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Prions caused by mRNA injections may be contagious

Prions caused by mRNA injections may be contagious

Mounting research suggests a serious side effect of the covid mRNA injections could be dementia, and the prions that cause it may be contagious.

Frameshifting, as we now know occurs in the covid injections, can induce prion production and lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“CJD”).

Sid Belzberg’s website, which collected data on neurological side effects post-injection, found a notably high incidence of diagnosed CJD cases, suggesting an alarming trend.

A series of articles highlight biases in clinical trials and observational studies, suggesting covid-19 vaccines’ safety and effectiveness have been massively overstated.

The Global Covid Vaccine Safety Project study – funded by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – reveals significant side effects, including myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots, underscoring the need for re-evaluation of covid vaccine risks and benefits.

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Doctors Predict Epidemic of Prion Brain Diseases

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

According to mounting data, one of the more serious side effects of the covid mRNA injections appears to be dementia, and worse yet, this previously untransmissible disease may now be “contagious,” transmissible by way of prions.

In my 2021 interview with Stephanie Seneff, PhD, she explained why she suspected the covid shots may eventually result in an avalanche of neurological prion-based diseases such as Alzheimer’s. She also published a paper detailing those mechanisms in the May 10, 2021, issue of the International Journal of Vaccine Theory. As she explained in that paper:1

In summary, the take-home from Seneff’s paper is that the covid shots, offered to hundreds of millions of people, are instruction sets for your body to make a toxic protein that will eventually wind up concentrated in your spleen, from where prion-like protein instructions will be sent out, leading to neurodegenerative diseases.

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What Are Prions?

The term “prion” derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle.” Prions are known to cause a variety of neurodegenerative diseases in animals and humans, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“CJD”) in humans, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (“BSE” or “mad cow disease”) in cattle, and chronic wasting disease in deer and elk.

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These diseases are collectively referred to as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). They’re characterised by long incubation periods, brain damage, the formation of holes in the brain giving it a sponge-like appearance, and failure to induce an inflammatory response.

In short, prions are infectious agents composed entirely of a protein material that can fold in multiple, structurally distinct ways, at least one of which is transmissible to other prion proteins, leading to a disease that is similar to viral infections but without nucleic acids.

Unlike bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which contain nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) that instruct their replication, prions propagate by transmitting their misfolded protein state to normal variants of the same protein.

According to the prion disease model, the infectious properties of prions are due to the ability of the abnormal protein to convert the normal version of the protein into the misfolded form, thereby setting off a chain reaction that progressively damages the nervous system.

Prions are remarkably resistant to conventional methods of sterilisation and can survive extreme conditions that would normally destroy nucleic acids or other pathogens, which is part of why prion diseases are so difficult to treat.

More Evidence mRNA Injections Can Trigger Dementia

Today, there’s even more evidence to support Seneff’s theory. In August 2022, tech entrepreneur Sid Belzberg wrote2 about, a website he’d set up to collect data on the neurological side effects of the injections. (This site is no longer live.) [You can find an archive of it on the Wayback Machine HERE.]

Within a few months, the site had received about 15,000 hits and gathered 60 reports from people who got the injection and suffered neurological deficits shortly thereafter, including six cases of diagnosed CJD.

Frameshifting Can Result in Prion Production

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

In mid-December 2023, researchers reported4,5,6 that the replacing of uracil with synthetic methylpseudouridine in the covid injections – a process known as codon optimisation – can cause frameshifting, a glitch in the decoding, thereby triggering the production of off-target aberrant proteins.

The antibodies that develop as a result may, in turn, trigger off-target immune reactions. According to the authors, off-target cellular immune responses occur in 25% to 30% of people who have received the covid injection. But that’s not all.

According to British neuroscientist Dr. Kevin McCairn, this frameshifting phenomenon has also been linked to harmful prion production – and that frame shifted prions, specifically, are infectious and can be transmitted from one person to another. As reported in the Journal of Theoretical Biology in 2013:7

McCairn explained this mechanism in a 19 February 2023, interview with Health Alliance Australia (video above). In it, he noted:

Prions may in fact be the primary molecule that is being “shed” by covid injection recipients, and if those prions are due to frameshifting, that could be very bad news indeed, considering their implication in dementia.

Another doctor who believes we’ll be facing an “epidemic of prion disease” is Dr. David Cartland. In late February 2024, he posted8 13 scientific papers linking the covid injections, prion diseases and CJD, noting that was just a “small selection” of what’s available in the medical literature.

Prions Implicated in Long Covid (Long Vax) as Well

According to genomics expert Kevin McKernan, PhD, prions are also involved in long covid (or as McKernan calls it, “long vax”).9 In one 2024 study,10 96.7% of long covid sufferers had received the injection. In an interview with the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (“FLCCC”), McKernan stated:11

McKernan claims he tried to publish a paper on this in 2021 with Dr. Peter McCullough, but the editor of the journal “stepped in and torpedoed the paper.”12

World’s Largest Side Effect Analysis Has Been Published

In related news, the largest study13 to date on the side effects of the covid injections was published in the journal Vaccine on 12 February 2024, and it confirms what I and many other alternative news sources have been saying all along, namely that the mRNA injections are the most dangerous medical products to ever hit the market.

The study – performed by the Global Covid Vaccine Safety (“GCoVS”) Project and funded by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Ontario and the Canadian Health Research Institute – evaluated the risk of “adverse events of special interest” (“AESI”) following covid-19 “vaccination.”

Data from 10 sites in eight countries – Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand and Scotland – were included, encompassing more than 99 million injected people.

