Russell Brand Thinks Out Loud For 4 Minutes: This Will Really Get You Thinking
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Russell Brand Thinks Out Loud For 4 Minutes: This Will Really Get You Thinking

We are in the midst of a big change.A revolution if you want to call it that, or a shift in consciousness..
Russell Brand Thinks Out Loud For 4 Minutes: This Will Really Get You Thinking

These days the world is clearly moved by the desire to make change and create a different way of living in so many of the facets of our world. This desire for change exists within people from every country, culture and socioeconomic situation. Russell Brand has been one person that has used his popularity amongst people to spread an important message to others. Although some think their is an alternative agenda behind Russell’s words, I personally feel he is making quite the impact in a progressive way. I shared those thoughts here. Sometimes I feel like the internet is such a powerful tool it’s almost like homeschooling.

The fact that people of all ages can be at home and learn so much about the world from amazing people is awesome. Russell is one of those people that if kids, or even older people, could listen to as part of their education, they could formulate more open minded ideas vs simply listening to what their education institutions are teaching them. Perhaps that’s why Logan Laplante has hacked his education with homeschooling and has become quite the powerful kid. Russell has also been effective in calling out the mainstream news and their antics, destroying the war on drugs and calling for a peaceful revolution. His call for revolution has both made him very popular and un-popular amongst various groups of people. In the video below, Russell takes it to another level, really making people think even deeper about the change that needs to happen and how we can affect it. Watching this video reminded me of a video IamAwake made from a speech I gave during a video and the global change taking place in our world. You can check that out below. Finally, here is one more video discussing the idea of “human nature.” The purpose of the clip is to get us thinking about what human nature really is and whether or not it even exists. Are we truly limited to the habits and beliefs we have set upon ourselves all these years? Feel free to share your thoughts below. .

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