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Professor Angus Dalgleish: The mRNA injections are an absolute disaster and should be completely banned

Professor Angus Dalgleish: The mRNA injections are an absolute disaster and should be completely banned

In a Hearts of Oak podcast, Professor Angus Dalgleish shared his insights on covid injections, expressing concerns about their impact on cancer patients.

He questioned the mRNA technology and emphasised the need for data transparency in the medical field. He also discussed the virus’ origins, indicating the evidence showed the origin was a laboratory, and criticised the government’s handling of the pandemic.

If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on BitChute HERE. You can find a transcript of the interview HERE.

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Angus Dalgleish is an expert in immunology and Professor of Oncology at St George’s Hospital Medical School, London. He is probably the only person in the UK who’s been a National Health Service (“NHS”) consultant in virology, immunology, general medicine and oncology.

In the following, we have focused on what Prof. Dalgleish had to say in the interview above about mRNA vaccine-induced cancer.  He covered other covid-related issues and more.  As our readers can imagine, we have barely touched the surface of his very informative interview and we recommend everyone watch his interview with Hearts of Oak in full. 

In January, he published an article in The Conservative Woman titled ‘The covid booster cancer time bomb’ which is useful complimentary reading.

Because of his several years of experience working on the pathogenesis of human immunodeficiency viruses (“HIV”) and designing an HIV vaccine – which authorities rejected in favour of an ineffective unsafe HIV vaccine –  when the genetic sequence of the covid virus became available, Prof. Dalgleish was requested by his colleagues to do the same process with SARS-CoV-2 as he had done for HIV.  Prof. Dalgleish agreed.

“And we started to plan a MAPA plan when they came back and said, this is not an actual virus, this has been released from the lab in Wuhan, or escaped as we then put it.  And the reasons for this was absolutely plain, is that there were charged inserts around the receptor binding site – not one or two but six – as well as the fusion site, fusion domain,” Prof. Dalgleish told Hearts of Oak.

“It occurred to me that these inserts, some of them, had been previously published [ ] by the Wuhan group,” he added.

Prof. Dalgleish explained that the virus had been altered so that the amino acids derived from these inserts were very positively charged; they would act like a fridge magnet and so “zap” onto human cells over and above its natural ACE receptor. The rules of biology would have edited out those changes because, to keep things simple, the charge was around pH8, Prof. Dalgleish explained.

An AI-generated answer to the question “Determine virus charge and pH levels” states that virus charge and pH are interconnected due to the isoelectric point of a virus. The isoelectric point is the pH at which a virus has a neutral charge. When the pH is below the isoelectric point, the virus has a positive charge, and when the pH is above the isoelectric point, the virus has a negative charge. This relationship between virus charge and pH affects the adsorption of viruses to surfaces, such as silica, depending on their surface properties and the surrounding environment. (Note: As with all AI-generated information, it should not be taken as accurate or fact.  Critical facts should be verified.)

“When I realised [SARS-CoV-2’s charge was so positive], it was 100% I was convinced it could not have come from anywhere [other than a laboratory] because it had broken the rules of biology,” he said. “The charge of any normal virus is around 6 or less. So [a charge of pH8] was just a supernatural leap.”

Not only was the spike protein fully charged, Prof. Dalgleish said, but 80% of it was homologous (similarity due to shared ancestry between a pair of structures or genes) to the human epitopes (the part of an antigen that the host’s immune system recognises, eliciting the immune response to an invading pathogen).

“So we said, ‘do not use this as a vaccine, because it will cause all sorts of terrible side effects’,” Prof. Dalgleish said. “We knew there was going to be a big problem, if they use the spike protein, with autoimmunity, etc.”

“And we told everybody about this.  We had access to the cabinet, the SAGE, Chief Medical Officer of Science. Who basically deemed it all interesting but not relevant. Can you believe that?”

Prof. Dalgleish attempted to publish his findings in science journals such as Nature or The Lancet, but his papers were turned down.  “[They] said, this data is not in the public interest.”

“I realised then that a discussion about the science was being banned,” Prof Dalgleish said.  “We suddenly realised everything was being censored. I was told by my own university we were not allowed to discuss or research the origin of the virus.”  This draconian censorship led to him writing the book ‘The Death of Science’.

The initial alarms Prof. Dalgleish attempted to raise had nothing to do with his interest in cancer.  His concerns about the “vaccines” causing cancer began when they started the booster dose programme.

It’s important to note that “if a vaccine needs a booster, it doesn’t work,” he said.

