Powerful New David Icke Documentary Implores Us To Become Renegades
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Powerful New David Icke Documentary Implores Us To Become Renegades

A new documentary film entitled 'Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke' has been released.
Powerful New David Icke Documentary Implores Us To Become Renegades
What would it take for each of us to take up the mantle of being the kind of renegades that David Icke has laid the foundation for? The life story of David Icke, as it turns out, is not just an interesting biography of a talented and relentless individual. His life itself is one of the best and broadest chronicles into describing the nature of the hidden forces of power and control that humanity has long been up against, forces that Icke has been directly confronting for decades in his books and lectures. And so, in a new documentary entitled Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke, it is not surprising to learn that these very forces are behind the persistent covert interference that often prevents David Icke from speaking to an awakening public hungry to hear his message and insights.

The work of ‘front’ groups and social media trolls pressuring venues to cancel his appearances is one of the prime strategies used, as Icke recounts in the film: They tell the organizers that I’m going to go on the stage and I’m going to say a stream of racist things, none of which I have ever said, none of which am I ever going to say. What then happens, staggeringly, is instead of coming to you, and saying, “Well these people say you’re going to say this, you’re going to say that, what’s going on?” they pull the event! And we hear about the event we’ve been organizing for months, being cancelled, we hear about it in the media! His experiences along his journey of speaking out against a hidden power, purveying so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ that have earned him mountains of scorn and ridicule that would have buried lesser men, only seem to have emboldened him and, by extension, emboldened a community awakened by his words. In the wake of having his website blocked by educational institutions and government agencies, and countries like Germany never allowing him to speak there despite his having reached out to over 70 venues, he returns to the telling question he has long been asking: Here’s me, one person, who is supposed to be this great ‘nutter,’ and the system is desperate to silence what I’m putting out, and to stop as many people as possible ever hearing it. Why? Today this question has, for many, become purely rhetorical, as the answer is self-evident. One of the reasons that David Icke has not only endured for decades but is today more relevant than ever, is that the fundamental underpinning of his discussions is a profound understanding of the nature of consciousness. He can make incisive comments on the way our perception is being controlled by a global elite, because he has a strong grasp on the nature of perception itself, and how the material world is an illusory construct emanating from a deeper reality. This grasp, we find out in the film, is partly derived from what Icke describes as a ‘presence’ that has passed on guidance and information into his mind, though clearly felt by Icke as an ‘outer influence’. It is this presence that originally guided him in a library to a book written by psychic Betty Shine, which he then read through in 24 hours. In March of 1990 he met with her in the hopes she could describe exactly what this presence was trying to tell him. She relayed to him the then-preposterous claim that he was ‘going to go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets... I would eventually be world famous, I would face enormous opposition, but ‘they’ would always be there to protect me.’ From that point on, his life became a fulfillment of this prophesy, replete with the synchronicities and insights needed to support the process. In the film, we see that Icke has found a kindred spirit in Alice Walker, the renowned American novelist. Amidst the vast natural expanse of Walker’s California property, Icke and Walker express their mutual admiration and share their understanding of the urgency for humanity to challenge the status quo and awaken to what is really happening on the planet. In their own ways, both have been willing to challenge convention and orthodoxy in the face of criticism and ridicule. And while both seem to be at peace with the manifestations they have already put out into the world, they also share a still-burning fire to participate in seeing this mission through, stoking the awakening of humanity to its highest potential. We need him as a teacher, because some of the subject matter is so strange to most people, strange, just mainly because they are not used to thinking outside of a certain box, if you will. I love his mind, and I think for people who enjoy exploring the nature of reality, and, you know, unreality, what he teaches is very intriguing. I, for one, am just deeply grateful, I feel I’ve learned so much, and it makes me feel more at home in the mystery. — Alice Walker David Icke takes pride in the role he has played in the awakening process, and rightly so. He has taken the brunt of the scorn and ridicule that mainstream forces could heap upon a single individual, so that the rest of us could more easily transition to a higher perception. He sees himself as a renegade, in the company of those like Martin Luther King and Ghandi who successfully challenged the status quo. He believes it takes renegades who advocate for ‘non-violent non-compliance’ to make change in the world. And while he continues to be motivated to go around the world speaking out against the powerful forces of control and enslavement, something in the serene tone of the film suggests that he is preparing to pass the baton onto others, and is seeking the open hands and open minds to which he may pass on the responsibility. He is talking about us. His final words in the film are, ‘The world needs renegades. And it needs them now. And it needs them fast.’ Check out the brand new documentary about David Icke here. You can watch the trailer below. We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support. We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done. Check out our plan and join our camp.

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