Of the thousands of side effects Pfizer listed in its confidential report of post-authorisation adverse events submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration,14 the GCoVS focused on 13 AESIs that fall into three primary categories: Neurological, hematologic (blood-related) and cardiovascular conditions.

They calculated the AESI risk for each of the 13 AESIs based on the number of observed versus expected (“OE”) incidents occurring up to 42 days after injection. The “expected” number of side effects were based on vaccine adverse event data from 2015 to 2019. These rates were then compared to the adverse event rates observed in those who got one or more of the covid injections, either Pfizer’s BNT162b2, Moderna’s mRNA-1273, or AstraZeneca’s ChAdOx1.

Largest Study to Date Confirms Covid Injection Dangers

The analysis15 revealed several concerning side effects, including increased risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots in the brain, and various neurological conditions. Here’s a quick summary of the findings:

Myocarditis and pericarditis:

  • Pfizer vaccine — OE ratios for myocarditis were 2.78 and 2.86 after the first and second doses, with the risk remaining doubled after the third and fourth doses.
  • Moderna vaccine — OE ratios for myocarditis were 3.48 and 6.10 after the first and second injections. Doses 1 and 4 also showed OE ratios of 1.74 and 2.64 for pericarditis.
  • AstraZeneca vaccine — OE ratio for pericarditis was 6.91 after the third dose.

Blood clots in the brain (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, CVST):

  • An OE of 3.23 for CVST was observed after the first AstraZeneca dose.
  • A significant increase in CVST risk was also noted after the second Pfizer dose.

Neurological conditions:

  • Guillain-Barré syndrome — An OE ratio of 2.49 was observed following the AstraZeneca injection.
  • Transverse myelitis — Risk nearly doubled with the AstraZeneca injection.
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis — OE ratios of 3.78 (Moderna) and 2.23 (AstraZeneca) were noted.

These findings really underscore the potential for serious side effects from the covid injections, including conditions that may lead to other consequences in the longer term, such as stroke, heart attack, paralysis and death.

Effectiveness and Safety Was Wildly Exaggerated in Trials

Considering those findings, it’s no surprise to find that effectiveness and safety were exaggerated in clinical trials and observational studies. In a guest post on Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack, Raphael Lataster, PhD, writes:16

Summary of Papers

The four papers in question include:

1. Sources of Bias in Observational Studies of Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness’ published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice in March 2023, co-authored by BMJ editor Peter Doshi, PhD, statistician Kaiser Fung and biostatistician Mark Jones, which concluded that “case-counting window bias” had a significant effect on effectiveness estimates.17

As explained by Lataster, this “concerns the 7 days, 14 days, or even 21 days after the injection where we are meant to overlook injection-related issues, such as covid infections, for some odd reason as ‘the vaccine has not had sufficient time to stimulate the immune system.’

“This may strike you as quite bizarre since all of the ‘fully vaccinated’ must go through the process of being ‘partially vaccinated,’ sometimes even more than once. To make matters worse, the unvaccinated do not get such a ‘grace period,’ meaning that there is also a clear bias at play.

“In an example using data from Pfizer’s clinical trial, the authors show that thanks to this bias, a vaccine with effectiveness of 0%, which is confirmed in the hypothetical clinical trial, could be seen in observational studies as having effectiveness of 48%.”

2. ‘Reply to Fung et. al. on covid-19 Vaccine Case-Counting Window Biases Overstating Vaccine Effectiveness’, authored by Lataster, which discussed how the counting window bias not only affected effectiveness estimates in observational studies but also safety estimates, suggesting a need for reassessment of vaccine safety.18 The article also addresses “the mysterious rise in non-covid excess deaths post-pandemic.”19

3. ‘How the Case Counting Window Affected Vaccine Efficacy Calculations in Randomised Trials of covid-19 Vaccines’, again co-authored by Doshi and Fung, which detailed how case-counting window issues also overestimated effectiveness in Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials.20

4. A second article by Lataster, in which he highlighted and summarised the evidence showing that clinical trials were affected by adverse effect counting window issues that led to exaggerated safety estimates.21

“Together, these four articles make clear that claims made about covid-19 vaccines; effectiveness and safety were exaggerated in the clinical trials and observational studies, whilst also finding time to discuss myocarditis and perceived negative effectiveness, meaning that new analyses are very much needed,” Lataster writes.22

Resources for Those Injured by the Covid Injection

Based on data from across the world, it’s beyond clear that the covid injections are the most dangerous drugs ever deployed. If you already got one or more covid injections and are now reconsidering, you’d be wise to avoid all vaccines from here on, as you need to end the assault on your body. Even if you haven’t experienced any obvious side effects, your health may still be impacted long-term, so don’t take any more injections.

If you’re suffering from side effects, your first order of business is to eliminate the spike protein – and/or any aberrant off-target protein – that your body is producing. Two remedies shown to bind to and facilitate the removal of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein are hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. I don’t know if these drugs will work on off-target proteins and nanolipid accumulation as well, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try.

The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (“FLCCC”) has developed a post-vaccine treatment protocol called I-RECOVER. Since the protocol is continuously updated as more data become available, your best bet is to download the latest version straight from the FLCCC website at

For additional suggestions, check out the World Council for Health’s spike protein detox guide,24 which focuses on natural substances like herbs, supplements and teas. Sauna therapy can also help eliminate toxic and misfolded proteins by stimulating autophagy.

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Sources and References

About the Author

Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder and owner of, a Board-Certified Family Medicine Osteopathic Physician, a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a New York Times bestselling author.  He publishes multiple articles a day covering a wide range of topics on his website

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