“Apart from the fact that we’d widely published, and it had been downloaded over a quarter of a million times, our objection to using the spike protein,” he said, “[vaccines] all fail because the vaccines against coronavirus lead to antigenic sin or immunological imprinting.”

Prof Dalgleish explained what this means: “Once you are vaccinated against a component of that and you challenge with a different variant, it will only see the first component.  And it will not see the variants. But it will make antibodies that will bind to them.  And then that enhances infection and this explains why people have just woken up, scratched their heads and say ‘why does everybody who gets a booster get infected again with covid?’”

From this respect, “[the] booster is a complete waste of time. Not only will [they] induce antibodies to a virus that doesn’t exist, but they will lead to more infection,” he said.

But what Prof Dalgleish wasn’t prepared for was his melanoma patients whom he was monitoring carefully, and who’d been stable for years, relapsing after the booster.  “I had half a dozen of them go down within six to eight weeks of the booster programme being wheeled out. And they had relapsed. And some of these had been stable for over 15 years,” he said.

“I knew then something was going on because melanoma patients, once they’re induced to be stable with immunotherapy like they all had … I knew there had to be a tremendous immune suppression event going on.

“I reported it. I was told by my own people to shut up and stop frightening the patients. There is no evidence. Get the evidence.”

For people who have their cancer under control, it is due to T-cells and not antibodies.  What was discovered is that T-cell responses were suppressed after the booster. “Not the first and second [dose] but after the booster,” Prof. Dalgleish said. “The T-cell suppression was so bad they called it exhaustion in cancer patients.”

And then, to make matters worse, Prof. Dalgleish found papers that showed the booster injection switched the IgG1 from fighting viruses to one that tolerises the IgG. 

Immunoglobulin G (“IgG”) is a type of antibody. IgG protects the body from infection by binding many kinds of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There are four IgG subclasses: IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgG4.  Tolerising means inducing immunological tolerance where the immune system fails to respond to tissues or substances that would usually trigger an immune response.

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The booster-induced tolerising of IgG is “the sort you induce in transplant patients,” Prof. Dalgleish said.  “So not only had you switched the T cell response off, but you’d sent all the antibodies on to be tolerising so they didn’t reject the transplant. Of course, the transplant in this case is the cancer.” 

That is the major reason why cancer “popped up” after receiving booster injections. It’s why people all over the world are seeing an increase in cancer.  “From America, Canada, South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia all around the world people said we’re seeing exactly the same thing,” he said.  

Additionally, a Japanese study was recently published which found no increase in death of any cause, or cancer, during the first and second waves of covid but the increase in deaths started to rise in 2021.

“The all-cause in 2021 went from a few per cent, three or four, to over 9% in 2022,” Prof Dalgleish said. “Death from cancer went from 1.1 to 2.2 + in 2022. These are small figures but it’s a very strong trend.”

“It was in all the cancers, it wasn’t just in any one. And I got particularly interested because there was no great increase in colorectal cancer, which is what we’ve seen in the UK,” he said.

“And then remember, [the Japanese] have an incredibly different diet. It’s a completely anti-inflammatory diet. So they haven’t been primed for colon cancer to take off.”

“But all the ones that were killing them were those that killed them before, but much quicker.”

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Prof Dalgleish mentioned another paper that shows “a real increase in [cancer] patients under [the age of] 44.”

“I think it’s 19 to 44 a massive increase in cancers and particularly abdominal cancers – so colorectal. We were seeing this before, by the way, in young people in this country, obviously not in Japan,” he said.

“We’re seeing oesophageal cancer, biliary, liver, pancreatic, upper and lower bowel, weird ones like appendix cancers.  You know, incredibly rare,” he added.

Prof Dalgleish was contacted by a fellow who said that he’d seen one case in the last five years.  “And he said, ‘I’ve seen 13 recently, and they’d all had the vaccine’.  They were all in young people.”

“So when people get cancers, unusually, unexpected – the first thing you should do is say, why? Do they have something in common?  Well, they do. The vast majority, again, not all of them, because there’s a background incidence, have all had the vaccine or a booster,” Prof Dalgleish said.

“And that to me is stop the bloody programme now.  Instead, I’m being told to go and get my spring booster – what planet are these people on?

“I think the messenger RNA vaccines are an absolute disaster [and] should be banned. They should be completely, utterly banned.”

“We’ve written an enormous amount of this up in [our book] The Death of Science,” he said.  “I’m really proud that we’ve been able to really put the gauntlet down, that this government and the world’s governments and the scientists and the institutions and the medical profession have killed science.  We have to do everything we can to rectify that.”

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