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Puzzling Out the Pattern of State Crimes

In 2020, I gave a presentation that compared the unfolding events of Covid to the crimes of 9/11.

Puzzling Out the Pattern of State Crimes

In it I described eleven features and outcomes of the 9/11 crimes that were shared by the Covid events.

Unfortunately, some people who understood that 9/11 was a lie wouldn’t consider the possibility that Covid could be a similar manipulation. And others who quickly saw that we were being lied to about Covid appeared to think that such a thing had never happened before. This led me to wonder if there were criteria by which people could identify a state-sponsored deception as it was happening.

Covid and 9/11 might be called state crimes against democracy, false flag operations, or structural deep events. For the purpose of this essay, I’ll simply call them “state crimes” although it’s worth mentioning that both 9/11 and Covid were global state crimes. That is, they were crimes committed by multiple states acting in concert.

Along with this we must understand that, in today’s world, nation states no longer drive politics as much as transnational corporations do.

With 9/11, U.S.-based authorities led the implementation of both the terror acts and the ensuing wars. But the U.S had help from other states and the ensuing 9/11 wars were conducted by a “coalition of the willing” as George W. Bush put it.

Similarly, the crimes of Covid, including lockdowns, oppressive dictates, and mandatory vaccines, were committed by a number of states across a broad spectrum of governmental entities.

What does a state crime look like when it’s happening? How do we know when we’re being manipulated by our leaders in ways that are seriously detrimental to our lives and well-being? Is there a pattern to global state crimes that can be noticed and understood, like the formula for terrorism acts used in the Global War on Terror?

It’s important to know the pattern of state crimes because those who don’t know can be misled into doing serious harm to themselves and their families. But it’s not easy to see such a thing in the moment. People can often see signs but can’t piece them together into a cohesive whole quickly enough to make a difference in related judgements. As an example, note that 70% of the world’s population injected themselves with an experimental gene therapy for a virus that has a 0.2% infection fatality rate and a median age of death of 80 years. The result has been innumerable adverse events from the injections.

Once we decide that it’s important to know when a state crime is being committed, it’s useful to begin putting the pieces together to understand the overall picture. A jigsaw puzzle could be a helpful analogy but in the case of a state crime it is a living, social, and psychological jigsaw puzzle with dangerous consequences.

There are various strategies and challenges in putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Should you start with the framework or at places in the middle? Do you allow yourself to look at the picture on the box? Have you ever tried to do it with all the pieces upside down?

One difference between a physical puzzle and an unfolding state crime is that we don’t need to start from nothing. This is where the context of history is essential and, in many ways, provides the framework in which current pieces fit. For example, there is a long list of well-documented and admitted state crimes against the people that have led us to this point. Not all were global state crimes but yet the mechanisms of how they were committed, meaning the ways in which people are misled into going along with such crimes, follow a similar pattern.

Unfortunately, sometimes humans are not terribly bright at receiving messages. There are reasons for this, not the least of which is that we tend to filter out information that challenges our views. There are also limitations of education—the avoidance of controversial topics in schools, for example. Controversial in this sense means threatening to people in power. The avoidance of essential history leads students to parrot inoffensive shadow versions of past events, or learn around them.

Add to this the growing use of propaganda that misrepresents or ignores facts, and also the need to adhere to social norms, and people often don’t see real threats to their well-being until it’s too late. This leads to a blindness to historical evidence of state crimes and a worldview that facilitates misunderstanding about what is possible and underestimates threats from the state.

With jigsaw puzzles, following lines and grouping colors and patterns helps to identify and connect pieces of the picture. Some pieces are linked along more than one axis, sometimes with repeating forms. Similarly, the characteristics of a global state crime come together to form a picture that intersects and runs parallel to lines of history and human weaknesses.

Deceptions driven by the state typically come with a pre-meditated narrative that is repeated endlessly and which people are expected to support unless they want to be seen as radical conspiracy theorists. How can the average person question anything that doctors, universities, political leaders, and scientists all appear to agree upon? You can’t see pieces of the puzzle if the surrounding picture has been greyed-out, whether through the conforming mentality of others or through your own willful ignorance.

What characteristics do state crimes against the people exhibit that are not seen normally? The features and outcomes that I identified in 2020, that were shared by Covid and 9/11, included media saturation of incessant fear-based messaging.

Fear is central to the ability to commit state crimes and can take different forms (e.g. fear of terrorism, fear of illness). Bombarding the public with fear-based messaging establishes that there is a crisis and shuts down rational thought.

Both 9/11 and Covid also exhibited evidence of foreknowledge including insider trading and exercises conducted beforehand that mimicked the events. Along with this was a failure to investigate the origins of the associated crisis.

An abuse of science was evident with the 9/11 and Covid crimes. More generally this is an abuse of trust, in which representatives of trusted institutions help to manipulate the narratives around the events. The other characteristic of state crimes that supports this abuse is censorship of dissent. As they say, 100% of doctors and scientists agree when all those dissenting are censored.

Then we get to outcomes that are shared by state crimes. In the cases of 9/11 and Covid, it was clear that the actions taken to address the crises killed more people than the original threats. This could be due to the fact that those driving the crimes simply don’t care about others or it could be that they have eugenicist tendencies. At the same time, there is an increase in mechanisms of population control and control of information by intelligence agencies. As the Nazis said after the Reichstag fire, such measures are only for our safety.

Ultimately, state crimes result in a huge transfer of wealth and power to those who are already the most wealthy and powerful. The corporate nation states that benefited from 9/11 included oil and gas companies and defense contractors. With Covid it was pharmaceutical companies and e-commerce giants. Both resulted in great profits for the very rich and for the largest corporations.

What will happen with the next crisis? If all the above features and outcomes are present, whether it be another terrorist attack or virus, or a climate emergency or something else, we should be highly suspicious and it must be assumed, until proven otherwise, that a state crime is being committed. Ongoing observation and critical thinking are required, as well as a bias for evidence.

A recent example of a crisis that is being examined as a possible state crime is the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas on Israel. Does that event share some of the features and outcomes listed above? Well, we know that the response has already killed far more people than the original attack and it appears that population control, at least control of the Palestinian population, has been an outcome. An article by Iain Davis gives evidence that there was foreknowledge and an abuse of trust in that inexplicable security failures occurred and we were given stories about the attack that are not supported by the evidence.

Additionally, Kit Klarenberg has written about insider trading related to the attack.

Has there been censorship of dissent around the Hamas attack? Were there exercises conducted beforehand that mimicked the events or a failure to investigate what actually happened? Does the seizure of land in this case constitute a transfer of wealth? If there is evidence for these features and outcomes then the public must consider that October 7th could be a state crime.

Of course, there may be a better set of criteria by which we can judge a state crime, or important elements that I have missed. The point here is that a pattern exists for such crimes and people need to understand that pattern in order to more quickly and reliably evaluate future crises for deception. If we want to maintain our lives and liberties, we must examine every new, alleged crisis using criteria based on the pattern.

We can be blind to crimes being committed against us if we don’t know history and don’t recognize the signs of public manipulation. Unless we have all the necessary Information at hand and unless present day choices take into account relevant history, critical mistakes will be made. Context is crucial when evaluating the possibility that oppressive powers might be colluding to gain more advantage over the general population.


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