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Report: Thousands of Flights Delayed, Cancelled on July 4 Weekend

People traveling for July 4 have reportedly experienced a huge number of delayed and cancelled flights, even after hundreds were cancelled last weekend.

Report: Thousands of Flights Delayed, Cancelled on July 4 Weekend

NBC News reported Sunday: The Transportation Security Administration screened 2,490,490 passengers at airport security checkpoints on Friday — the highest number of passengers since Feb. 11, 2020, when the agency screened more than 2.5 million passengers, agency spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tweeted on Saturday.

The same day, 464 U.S. domestic and international flights were cancelled and more than 6,600 were delayed, according to the flight tracker FlightAware, which notes that those made up 28.8% of scheduled flights overall. Hundreds of flights were cancelled last weekend and on Monday as more and more Americans prepared to travel, according to Breitbart News. “The massive cancelation numbers come as the American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that 3.5 million Americans will be traveling over the holiday weekend,” the outlet said, adding that airlines were blaming the cancellations on pilot and airline employee shortages, as well as a lack of air traffic controllers. CBS New York reported Friday that thousands of flights had been cancelled ahead of the July 4 weekend, and one traveler told the outlet her thoughts on the subject. “I just want to get out of here. I think I’ve had enough. I think everyone’s had enough. I don’t think the prices matter at this point, I think people just need to get away,” she said: Per the NBC article, over 930 flights within, into, or leaving America were delayed early Sunday while over 200 flights were canceled. “Fifty-three flights within, into, or out of the U.S. have already been cancelled for July 4 as of Sunday morning, according to FlightAware,” the outlet said. In addition, one-third of Americans changed their holiday plans due to sky-high gas prices, according to an Emerson College Poll posted Friday. “The survey, taken June 28-29 among 1,271 registered voters, found that 33 percent have actively changed their travel plans this holiday weekend due to consistently high gas prices,” Breitbart News reported.

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