both in terms of pandemic preparedness and more generally in terms of sustainable development.

Lancet COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Section 1 & 2, The Lancet, 14 September 2020

They sure do manage to fit a lot of buzzwords into a single sentence, don’t they?

Here is one issue they actually got right, nearly a year before the CDC admitted airborne transmission was a “thing.” But then they got masks and social distancing wrong. Neither regular masks nor social distancing protects from the ambient aerosol transmission.

There is growing consensus from the aerosol science and infectious disease communities that aerosol inhalation is a key contributor to Covid-19 transmission.

Lancet COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Commission Statement pt. 15, The Lancet, 14 September 2020

Enough from the Jeffrey Sachs of 2 years ago. I will have more to say about him later. Here is the Tony Fauci of 2 years ago, waxing eloquent in the journal Cell about how man’s interactions with nature (and not Tony’s grants to Wuhan and EcoHealth Alliance) is what caused Covid and other pandemics:

The Covid-19 pandemic is yet another reminder, added to the rapidly growing archive of historical reminders, that in a human-dominated world, in which our human activities represent aggressive, damaging, and unbalanced interactions with nature, we will increasingly provoke new disease emergences. We remain at risk for the foreseeable future. Covid-19 is among the most vivid wake-up calls in over a century. It should force us to begin to think in earnest and collectively about living in more thoughtful and creative harmony with nature, even as we plan for nature’s inevitable, and always unexpected, surprises.

Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to Covid-19, Cell, 15 August 2020

In December 2019 (3 years ago) Daszak and his band of fellow travellers reemphasised the “pandemics are caused by humans” claim:

In this Special Focus issue of EcoHealth, we highlight another critical implication of deforestation and land use change – the rise of infectious disease burdens in human and livestock populations. Over 30% of all emerging infectious diseases are driven by factors associated with land use change and agricultural development. This process leads to expansion of wildlife hunting and trade networks that are responsible for multiple outbreaks of Ebola virus, and the first pandemic of the twenty-first century – SARS.

Editorial: Can the Health Implications of Land-use Change Drive Sustainability? National Library of Medicine, 6 December 2019

This is enough for you to see that Daszak, Sachs and Fauci have all been reading off the same sheet music to create the One (Health) false narrative. My next Substack will bring us up to the present, in which you will see how the globalists are shaping this story now.

About the Author

Meryl Nass, MD, ABIM, is an internist with special interests in vaccine-induced illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War illness, fibromyalgia and toxicology. As a biological warfare epidemiologist, she investigated the world’s largest anthrax epizootic in Zimbabwe and developed a model for analysing epidemics to assess whether they are natural or man-made. She has played a major role in the creation of a coalition that has fought the Anthrax Vaccine Immunisation Program. Nass is active in assisting legal teams defending anthrax vaccine refusers and ill service members in the US and Canada. 

In January 2022, Dr. Nass’ license was suspended for prescribing Covid medications and for “misinformation.”  She regularly posts articles on Substack HERE.

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