Russell Brand Shows Up To Support Anonymous’ Million Mask March
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Russell Brand Shows Up To Support Anonymous’ Million Mask March

Russell Brand has been making a lot of noise lately.Not often do we see celebrities who have such a global reach come out and openly support what the masses want, change.
Russell Brand Shows Up To Support Anonymous’ Million Mask March

. Individuals like this are very brave, and can have a large impact on the current shift in consciousness that’s taking place today with the amount of people that pay attention to them.

They are a great awakening tool, and they know that. This time, he’s making news as he joins the Million Mask March, bringing more attention to the fact that the people of Earth are calling for a change. Recent media appearances by Brand has had some people question his motives. Regardless of that, his words can still affect humanity in a positive way. Recent accusations of Brand being a tool for the elite have surfaced. Again, regardless, the point is that humanity wants change and Brand bringing more awareness to that fact. It’s not surprising these accusations came up right after he began speaking out. It’s important for those within the truth movement to not latch onto rumors, and see through the deception within the truth movement itself. Supporters of the Anonymous ‘hacktivist’ group are gathering all over the planet today in over 450 locations to protest against what they see as the rule of greedy corporations and corrupt governments around the world. November 5th is also known as Guy Fawkes Day, which is celebrated by Britain with fireworks to remind people of the attempt to blow up the Parliament in 1605.

The Guy Fawkes mask was adopted by the hacker activists from the V for Vendetta novel and film as a symbol of the protest against tyranny. This event is similar to the recent “March Against Monsanto,” which saw millions upon millions gather worldwide to raise their voice against GMOs and pesticides.

The march was such a big success that it even received a response from the mainstream corporate Media (owned by the same financial institutions that own Monsanto). In London, England, thousands are expected to gather at Trafalgar Square (where Brand showed up), where supporters of Anonymous have come together on the fifth of November in years past.

The US capital in Washington is also expected to have a mass turnout as well. Over the years, Anonymous has grown tremendously, along with other groups that are coming together to work to bring about global change.

They became extremely popular when they conducted a series of politically-motivated cyber-attacks on businesses and government institutions. Financial institutions, corporations, the entertainment industry and more were targeted as well. It has become very clear that the way we operate here no longer resonates with us. The masses have made it clear that they want change, and want it now. To change things, we can’t ask those who dominate our planet for it, we have to change things ourselves, together, as one human collective. Issues are prevalent everywhere we look in our world. If we look at energy, for example, our methods of generating it are completely unnecessary. Multiple clean green technologies, like solar energy or zero-point energy have been available for years and could easily replace the way we do things right now.

The Fukushima situation is an example of how our current energy methods can be very destructive. So how do we change the world? It starts with a mass awakening, like the one occurring right now. Alternative media outlets are garnishing millions of views a month worldwide. It’s clear that the masses are waking up, and are searching for new information. Once we become aware of the solutions, and how many of them exist, people start to question why they aren’t being implemented. From there, they are ultimately taken on a journey that opens their eyes to a world that was previously veiled. The truth is, a small group of people and the corporations they run control our energy, finance, education, health, and food industries. Within each of these industries lies a great deal of corruption and that corruption is becoming very transparent to the masses. As the consciousness of the planet changes, and peoples perception shifts from within, our external world begins to change.

The process of change is what we are living through right now, and the key to making that successful transition to a new human experience is love. Together, we can achieve anything. So lets all find our peace, and take action from that place, in doing so we can raise the collective vibration of the planet and manifest something magical for ourselves here on Earth. Good one Russell Brand for bringing more attention to the movement. Much Love. Source: .

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